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Bad Mules - In Your Stall

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Georgie Stall. Stefan Grossman ED Denson. Country blues , fingerstyle guitar , old-time , bluegrass. Beverly Hills, California. Mississippi River Bottom Blues. Memphis Jellyroll. The Entertainer - Scott Joplin Rags. There's Something for Everyone in America. Most horsemen are familiar with the term weaving whereas they may not be as familiar with stall walking, but both are actually two different faces of the same coin.

Walkers will circle the length of the stall in a constant fashion, and the speed of the walk is directly reflective of horse's level of stress or anxiety. When a horse walks slowly he has a general dislike of his surroundings or circumstances, whereas if he circles the stall at a fast pace defecating often as he does he is extremely anxious about something. When a horse weaves he is basically walking in place, swaying his front and neck from side to side repetitively.

This usually takes place by the stall door where he can look through the grill. It is speculated by some experts that the swaying from side to side provides some visual stimulation to the horse as he watches the background change through the bars. Many people believe that weaving is caused by boredom, but while this theory comes close to hitting the mark it does miss it slightly.

In addition a horse that must be kept within a stall for a long period of time should receive plenty of hay throughout the day so that he does not become miserable with his circumstances.

The most common cause of stall walking and horse weaving comes with separation anxiety. I use an electric wire inside the fence at chest high to keep my donkeys from eating my posts and stretching my wire as they scratch on it. This little precaution will make sure your fences look great for years and years. This young lady and her inexperienced gelding are working through some issues — in the very public venue of the show ring!

Madi was patient and gentle. The photo below shows the progress they made, at the same show later in the day. Good job!!!! Donkeys do not think and learn the same way horses do. They are more similar than different but the differences are important. You cannot push and bully a donkey into obedience but if they love and trust you they will do almost anything for you. The key is mutual respect.

When you ask something of your donkey be sure your are being realistic in your expectations and are patient. If you give your donkey the time to think things through he is likely to give you what you have asked for.

If you find you have unknowingly presented him with something that is beyond his training level just change the lesson slightly, reward him for that success, and take your future training more slowly. Many people believe that once you ask for a something you must get it or the donkey will learn a bad lesson. The important thing about training is to leave your lesson on a good note with lots of snuggles and praise from you. If you change your lesson slightly to something that is an aspect of your first request, is realistic for him, and reward like mad, your original mistake of asking too much is no big deal.

Training donkeys is fun and easy as donkeys love their kind owners and want to please. Another thing to think about is that your donkeys are training you every time you are near them — for sure really! It can be so subtle. If you walk in their pen and they bump you enough that you step out of their way the donkey is now superior to you in the herd dynamic.

This is not good.

Sep 14,  · Another mule kickin' in your stall. Posted by Anders on September 14, In Reply to: Another mule kickin' in your stall posted by ESC on September 14, I take the expression from Muddy Water's "Long Distance Call," cf. link. I'm guessing in the context it means "she has another man." Any comments on meaning, origin or level of formality?

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  1. Oct 28,  · Have your fuel pump checked. The wires on mine were melting due to the regulator attached the pump being bad so when the mule would first start it would run fine until it warmed up and then no gas once the wires warmed up.
  2. Jun 12,  · it sounds like you have two problems #1 your air jet sounds like its to small go up 2 sizes and take a five min ride you should see a big differents in power. #2 it sounds like your coil has an internal failier that rares its ugly head speraticly. moisture was most likely the culprit for the coil failure at one point. good luck.
  3. Nov 01,  · i've got a 95' mule 4x4. it ran fine then all of a sudden that changed. now it will only go about 11/2 - 2 miles and it will start stumbling and trying to quit running. i can keep it running for a little while playing with the choke, but after a little while of doing that it will die.
  4. Mule, Get Up In The Alley (a Tribute to the Mule in the Blues) by Max Haymes: The 'lowly' mule is a ubiquitous icon in the early blues and reaches back into slavery times.
  5. Aug 29,  · There are few combat conditions that will stop a mule. It can even be trained to crawl to get down out of fire. It doesn’t need roads, and in most cases, if a man is capable of making it through a jungle or over the mountains, the mule can too. That assumes, however, that the mule .
  6. I often get asked why I ride mules or Why are mules better than horses. Here are a few reasons why. Mules don't look like horses. This is the thing about a mule that is most obvious to the casual observer--of course they look different. Well, you see, mule lovers like the look of a mule. We love those magnificent big ears and long goofy face.
  7. Every day you have with your mule, you set the terms of your relationship. If you take the time to learn to communicate effectively with your mule through your voice, hands, legs, seat and general body language, the mule will not be surprised about the things you .
  8. Jan 31,  · Project Hunting Mule | Episode 6 In this final episode, Clay attempts to ride Izzie. This is his first time to train a mule so he doesn't know what to expect.

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