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Ay-Ay-Ay! - Fredric Bayco - Music For The Theatre Organ

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It is only available inside the BBC network. Please tick to indicate that you understand the above and agree not to share any material from this version of Genome externally. Close group. Advanced FAQs Blog. Jack Helyer March Medley.

Jack Helyer Orient Express. Jack Helyer Heyken's Second Serenade. Francis Cooper Francis. Rhodes G. Northern Broadcasts. Rotherham is to appear on the broadcast map. Up to now there have been no broadcasts from that old Yorkshire town. Northern listeners on April 8 will hear a new cinema organ, played by an organist new to the microphone, for the first time. Clegg David Clegg. Yesterday afternoon the fine instrument was formally opened, and, with good judgment, Mr.

David Clegg, the eminent organist, was selected to demonstrate its capabilities'. Clegg held his audience spellbound for an hour with his manipulation of the splendid instrument. And what effects! Birds twittering from their branches, joy bells ringing from the church steeple, the human voice as in a quartet blending, the plaintive tone of the 'cello, the soft, sweet notes of the clarionette, flute, and oboe, the realistic crashing of a thunderstorm over the Alps, the inspiring strains of a military band march, the liquid tones of a harp as an accompaniment to an operatic air, and a mystic rendering of some of Britain's fine old rollicking sea songs, were amongst some of the fare which Mr.

Clegg served up to delight the audience. It was a splendid performance by a wonderful artist on a magnificent instrument. More information on this type of organ. Cryer Harold Cryer. Denning Reginald Denning. Johnson Stanley Johnson. Click for organ specification. Packard Harry Packard. Ainsworth J. Dalton John Dalton. Miller Stanley Miller.

Compton Don Compton. Kilby Peter Kilby. Regarding the organ, Mr. Pattman states that there are some very beautiful individual stops, though the general scheme lacks weight - no large ft. The whole organ is enclosed and "therefore more expressive. Peter Lish Audio recording. Alex Wilson Audio recording and good pics. Laird Lyndon Laird. The first unit type of cinema organ to be installed in Bradford.

Organs on the Isle of Man. Organ, Jardine c. Action : tubular pneumatic. The Organ. The percussions number : Westminster chimes, gongs, bell chimes, sleigh bells and triangle. Wilding A. Hamilton Wilding. The instrument incorporates the features of a pipe organ and orchestral unit. It also has fittings that accentuate such incidents on the screen as the motorhorn and steamship whistle, rain and storm, etc. At the opening ceremony, Mr.

Foort gave a recital to members of the Town Council. Olsen Frank Olsen. Organ and Orchestra, Marble Arch Pavilion. Jones, Bennet F. The organ was built on the old models for this cinema house. It has tracker action, 2 manuals, 3 stops on the pedals, 6 on the great, 8 on the swell, and. It is used principally with the orchestra throughout. Only the two end walls of the building remain standing. It is believed that a cigarette end thrown down during Saturday night's performance caused the outbreak.

Perkins C. Hemery Stanley Hemery. Davidson Harry Davidson. Harry Davidson 'Rose Marie' Selection. Harry Davidson Underneath The Arches. Harry Davidson The Merry Widow. Harry Davidson Sweethearts Of Yesterday. Betts Harold Betts. Pictures and stories about the theatre. Harold Betts, Granada's organist, must be the smallest organist in England. The great Wurlitzer which he will play is equipped to reproduce any form of music from a full symphony orchestra to African tom toms, and it phantom grand piano, the latter stands upon the stage and as it is operated from the organ, so do the notes depress and rise just as if an invisible pianist is operating it.

Bird noises, animal cries, human voices-the keys of this - organ command everything in the world of music. The smallest pipe in the organ is an inch in length. The largest is 16ft. The organist is five feet high in his boots. When Robert Hope Jones conceived the idea of an organ embracing every musical instrument, people to whom be offered the proposition in England thought him crazy. He sold his invention to Wurlitzer-the Jews harp people-in America.

This particular Wurlitzer, however, has been partly produced and completely assembled by British labour in the Company's newly established London factory. When a representative of this newspaper visited this wonderful new Cinema during the present week he noticed a striking change from its appearance when he was shown round a short three weeks ago Then a great army of workmen organized and spread out so as to cover every part of the building were working steadily to complete the construction.

