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Funky Summa (Andy Page Remix) - Hernán Cattáneo - Renaissance: The Masters Series, Volume 2

Aphasia - Acapulco Paul Jackson - Tools Infusion - Dead souls Sigus Rios - Sveng Mathew Dekay - If i could fly Christian Cambas - Scares me Nathan Fake - Outhouse Randall Jones - ID Part.

Dibaba - Hold You Agoria Rmx Sarbante - Forces of nature Danny Howells - Jamloops vol. Yunus Guvenen - Mass schizoprhenia Plastic vision - Habstract habits Agoria - ID Echomen - Cure Vertigo - Never be lonely Grand resonant - Central Age of love - Age of love Wrecked Angle Rmx Freeland - Wwys Infusion remix Underworld - Rez James Holden - Breaks in the clouds Golam globus - Blazer Hernan Cattaneo Studio Martin Fishead ft.

Kerry Green - Inescapable St. Bany Experience Alexander Kowalski - Belo Horizonte Alex Dolby - Hazy Way Grand Resonant - Central Infusion vs Underworld - Legacy Golan Globus - Blazer Agoria - La 11eme Marche Disconnection - No Love Original Mix Dymon - DEA Chab - Closer To Me Groovemates - Natural Sound G-Pal - 3rd Of July Part. Monkz - Soapless Soap Mick Burns - Corrective Tones Fishead feat. Kerry Green - Inescapable Main Dish Roland Klinkenberg - Bounce and Part.

Roland Klinkenberg - Bounce and Casa Flava - Homa Vatos Locos - Casa del arbol Luke Chable - The Shepherd Subsky vs Yunus - Erotic Sumo Part. Ozgur Can - Connected Tigerhook pres. Innerstate vs. Sigur Ros - Svefgn G Englar Randall Jones - Cultural Assertion Roman Lieske pres.

Namsela - Isolate [] Hernan Cattaneo Avalon Hernan Cattaneo Ruby Skye G-pal - 3rd of july The MFA - 2 Billion year journey MOS - Elektrify Mara - Barry Gilbey RmX Casa Flava - Magna Original Mix?

Erire - Dusk Till Dawn Original Harry Peat - Affrodiziac Morel - Under A Disco Morel - If You Love Scanty88 - Rathbone Find out more about them by reading this interview.

The Kiss Show on December 27th is a holiday special, with Sasha and Digweed recorded live during the Delta Heavy tour earlier this year. The show is from am GMT, and you can listen online at www. Read the full review. Sekander Raisani and Frederik Borgesius first developed their love for house music during their teenage years of the 80s before embarking on production work and dj gigs as Pako and Frederik in the early 90s.

Since then they have gone one to produce many quality original tracks and remixes, as well as running their own imprint Majestic Music. Dave Robertson is yet another promising new producer to emerge from Southampton in the UK. His productions range from tech house grooves to old skool house, taking in everything that falls between. Already his work has gained attention from Sasha and James Zabiela and remix work is coming this young 20 year old's way before he's even had his first release out, which is forthcoming on James Zabiela's Hearing Aid imprint.

In the meantime find out a bit more about Dave by reading this interview. Adam Spears is like many young teenagers in today's world, full of ideas and wanting to let their voice be heard. In Adam's case, his music is his voice, and by total surprise he has seen music he created reach heights he never imagined, with John Digweed supporting his track 'Crayons' and Nick Warren even snapping the track up for his highly anticipated Global Underground album. Maybe the old saying of 'when you wish upon a star..

But you can bet that Starkid's career is one you will hear a lot more of sooner, rather than later. Greed is Swiss producer Tobi Wirz. Responsible for tracks such as 'Promises' and 'Strange World' with vocalist Lesley and recent collaborations with Blackwatch Gentle Rain and Van Bellen City Lights having seen his profile rise even further, Tobi runs the record label SOG Records and has involvement with a band project too.

Read on to find out more about Tobi, his work and his record label. Fans of Delerium can download various vocal and instrumental tracks as well as an MP3 of the original song from "After All," the first single from Delerium's forthcoming release "Chimera" release date: May 20, as part of a remix contest beginning Jan. Momu have been blazing a sonic trail with their recent releases and remixes.

