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I added a brief note; the Europa moon page contains more discussion. Admittedly personal bias, but ending the article with the wimpy and speculative 'possibility of life' section is sort of anticlimactic. Opabinia regalis , 24 February UTC Yes I more or less agree, but it was a collaborative effort so I didn't want to just yank it without some sort of consensus. Support , although I agree with Opabinia regalis's suggestions. Great work! Not only is this too wordy "to sight" isn't terribly idiomatic , but it also unnecessarily speculates that the first record of the species was the first sighting of the species.

To clarify per a question from Hesperian , right now the article speculates that Eyre may have been the first European to see the species, based on his record. But unless he was the first European in the range of this species which may be true, but it isn't clear from the article , it isn't clear to me why the assumption that he was the first European to see the species.

There are many other places where the wording could be tightened up. Some of the links to reprints do not appear to go to the right articles e. I've taken the liberty of numbering your comments so that I knock them off one by one. I've clarified re: the "speculation" aspect of 1. I'll leave it to you to decide if the "too wordy" aspect is also resolved. Hesperian , 20 February UTC Re: 3, some were links to material with restricted access; these have now been removed.

Thanks for picking that up. You dissin' my copyedits? I enjoyed the taxonomic history section and wonder why George didn't name it B.

He was robbed! I did some minor copyedits. What isn't here isn't published. Here are my suggestions I am almost ready to support this article : You have a lot of quotations that demonstrate that Anastasia was fun, lighthearted and mischievious. Perhaps you could select a few of the best?

After a while, they no longer add information to the article, they only make it longer I would say that this is a particular problem in the "Life and Childhood" section.

Your sections are also rather long - might you consider breaking them up or providing subheadings? One obvious suggestion is to preface the section on "Canonization" with a subheading. I would also cut off the "Cultural Influces" section with the novel. It seems choppy and insignificant after that. If you decide to keep the material, perhaps a list is the better way to go? This is a small thing. I noticed that your footnotes aren't all formatted the same way.

Some have the author's last name first and some have the author's first name first. Some book titles are missing italics. Some have dates and some do not. Also, if you are planning on giving the entire citation first and then using only the author's name in subsequent notes, which I think you are, the first citation is incorrect.

You might also consider two-column notes since you have so many. Awadewit , 19 February UTC - Awadewit, you last point is partially my fault, had started standardising the ref formats when I saw the nom, was half way through the job when you posted you comments; hence they looked inconsistent when you viewed the article.

As it stands, it sounds too much like a newspaper headline. I am a newspaper reporter, which probably explains why the original sounded like a headline. Some minor suggestions: Agree that "Cultural Influences" should be cut at the novel. Not overly fond of the section title "From mystery to legend", though this is a subjective call, of course. Ceoil , 20 February UTC Have tackled some of the suggestions made to improve on the article.

I summarized the comments made about Anastasia's character in the first section on her Early Life. I also changed the sub-heading title "From Mystery to Legend" to "Reports of Survival" and broke up the section into a separate section on "Two bodies missing from the Mass Romanov Grave.

Any other suggestions? Both are from Nicholas and Alexandra. And it is already can be featured article. And the imperial sisters article too. Astor Lam , 21 February Weak oppose 1. Sentence "Anastasia was nasty to the point of being evil," requires a reference. Footnotes should come immediately after punctuation without an intervening space.

If she did indeed write "Goodby" instead of "Goodbye" can you insert [ sic ] after the misspelt word? Please duplicate the references through the "rape" section.

I am concerned by the image "Romanovsaints. Consequently, the painter can not have been dead for 70 years as the public domain tag asserts. Is it necessary to repeat information twice in both notes and references Dehn, Eagar, Gilliard, Sams, Shevchenko, Vyrubova?

This is supported by the reference at the end of the following sentence "King and Wilson , p. Its no problem to repeat the ref, but is it necessary to pepper the text with duplicates like this. There was three instances of this, all fixed now. This has been done. Have added another source to support claims.