This week the scene was again one of great activity, but the builders, the carpenters, and the plasterers were gone. Here and there a painter plied his brush, putting on the finishing touches to a symphony of pastel green, and cream, and pink, and cerise, and gold.

In most places sweepers and dusters were all work cleaning, polishing, tidying; making ready for the opening day. Simpson Leslie Simpson. Jenkins Arthur Jenkins.

Newman Ernest Newman. Finch Horace Finch. Holmes Watson Holmes. Horace Finch Smilin' Through. A video featuring the Style D Trumpet. Len Rawle concert extract. Bradford Time Line Organ History. Image:- Paul Bland collection. Bruce Max Bruce. Information and pictures on the theatre. Who's Your Lady Friend? Keep The Home Fires Burning.

Horace Finch Finch Favourites 4 F. Link to Singing Hills web site. Aikman Arthur Aikman. Whittle William Whittle. George Hunt George Hunt. Baker Don Baker. The Stage 27 January Lewis Wyndham Lewis. Beaven Dudley Beaven. Rapley E. Felton Rapley. Stanley Tudor Wedgewood Blue. Farmer Harry Farmer. McDougall J. Sidney Torch Alabamy Bound, St. Louis Mordish El Pesilero. Johnny, Oh! Sidney Torch Remember Me. Paul Kirner Blaze Away.

Harold Ramsay Rodeo March. Harold Ramsay Twelfth Street Rag. Harold Ramsay Gershwin Medley. Harold Ramsay St. Louis Blues. Reginald Foort Toselli's Serenata. Reginald Foort Wee Macgregor Patrol. Reginald Porter-brown Nola. Sidney Torch Love And Learn. Sandy Macpherson Gypsy Melody.

Jesse Crawford Hold Me. Jesse Crawford A Broken Rosary. Jesse Crawford My Love Song. Jesse Crawford My Wishing Song.

Tudor Stanley Tudor. Link to Folly Farm web site. Stanley Tudor Rhythm Medley. Robin Richmond. Stanley Tudor Selection from Sunny. Charles Smitton Ca C'est Paris. Plaza Wurlitzer to be heard on Wireless. Harold Ramsay, the famous broadcasting and recording organist, played programme of music at the Plaza Cinema. Mansfield, yesterday, on the new Wurlitzer organ which has just been installed at the theatre. The visit of Mr. Ramsay marked the Inauguration of the organ, which has more than 20, parts.

Including pipes and miles of electric wiring. The console comes up into the theatre from lift. A great deal of interest was created locally by the exhibition of the organ in one of the Mansfield shops.

Ramsay, who the musical director and chief organist of the Bernstein circuit of cinemas is to stay in Mansfield for month. He has earned fame by his broadcasts on the National programme every Saturday from the Granada. Tooting, and has also figured in relays to the Empire. When he departs other leading organists are to play the Plasa and it is hoped these will Include Reginald Dixon.

In the future broadcasts to be made from the Plaza on the Midland Regional wavelengths. Abbott , the Town Clerk Mr A. Shepherd and Mrs. Shepherd and members of the Town Council. Slater Frank Slater. Between the two performances the Mayor and Mayoress were introduced Mr. Thornton manager , and before declaring the new organ open the Mayor paid a tribute to the proprietors of the Cinema for the splendid films which they were presenting. Frank Slater, the organist, played a selection of popular musical comedy tunes, in which he demonstrated the full power and range of the new instrument.

The Wurlitzer organ has two manuals and eight units, and is built on the latest system of electrical action. It is a full orchestra in itself, capable of producing all kinds of effects, including the zylophone, glockscuspiel, drums, cymbals, and harp. Its range of tone and volume is remarkable. The console is gilded, and has suitable lighting effects. The stop tablets are of various colours to distinguish the different qualities of tone.

By reason of its name, the Wurlitzer organ is commonly' believed to be a German instrument, but it was originally the invention of an Englishman named Robert Hope-Jones, who was organist at St. John's, Birkenhead, and an electrical engineer by trade. Hope-Jones rebuilt his own organ at the church on an electrical system, and later opened up in business for himself as an organ builder.

Musical interludes- by the Exchange Cinema organist, Mr. Frank Slater, will now be a regular feature of the programmes, and it is hoped to arrange for broadcasts in the near future. Buckley Kevin Buckley. Link to OrganFax listing.