With the Momu remix of Cass' "Mind Rewind" riding high in the charts, Bedrock signed "Sunsicle" kicking off the latest Bedrock Breaks comp, and their original "The Dive" being picked up on Nick Warren's yet to be released Global Underground, Momu are drawing many listeners in to their unique blend of melodic atmospheric breaks.

Find out what Jondi and Mark are all about in our interview with them. Fischerspooner's 1 will be released in the U. We have links to the Junkie XL remix audio, listen now.

John Morgan and Kiki Stewardson hail from Canada, and form the production outfit known as Powerplant. With releases including 'Angel' and 'With Or Without You' they have already proved they can create music for the dancefloor just as well as they can within the confines of video game based music for Electronic Arts in Vancouver. In addition to this they have their hands in a number of other ventures, as well as many things planned for Read on to find out more..

Ivan Gough has been involved with dance music for almost 20 years now, first tweaking knobs and spinning turntables in before adding production to his abilities in He is one of the key figures who has helped pushed the Australian scene into the world spotlight and here we present a unique insight of this pillar of the Australian dance scene. Andy Moor is a young producer based deep in the Midlands within the UK, who has been producing bands and artists since the age of Since then he has become part of the Baroque family of artists, co-producing and engineering tracks with some of the other artists linked with the label.

In addition to this he has seen his dj commitments take him overseas to Europe and beyond, and his production work continues to go from strength to strength. Read on to find out more about what he has up his sleeve in the coming months and much more..

The site also contains information about the forthcoming compilation '8' as well. Even before the work has started the result is already being tipped to feature on the forthcoming and much anticipated Mara album, 'If you only knew' set for release in June on Choo Choo records. Label boss Sara Whittaker-Gilbey said, 'When we started to discuss getting back into the studio again with Randall both Barry and I were really excited.

Randall is so enthusiastic and clued-up I'm certain we'll come out with something really special'. That track was 'Touch Me', and in a lot of ways it set the path for a lot of copycats that followed. However, Rui was not put off by this and has been working on his artist album and the new single currently finding it's way onto dancefloors entitled 'Feel The Love'.

Read on to find out Rui's thoughts on the events of the past 10 years and also his thoughts and goals for the future. Our hearts go out to the families and friends of the seven astronauts who were lost in the Columbia space shuttle tragedy. Ian Ossia is one of those djs who stays out of the spotlight but still wows audiences wherever he plays, be it the UK, Australia or further afield. For many years he has had strong ties to Renaissance and these days can be found spinning on a regular basis at The Cross in London.

He has also been busy in the studio, working on material to follow on from his recent release 'La Fee', which he produced with production partner Joel Einhorn. Read on to find out more about Ian's past and his plans for After a success , Source of Gravity are continuing their assault on the progressive world with some fine releases and a strong DJing schedule. We definitely improved our profile a great deal.

This year we hope to take things further, and everything is in the pipeline to do so. Petter Nordkvist is 18 years old and hails from Stockholm in Sweden. He has been producing for the last three years, experimenting with sounds and styles in order to develop his skills further. With his debut single 'These Days' already gaining support from James Holden, John Digweed and many more, it seems that his career has had a springboard start into the future, but watch out because this boy has many more tracks to suit all persuasions currently waiting to be discovered.

We present a brief insight into the world of Petter. Shane Ehlers and Jeff Belfi are two NYC based producers collectively known as BlueRoomProject, who have recently started to gain attention with their blend of progressive, tech house, breaks and everything else inbetween, complete with a unique warm organic sound that they have shaped into their own. One of their first tracks 'Aperitif', has already been signed to Cass's forthcoming compilation '8' with the duo subsequently joining his Sabotage roster.

The boys however have much more to offer, as you will find out. Hernan Cattaneo is fast becoming one of the most popular Argentinians since Diego Maradonna. However, his hand of god controls the decks with his dj skills being widely accoladed across the globe. Alongside production partner Martin Garcia he has produced several singles for Paul Oakenfold's Perfecto imprint and has recently been in the studio with Cass and Tom Mangan. Read on to find out more about Hernan in this interview.

Tayo steps up to the plate to mix the first in a new series of compilations showcasing the finest artists from his MOB family of signings. This album isn't just another label showcase. It's an insight as to where MOB started, where it is, and where it's going, as it tightens it's hold on the breakbeat scene, developing and nuturing new and established talent.