Take your point; file was taken from commons, but maybe Bookworm has detail of the image's origions. It's within the guidelines stated at WP:CITE , and allows for both a clear an unmuddled "Notes" section, and for a concise "Sources" section that gives an overview of available resources.

I have no idea who, if anyone, would hold the copyright. I happen to own a copy of the image that was sold by a company in Las Vegas and I've seen the image featured on other web sites. It's widely circulated. If nothing else, I'd say it would be fair use. Ceoil appears to have fixed the other things you objected to or explained them. The article is excellent, fairly typical of the other work of yours I've seen. I changed the image tag to fair use on all of the Romanov articles, including Anastasia's.

It's in the article, and I'm hoping it wasn't added by a vandal. The term was already in the article when I started rewriting it. She did have bunions, so I must have overlooked the word as some medical terminology for that condition or for the side of her toes. I can't find it in the dictionary now when I look it up, so it probably shouldn't go back in. Comprehensive biographical article. The article was promoted , 23 February Nagorno-Karabakh War [ edit ] This is the article's second nomination and I feel that it has substantially improved and addressed most of the concerns that were raised when it failed its first nomination in September Fair use images need to have a clearly identified copyright holder, source information and a fair use rationale Image:Captured azeri tank.

Fair use images should be used as little as possible. Images are missing source info Image:Nkr-army6. The screenshots of the images were taken by videos of the war and many of them of them were uploaded on to YouTube.

For example, a great deal of video montages containing them can be found here [1]. The people who recorded the footage of the Sumgait massacre remain unknown and their images have been published all over the web and on television. Nevertheless the owners of the website [2] gave permission and free rein over the use of their images.

I'm unsure of the copyright over the Khojaly massacre but a source is listed. I updated the status of the first image which was taken by the Armenian Government and found on its Ministry of Defense's website however its source link appears to be dead.

For the second picture, I contacted the person who uploaded the to see if he is able to clarify its source. Permission to use this image was given to me by the owner of the website Armeniapedia. My asking and his agreeing of the image usage can be found here [3]. Oppose The article is not up to the FA standards, and has not been much improved since the last nomination.

The references for the most part are not academic, and there are problems with neutrality. Furthermore, the quotes have been deliberately chosen in a manner, which serve to manipulate the reader's opinion rather than provide insights. Bias and POV issues weren't among them and even they told you this.

All of the books used are academic, I don't know how you came up with that conclusion that they compromise any of the facts. Unless they are expanded upon they oughta be disregarded. Atabek , 12 February UTC Can you guys please go a little bit further besides claiming its propaganda and lies?

The sources do back up the information. Batabat is a newly registered user, this vote being his 9th edit here. Tabib will also always oppose, he is working with political parties in Azerbaijan and we can't expect him to ever accept FA on this article until it becomes the official view of the republic of Azerbaijan.

So a note to the Armenian and Azeri editor, I think it is best for both parties concerned to not vote, comment, but do not vote. Anyway, I will refrain voting myself. The same old issues brought by the Azeri editors on this page have been discussed times. I rather not vote since Azeri users would oppose and Armenian users would support.

The best would be to let non Armenian and Azeri users to vote on this article. ROOB , 13 February UTC Oppose For the time being, the page is not ready yet, let's return to this issue later, once more sources will be added and this page will become save quality as featured articles should be. Nareklm , 13 February UTC I don't have the authority to speak for Raul, but I can say that I am certain that any and all oppose votes by Azeri editors and any and all support votes by Armenian editors that provide flimsy or no reasons for supporting or opposing will be ignored.

Please don't even bother. Since I am not an expert on the conflict, and since most of the references were to off-line sources, I cannot comment on the veracity of its claims. My main reservation is that it does not follow the form of citation templates favored by Wikipedia. I wish to see the templates replace most of the presently unstructured textual footnotes.

