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Cosmic Cookies - Jazkamer - Matthew 28:17

Then there are more ho-ho-hijinks as a mischievous elf pops up in the pantry and all over the workshop! In Stereo. Yes, as a people, we love to eat and we love to cook, and what better way to express appreciation for loved ones by setting before them a sumptuous feast in a festive setting? It also extends to the people who keep us entertained on TV, in movies and recordings and on the field of play.

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Hagee J. Osteen Prince Copeland Franklin S. Furtick Robert Joyce M. Phil The Dr. Drenda Supernat. Varied Jim Bakker Human. Les Feld Supernat. Phil Dr. Phil To Be Announced Dr. Andy G. Bonanza Varied Gunsm. I am simply the advertisement for the greatest deal on earth — trading your sin for His grace, trading your pain for His peace, trading eternity without God for eternity in His care. It is His promise, and He will never renege. Today, Realize: It is beyond me why God would have chosen to use such fallible vessels as ourselves to spread His Word, but He did.

If the Lord has transformed your life, He expects you to tell others about it. This is for their more abundant life here, but also for the salvation of their souls. Given the gravity of the situation, we cannot worry about how we are perceived. It is not always easy, we will not always be well received.

You never know just whose ears the Word of God will fall on, and by His Spirit their lives, both here and into eternity, will be forever changed. Hold tightly to the eternal life to which God has called you, which you have confessed so well before many witnesses.

Birthdays do not bother me in the traditional sense, that is I do not fear getting older. I know all the principles about motivation and going for your goals. I have worked hard, been creative, been the nicest girl I could be.

But the big deliverance, the big breakthrough not only eludes me, I am beginning to think it is mocking me. Those who walk with the Lord have great promises; both from His Word, and those He has placed deep in our hearts. We know what He promises, but as years drag on, it is easy to begin to get weary. Tonight, as I sit on my bed and contemplate His promises, I am trying my best not to laugh.

God has promised Abraham and Sarah a son, and through him descendants as numerous as the grains of sand. It is a grandiose promise from an unlimited God. Living in her old body, long past the age of childbearing, she knew that there was no way. Perhaps God had forgotten, perhaps, even, they had misunderstood Him. She became so convinced that when He announced it was time and the promise was imminent, she did what many of us would do.

She laughed. I am thinking this was no joyful laugh, either, but one of sarcasm and pain. Or has He spoken, and will He not make it good? The promises of God are powerful and true. He cannot lie, and therefore we are to stand on His promises no matter what the circumstances around us look like.

The God of the universe has full capability to make every word He has spoken come to pass. Isaiah So is my word that goes out from my mouth: It will not return to Me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.

But most often in the Bible, His promise is not of an outcome, but of His all-encompassing presence. The above scripture has really been ministering to me this week. Out of a job, and feeling very alone in the natural world, God actually tells me that it is all right for me to go to Him and tell Him what I want, from my heart, no matter how gut-wrenching.

But notice what He promises; not that our prayers will be answered exactly as we prayed them, as we tend to think. No, He promises peace, and rest, and joy. Matthew Come to Me, all you who are weary and heavy burdened, and I will give you rest. But then there are the personal promises. The promises like God gave Sarah and Abraham.

The promises that He whispers deep into your soul and confirms out of the mouths of others. Promises of His destiny for you, and for Your work for Him. I will bless you and make you famous, and you will be a blessing to others. Although the promise of a son was in fact a great answer to prayer for a couple who desperately wanted children, it was through the line of Abraham that Jesus would eventually be born and all people would be blessed. They are given to us to be shared.

Then you will always have everything you need and plenty left over to share with others. It is so easy to look at your circumstance and think that God has forgotten His promise. But to think that your situation is too far gone, and God is not working in it, is nothing but human arrogance. In order to truly walk by faith, you have to understand how God generally fulfills promises.

He strips away every earthly means of that promise being fulfilled, so that He alone will get the glory when it happens! As humans we often receive a miracle from God, but dismiss it as a coincidence, or luck; or worse yet, we give ourselves credit for it.

But when God has something really big to bestow, He often removes any earthly chance of it happening — so when it does, it HAD to be God.

You cannot deny it. The Israelites were promised exodus from Egypt, but were trapped between the Red Sea and the approaching army. There was no escape. But God. Abraham and Sarah were promised a son, but had grown too old and were sterile. There was no way they could have a baby. Bartamaeus had been blind from birth. There was no way he would even regain eyesight.

The nation of Israel was promised a Savior, a Messiah! Jesus was sent to earth to save all mankind, but then He was crucified. He was dead. But God! But laugh not with sarcasm, but with the anticipation of a child awaiting a gift from Abba. Remember, God cannot lie. The scripture can also apply to our circumstances, which often lie to us. Jesus tells us to trust Him, and not rely on our own understanding.

If God has made you a promise, rest in the peace of knowing He will bring it to pass. And express great joy and thanksgiving, because when it comes, it is going to be spectacular. Perhaps that aspect of my personality is what helps me to roll with the punches in my spiritual life as well. Faux Leather. Genuine Leather. Bamboo Fiber. Function material. Faux Fur. Baby Girls. Baby Boys. School Girls. Google Play App Store. This website provides quality theological material for the whole church, for free.