In , Futureshock return with one of the most eagerly awaited debut albums of the year. The Phantom Theory LP extends the musical sweep of Futureshock with the battle cry of "expect the unexpected". Hip house joints, sit alongside downtempo delights and the same production genius that has set Futureshock on their celebrated march through the nocturnal underground.

It's a stunning debut album. Prize includes roundtrip airfare and hotel accomodations for two. A thousand faces, a thousand places, one unique sound. After the initial success of his debut single 'Bad Girl' on Climax Recordings, producer and dj Paul Lancaster hasn't been idle, having gone on to produce several more tracks, the most recent of which, 'Don't Stop Burning' has been picked up by Cass for his Sabotage imprint and '8' compilation.

This is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what Paul's future holds for him so read more about him here.. As started, the future for Global Underground did not look good as Administrators were appointed and the company's future fell into debate and rumour on message boards and websites across the globe, with the release of Nick Warren's GU caught up in all the issues.

However news has come today courtesy of GU themselves to tell us exactly what is happening. Read on:. Sasha has released parts for every track off Airdrawndagger on his website www. I am still very into the sounds of "Syndrome" which appeared on Noel's mixset for Nettwerk and "Emergence" has yet to emerge on Sabatoge. Read the interview to find out what Ben has in store for the future. In addition to this he has recently mixed 'Fractured', his second mix cd for Bedrock Breaks, and has forthcoming singles on Acetate Ltd and Recordings to watch out for, and even still this is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what we can expect from Hyper in Quality not Quantity?

Yoshitoshi Recordings disagrees. The world-renowned dance music record label has bucked this widely held view in favor of its own strategy for exposing fans to the best dance music has to offer… Quality in Quantity. Read on Joshua Ryan is a name many will know thanks to the track 'Pistolwhip', but that is merely just one side to Joshua many talents, with his feet stuck firmly into many different and exciting projects.

He's just released his debut album 'By Design' and has a forthcoming single on Fluid, and he still manages to find time to dj as well. Prepare to be pistolwhipped. Matthew Dekay is one of the latest talents to emerge out of the Dutch music scene and onto the world scene, with both his djing talents and production work gaining accolades right across the board from DJs such as Sander Kleinenberg, Danny Howells, Harry Lemon and Chris Fortier, with his production work being heavily supported by Sander on his mix compilations.

Watch out for further track and projects from this talented youngster soon, which you can read about in this interview. Chris Scott and Anton Fielding are but two players in a group of househeads that has in various combinations produced such acts as Lexicon Avenue, Little Green Men, and many other acclaimed outfits, alongside Mark Armstrong and Scott Bradford. Together as Echomen however, they seem to be unstoppable, with one superb track after another hitting the shelves, including 'Substance', 'Truth' and most recently 'Perpetual', featuring the vocals of occasional vocalist Cheb.

We caught up with them for a bit of a chat, and a taster of further adventures in house over the coming months. Matthew Roberts and Matt 'Watkins' Thomas burst onto the scene as King Unique back in , having previously worked on and off together.

No sooner had they put out releases on Defected and Junior, than remix offers came in left, right and centre. Throw in decks n fx sets all over the place and a glut of side projects and there is a lot to read about, so get to it Jonathan Lisle has been collecting house music since the late '80s, having been inspired by the early acid house, before moving onto the true progressive house of the early s and subsequently onto breaks as well.

Since getting one of his early mixes onto John Digweed's KissFM show in May , he has not looked back and has played in venues both sides of the Atlantic and done much more in the past 18 months. Read on to find out more about Jonathan Lise - the past, the present and the future. Phil Dockerty and Alex Tepper first made a name for themselves in the music scene back in , with remixes for artists such as Underworld, Moby and The Chemical Brothers amongst many others.

From there they showcased their live decks n fx shows at venues such as Bedrock and Bugged Out! Having been locked way creating their debut album 'Phantom Theory', the duo now return, with a new live show experience to deliver to the masses in support of the new album, and have plans to take their Fuju imprint even further. Backed by the legacy of the imprint that was Fire Recordings, and productions including 'Perception' and 'Opera', Cass and Slide became major players in the scene, culminating with the album 'Burning The Candle At Both Ends'.