As a neutral observer I did not sense any heavy bias, though quotes from Armenian sources might be balanced by a few comments by Azeri sources. Aside that, I have to say the article read very clearly and would be a fine featured article. I would not wish to see partisan political opposition sideline the forwarding of an article which helps illuminate the conflict. For example this quote: Congratulations on your earthquake. Nature has spared us the trouble is taken from the book by Melkonian, which is definitely not third party.

No one has ever seen this telegram, and it is nothing but allegation of Armenian sources. Grandmaster , 13 February UTC If there are specific quotes like this, which are considered objectionable or of questionable origin, we can discuss excising them.

Is there any other independent source of this quote? I did not find anything on Google. Of course, I have no visibility into original language sources. Thoughts on the value of this quote versus its divisiveness? Grandmaster , 13 February UTC Shamil Basayev was just snipped from the list of commanders; his own biography notes his possible involvement in the NK-Azeri conflict.

Would anyone have a reference to prove this assertion, or should his name be excised? He was just one of the Chechen fighters who fought on Azerbaijani side at the early stage of war. He was a commander of a faction allied to the Azeri army. It lists the commanders of the factions fighting against Armenians. In addition, Bassayev and the Chechens were not mercenaries! Hey Peter, here is another source from TIME Magazine that supports Melkonian: A Journey into Misery page 3 : "Sometimes these tales of grief from the earthquake zone merged seamlessly with horror stories of brutal rapes and beatings during ethnic clashes last February in the Azerbaijani city of Sumgait.

The people I spoke with insisted that after the earthquake, Azerbaijanis refused to help, announcing that "Allah has finally heard us. Zinevich falls under a CIS mercenary, Basayev is included because he is a notable figure. I believe you are right Peter but I think that adding the template would easily add several kilobytes of space on to the article. Moreover, the page lacks references and citations of UN documents, which outline several instances of mercenaries fighting for Armenia, including Russian Spetsnaz Special Forces , who were captured in and released because of an appeal of President Yeltsin.

Meanwhile, the most ridiculous of all is the total disrespect to, and lack of knowledge of, the fact that Azerbaijan SSR and Azerbaijanis were among the FIRST to help Armenia after the eqrthquake -- even though it coincided with a mass-scale ethnic cleansing of , Azerbaijanis from Armenia in Nov-Dec plus the remaining 50, or so thousand Azerbaijanis and Kurds later!

That's right -- Azerbaijan sent a military plane full of supplies to Yerevan, and due to a very suspicious "mistake" by ground operators, the plane crashed and all but one have died. No one in Armenia mentions this, and there is no memorial or otherwise thanks. Also, all hospitals and spas pansionats of Kelbajar region were urgently made room at, so as to accomodate Armenian victims of the earthquake -- some 2, people, from what I remember reading the Soviet press back then it should be available in the FBIS translated into English articles too, see December digests.

Also, there are references in Azerbaijani press that all the blood donated by Azerbaijanis was smashed by Armenians with exclamations "We don't need blood of Turks". However, not very sure if all these references from both sides are appropriate for an encyclopedia article.

Long thing short -- this article is not ready, it is POV and lacks balance. If you AdilBaguirov, others have citations of UN documents of mercenaries, or the refutation of someone's status as a mercenary, bring the titles, dates, and URLs to the table. Offer them with a positive "can-do" spirit, and presume goodwill as the basis of our work.

No stonewalling or grandstanding. Before we start devolving into who-committed-the-worse-atrocities, or who didn't thank who for extensions of olive branches and aid, let's keep in mind we are seeking to construct a sober, rational document of what happened -- not to inflame a vivid re-eruption of partisan emotions and griefs. For those of you for whom the issue is to close to your heart, take a step away from the monitor, take a deep breath, and come back with constructive comments on how to improve the document.

I think people are willing to accommodate changes which are citable and verifiable. Please avoid polarizing claims and accusations. Fad ix , 13 February UTC Comment: This is truly ridiculous -- Fadix is overstepping all boundaries with his repeated defamation and harassment of myself and another user, Tabib, as well as groundless and false claims about other well-established users like Dacy69 and Atabek.