These resources are free for everyone. Discover our brand new short online courses available to all, whether you're a Union student or not. Instinctively, we are accustomed to the concept of doubt. Living after the Fall, doubts are the struggles Christians have to believe, or trust, the promises of God in Christ.

Doubt is uncertainty — or a struggle to believe — in the heart of the believer. Matthew reports that some of the first followers of Jesus Christ had doubts on the Galilean mountain of the great commission edistazan , Matthew It seems best to understand these doubts not as rejection of the Lord Jesus Christ, in disobedient unbelief, but rather as a hesitancy to respond to the risen Messiah with joyful worship Carson, , We will narrow the scope of this paper by distinguishing two possible causes of such uncertainty, namely 'doubt' and 'lack of assurance'.

Despite responding rightly to the gospel command in repentance and faith, the believer still lacks subjective assurance that the gospel promises of justification, reconciliation and adoption are effective for them as an individual. When we encounter such struggles, we must respond with compassionate, sensitive bible teaching to reassure the sincere disciple of the promises of God.

However, in this paper we are primarily concerned with the former issue - doubts that arise from uncertainty about the objective truth of the gospel. Such uncertainty is most likely to be connected in the believer with a tendency to drift into the prevailing non-Christian worldview around them. For a 21 st Century British Christian, therefore, doubts may well be heavily influenced by the strong rhetoric and aggressive style of new Atheists such as Dawkins, Harris and Hitchens.

Doubts of this kind undermine the joy of the Christian in their salvation, as they fear it may be untrue. Doubts undermine the whole-hearted service of a disciple, as the doubting Christian begins to 'hedge their bets', holding back from the radical, rewarding sacrifices the Lord Jesus Christ calls us to make because of lurking concerns that their hope is unfounded and this fleeing earthly life is all that there is.

One wonders, therefore, if doubt is in fact far more common than is ever admitted, and underlies many other pastoral problems, because one of the results of doubt is often disobedient behaviour. The will of God is ignored because it is not believed. Worse still, doubt can cause a professing believer to fall away altogether. Before we investigate further the biblical material on faith and doubt, one more distinction must be made if we are to minister faithfully to Christians with doubt.

In ministering to Christians with doubt, one must prayerfully seek wisdom about how this tension is to be applied. A Christian may seek help from us with a presenting issue of doubt in a situation where they would be most helped not by hearing the warnings against falling away, but rather by the being reassured with the comforting promise that God finishes what He starts, from passages such as Philippians and 1Peter All ministry of this kind must be sensitively person-specific.

Doubts are often caused by unbiblical expectations of the Christian life. The Bible is a rich storehouse of material that directly and specifically addresses many common causes of doubt today. Several examples are listed below. Where a believer has doubts because of personal suffering, we can encourage them with 1 Peter 1 and the book of Job. They can be reassured by Psalm 88, the lament psalm that ends on a note of agony and desperate isolation.

When ministering to suffering Christians who are surprised by the issues they face, it is also striking to notice that Paul chooses to begin and to end his magnificent section in Romans on 'living under grace' with passages on the reality of present suffering: Romans and Romans Moo, , A believer may have doubts because they are failing to feel emotionally engaged with the gospel, and would benefit from a study of Psalms 42 and A believer may have doubts specifically caused by the apparent prosperity of the wicked in this life, an issue directly addressed by Psalm 73 and Habakkuk.

The ongoing battle with sin, and experiences of apparent failure to address besetting sins, can leave a Christian with doubts about whether they are really saved, and whether the Spirit is really dwelling in them to empower them to change.

Galatians 5, however, encourages us that it is normal for Spirit-filled Christian to experience inner conflict in the fight for godliness. What we will turn to for the remainder of this paper, is doubt caused by intellectual objections to the Christian worldview. These can be exacerbated in the believer by lack of gospel fruit in evangelism, as they encounter objections to their faith in dialogue with non-Christians, often accompanied by unsettling levels of anger at and mockery of their faith.

The Christian worldview is founded upon eye-witness testimony. Our ministry to doubting Christians must therefore include reassurance that the Christian worldview is true, based as it is upon reliable evidence. Luke begins his Gospel with assurance that his account is based upon eye-witness testimony and careful investigation Luke John appeals to his own eye-witness testimony when he seeks to assure believers of their salvation 1 John Peter seeks to persuade his readers that the day of the Lord will certainly come by appealing both to the prophetic word and to his own eye-witness testimony of the transfiguration 2 Peter Throughout Acts, Paul seeks to evangelise through reasoning and persuasion.

His reminder to the Corinthians of the gospel is rooted in the historical facts of the death of Christ, the empty tomb, and eye-witness testimony of the resurrection appearances 1 Corinthians This reduction does little to lighten the density of their sound, rather the opposite, because "Matthew " is a thick haze of dopey fuzz-guitars and droning organ.

For the longtime Jazkamer fan this album bears similarities to the mini-album "The Sound of Music" — which often has been thought of as a highlight in the Jazkamer oeuvre. The themes of "Matthew " are a mix of the subjects astronomi both Hegre and Marhaug are keen space-enthusiasts and religion but neither are particularly avid churchgoers.

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  4. Doubt is uncertainty – or a struggle to believe – in the heart of the believer. Matthew reports that some of the first followers of Jesus Christ had doubts on the Galilean mountain of the great commission (edistazan, Matthew ). It seems best to understand these doubts not as rejection of the Lord Jesus Christ, in disobedient unbelief.
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