Since then Cass has gone on to set up the new Sabotage imprint, and continues to clock up the air miles djing as well as finding time to put together the forthcoming '8' compilation and start work on his solo artist album. We caught up with Cass to find out what has been happening since we last spoke to him, and what he has planned for the coming months. Randall Jones is currently one of the busiest producers due to the amount of varied projects he has either recently completed, or is currently working on.

Many people know him for his outstanding contributions to house music as part of the Tigerhook Corporation, but that is merely the surface when you look at his extensive back catalogue of work. He has worked with the excellent Phillip Charles on many occasions and has a project ongoing with the legendary Mark Bell as Blakhook, in addition to numerous collborations. He is also fast becoming a hot commodity on the dj circuit, and is regularly asked over to the UK to play at Bedrock alongside John Digweed.

We dig deeper to find out about his influences, his various works and just what involves 'being Randall Jones'. Check out this unique insight into one of the Tigerhook's leading players. Tom Mangan started out as a scratch dj for Degrassi and a studio engineer for Cass, but has since moved into production in his own right.

Be it the single 'Chutney' which was supported heavily by John Digweed, or the forthcoming 'Hubbub', a track he produced with Cass and Hernan Cattaneo, Tom has just started to show what he is capable of in the studio. The coming months have much in store for Mr Mangan, so read on to find out more.. The FBI's newest project? Not quite. The result. Fresh sounds that will grab you by the soul and make you dance.

It's as simple as that. There's no classified information behind what these two bring together in the studio, other than their investigations into sound rock dancefloors and will soon secretly work their way into all your minds like a contagious disease.

There's no need to call Mulder and Scully though, just read on to find out what the cause is. Phil Thompson has earned a name for himself as the warm up DJ at Bedrock over the past two years. Additionally, he has released material which has gained support from djs right across the board, yet Phil admits he's still at the early stages of learning production. His dj commitments have recently seen him play overseas and he's just collaborated with Randall Jones on a new track. Read on to find out more about Moonface, his past influences, his future plans and much more..

Electrofly Records is a new beats and breaks label set up by Keith Mcdonnell. We decided to find out what Keith's ideas for the label are and what can be expected over the coming months. In addition to this we have teamed up with him to offer you the chance to win a very exciting competition. Read on to find out more about Electrofly A release date has been set for the first single from BT's new album 'Emotional Technology'. We have teamed up with Nettwerk to offer five people the chance to win a Test Pressing ahead of it's release so check out this feature to find out more.

The duo of Kasey Taylor and Sean Quinn have enjoyed considerable success over the years. As djs they have seen their international profiles grow, both having volumes of EG Grey's Balance mix series to their credit as well. As producers they have worked on various projects, but 'Our House' is perhaps their most accoladed to date. What started with the single 'Soliton Wave' has now developed into a full album, due for release soon, showing a versatility and depth to their talents that has grown over the years.

We spoke to them both about the creation of the album, their plans for the future and much more. The contest is on!

Our promotional copies of BT's Somnambulist have arrived earlier than originally thought. So, we're moving the contest deadline forward to Friday, April Now the winners will have more time to enjoy their prizes before the official release date. Good Luck! However this is merely the tip of the iceberg as the duo have a number of original productions and remixes to follow in the coming months, as well as still pushing their djing back home with the highly successful night 'Miau!

We spoke to them about that and how they feel about being sprung into the spotlight suddenly, amongst other things, and here's what they had to say.. Andy Pitman and Simon Huxtable are two producers who have forged a reputation for making deep atmospheric music deep within the heart of Devon, UK. As the Deep Space Organisms they have caught the attention of many djs including John Digweed with their fusion of deep atmopsherics sounds, tribal rhythms and even dnb via projects such as Aural Imbalance.

With lots of new material to appear in the coming months we decided it was high time to find out a bit more about this mysterious duo. Here are our findings.. In the world of dance music, very few can deny Yoshitoshi its place at the forefront of the global dance music scene. Soon, this vaunted record label will celebrate its th vinyl record release. In a world where artists, styles, and record labels come and go, releases in a single catalog is an exciting milestone and something truly worth celebrating.