Fenner Jack Fenner. Organ by Wurlitzer, Organist: Mr. There are on the pedals 15 stops; great, 32; accompaniment;24; solo; 13; with 5 drum and cymbal effects. Double-touch and pizzicato a kind of delayed plucking effect effects are available. The console can be raised for solos, or lowered out of sight into the orchestra. The great range of "traps" is a temptation to indulge in all kinds of musical and unmusical "stage effects" One useful Hope-Jones feature is the double-touch pistons, which can furnish a suitable bass.

The vibration of the organ was the cause of an Injunction being served on the manager. This has necessitated the removal of the more powerful stops of the organ to the roof, to a specially built chamber, a species of celestial organ which should, I imagine, be unique. Rogers Leslie J. Lord Eric Lord. Reginald Porter-Brown - Medley. Reginald Dixon Classics of Swing. Pagan Bobby Pagan. Macpherson Sandy Macpherson. Image:- Daily Mail.

ATOS article on the organ. Stories and pictures about the theatre. The Cinema Organ Society Article on the life of the organ. Reginald Porter-Brown Medley. Robinson Cleaver Canadian Capers. John Madin Merry Widow Selection. Donald Thorne Whistling Bobby.

Stuart Barrie Hungarian Rhapsody No. Reginald Dixon Dixontime four. Reginald Dixon Dixontime three. Vic Hammett Latin American Selection. William Davies Comedians Gallop. William Davies Ah! Sweet Mystery of Life.

Vic Hammett Bye Bye Blues. Vic Hammett Bugle Call Rag. Vic Hammett One Dozen Roses. Harold Ramsay Play Fiddle, Play. Ena Baga Buckingham Town Hall Information updat courtesy of Anthony Storey.

Extracts from Michael's concert in May Michael Baron. Robinson Cleaver Czardas. Close group. Advanced FAQs Blog. Contributors Unknown: Fredric Bayco. View listing in magazine. From London, the tunes you asked us to play. From Germany, the tunes that make them think of you View listing in magazine. Liverpool V. Sunderland: edited version of yesterday's commentary View listing in magazine. Contributors Unknown: Bill Campbell. Matthew, Moorfields, Bristol, conducted by the Vicar, the Rev.

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I take it this is only needed when a projection box is in a difficult position in the auditorium. All projection heads contained some type of plate that would govern the area of screen that received the image.

For example a cinemascope plate would be rectangular as would the smaller wide screen plate. Flat screen plates would be almost square. These plates were changed over depending on the film being shown. The location of the plates being always immediately before the primary lens. The plates were cut in such a way that the screened image was of the correct proportion and identically positioned to the image projected by the other projector.

None of these were originally designed for Scope although all of them were easily adapted to to the new format. Adapting meant changing the aperture plate and primary lens, then swinging the anopticon scope lens in front of the replaced primary lens.

played by Fredric Bayco at the theatre organ Contributors. Played By: Fredric Bayco. View listing in magazine. and programme summary followed by 'TUNES OF YESTERDAY' From the London stage Gramophone records of tunes we whistled and sang a year or two ago Music While You Work.

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  1. Fredric Bayco at the theatre organ Entr'acte Players directedbySidneyCrooke. A weekly programme of songs and orchestral music for all lovers of romantic melodies. Presented by Ronald Waldman introduced and played by Sandy Macpherson at the theatre organ Contributors. Played By: Sandy MacPherson.
  2. Dec 07,  · The A to H of the British Artists Start Name Artist Album Year Comments At The Woodchoppers’ Ball Arnold Loxam Listen With Loxam [Kirkham KRS ] Wurlitzer, Kitchen Brothers’ Gar.
  3. Aug 10,  · Stephen Ashley on Hot Pipes Half Hour Broadcast – mp3 – The Music of Victor Herbert Revisted Feed Addresses for Podcast Download Apps Use the feed address for the shows that you would like to automatically download.
  4. On this week’s show Damon responds to a request put in by Ash Lombaers who asked for film music played on the Theatre Organ. With plenty of selections to .
  5. Jul 29,  · This is only the 2nd time i have played this organ so you'll have to forgive me for the mistakes. This is Abe Holzmann's march 'Blaze Away' played on The 3C 10R christie organ .
  6. FREDRIC BAYCO. Forces Programme, 2 at the theatre organ Lullaby in rhythm Fredric Bayco, who has been broadcasting since , began his musical education with piano lessons at the, age of seven. Five years later he was appointed assistant organist at a Littlehampton church. He continued his organ studies at the Brighton School of Music.

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