Additionally, the above two references are worthless -- both are co-written by Armenians, such as Touryan and Zuljian, and that's POV, no need to pretend it is from unbiased Western sources. It is very sad that Fadix consumes so much space to slander other Wikipedia contributors, who do not hide behind the nicknames and contribute under their real names. Adil has a very good point. How come that the article lists Shamil Basayev as an Azeri commander, while he was never in charge of any unit of Azerbaijani army and never commanded any military operation during the NK war, and at the same time, the article never mentions such a prominent Russian mercenary as Zinevich, who was a chief of stuff in the Armenian army, let alone listing him as a commander.

This shows that the article is very superficial. As for the telegram, neither of the quotes presented prove its existence. No, I am actually describing the situation in which we are. Am I blind or are you blind? The footnote states he was in command of Chechens fighting against Armenian, for Azerbaijan obviously. No point to list mercenaries, unless they are notable individuals.

I don't se how this guy is notable. Besides, Azeris had more money and had more mercenaries, if we start listing them guess who gets the shorter end of the stick.

Your vague, stonewalling objections are becoming more superficial and non-existant as they come. Most of the neutral observers have pointed out actual problems in the article that I have no objections to rectify, but POV issues is not one of them.

Let's avoid that, shall we? Meanwhile, conversely, let's leave out attacks ad hominem and stick with critiquing the article, thank you. Anyway, Zuljan, is not an Armenian. Adil purpously added the 'i' to make it sound as if he is an Armenian.

Zuljan is a Slovak name, not Armenian. Fad ix , 14 February UTC I'll ask all parties to avoid speaking of personal past relationships. Some resorts guarantee that their visitors will see lions or other animals.

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Mel Blanc (May 30, – July 10, ) was an American voice actor and comedian. Although he began his nearly six-decade-long career performing in radio commercials, Blanc is best remembered for his work with Warner Bros. during the "Golden Age of American animation" (and later for Hanna-Barbera television productions) as the voice of such well-known characters as Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck.

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  1. L.A. Times - World News. Newsletter: Two impeachment articles, one trade deal Here are the stories you shouldn't miss today: TOP STORIES Two Impeachment Articles, One Trade Deal What a difference one hour makes.. States confront the casualties of the war on Prosecutors in L.A. and Chicago are moving to expunge marijuana convictions from the records .
  2. RT - Daily news ‘Life’s short, let air pollution kill us!’ India One of five perpetrators of a notorious rape and murder in India has made a bizarre last-ditch effort to dodge death penalty, insisting that India&rs. Suicide bomb attack hits outside largest US base A powerful blast has ripped through a medical facility outside Bagram Air Base, the.
  3. MEN TON Kars ON FINE OWE NE N NW Stereo Little LP OW VI PIE OF WYE TIM SEIM IRONS - MANLY WAS MINE RAY CONNIFF SINGERS ATLAS RADIO & RECORD SHOP Houston, Texas 1. Walk On By (Dionne Warwick) 2. Chapel Of Love (Dixie Cups) 3. My Guy (Mary Wells) Times Square. The project started with a chance remark by.
  4. In MFW to Modern Times. ISBN yelsel 01/04 Dorling Kindersley Days of the Knights plus Fine Print -- $5 ppd. Good. Days of Knights is Proficient 4 Reader. Fine Print is gr. ISBN yelsel 01/04 Dorling Kindersley Eyewitness Expert Dinosaur boxed kit, Grs. K -- .
  5. Mar 07,  · This time, Portela showcases New York with images of Times Square bathed in a neon pink hue that captures the dynamic energy of the city compressed in a single frame. See more of Xavier Portela's work on Behance or at his website.
  6. 1: More and More is a motion and design studio in London Various – The House Sound Of London – Vol IV – The Jackin’ Zone black market to countries like Pakistan and Saudi Arabia These and other allegations were confirmed by tthe Sunday Times London after speaking to Pentagon and MI6 sources and by obtaining a document signed by.

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