Avid observers will have noticed a new name on our review team over the past few days, and we are pleased to announce a new addition to our team. Nick Bower will be bringing an insight to the world of breaks and much more and we are excited to welcome him to the team, where he will provide some of the latest reviews and features, when he's not out lurking at one of London's many excellent breakbeat nights.

There are many further changes planned for the coming months so keep checking back. To help promote that blazing chunky single, Meat Katie has lended us a guest review. Find out what tunes have Mr. Katie is grooving by following the link above. World-renowned dance music label Yoshitoshi Recordings is pleased to announce the next installment in their In House We Trust series. We would just like to announce that the BT - Somnambulist and Electrofly Records contests have ended.

We are in the process of sorting out the correct entries and choosing the winners. The winners will be notified by e-mail no later than Thursday May 1st. Thanks for entering. Hybrid returned to the live stage in the UK after over two years absence at Fabric on April 4th. Having spent much of the time djing across the globe and working on the forthcoming 'Morning Sci Fi' album, Mike Truman and Chris Healings took to the stage once more, introducing their new vocalist Adam Taylor to the public for the first time.

Our man about London, Nick Bower was in attendance, and here is his report on what went down.. Simon Rogers has been responsible for music which spans areas and genres right throughtout the music industry, working with UK band 'The Lightning Seeds', assisting with the production of many of their greatest tracks.

In addition to this he has made a major impact on the dance music scene over the years with projects including Lautrec, Leuroj and most recently Steiger, as well as once forming part of the legendary RAMP and Slacker projects. These days he is developing Steiger to the next level, both in terms of production and in the live arena, as well as scoring incidental music for tv and film. We took some time to delve into his world for an insight into his background, his future plans and much more.

Read on for one of our best interviews yet.. Read on to find out more information. Enter to win today. Having already featured at 2 in the Buzz charts and 4 in the Coolcuts in the week of it's release on TP, 'Everybody' has gone on to kick up a lovely storm; and as we approach the summer, things hot up, and Ibiza et al beckons: 'Everybody' looks set to be one of the summers hottest tunes!

D:FUSE's has seen him go from strength to strength and we aren't even halfway through the year yet. Read on to find out more about what D:FUSE has been upto, and what he has planned for the future, amongst other things. With the Matrix sequel set to hit theaters tonight, and the third film in the trilogy to release later this year, many have dubbed to be the year of the Matrix. Click above to read more Tim Fretwell started off his production career via experimenting on an early version of Cubase on the old Commodore Amiga platform.

This was enough to spark his interest, and encourage him to develop his own studio and productions.. With his early works earning him a long term deal with Newcastle based Climax Recordings, the first stepping stone in his career was made, and since then it has gone from strength to strength. Read this interview to find out more about how he came to where he is, and where he intends to go.. From today onwards John Digweed's Friday night mix show on Kiss www.

So now you can listen to the show when you want kicking off with Friday's show, featuring a special guest mix by Steiger. He will also be archiving the shows so your favourite mixes will be available at the click of a button. Look out for some more of the set recorded at Centro Fly in New York which is going to be available to stream on the site very soon due to massive demand.

Scheduled for release in July , James Zabiela teams up with the occasional providers of half decent house Hooj to deliver a 2CD compilation that showcases his unique abilities to the max. Following on from the success of the free download of the track 'Music Revolution' now fully released on Positiva Records , The Scumfrog delivers another cut for your listening pleasure.

Right now, The Scumfrog. Lucy and The Scumfrog teamed up for a couple of projects in the past and they will also collaborate on the upcoming Scumfrog album'. Three years after the release of the inaugural Colours album, Circulation return with another collection of unique colour coded cuts and some flavoured this time too Check out the scoop on what 'Colours Two' has to offer here..

On his new Perfecto Presents… double mix CD, Seb continues this trailblazing philosophy by showcasing the talents of many up and coming producers that are pushing the sound of "big-room" tunes forward.

Chloe has left Groovetech Records. So, if you have been corresponding with Chloe, her contact information has changed. Here's everything you need to know: Mail: chloe progressive-sounds. Tim Deluxe Feat. Frank Cunnimondo Feat. Reds Feat. Tok Tok Vs. Tim Deluxe Ft. Photon Inc. Faust Scratches.

Com S. Com Octave One Feat. Goldtrix Feat. Com Dee Pattern Vs. Cerrone Feat. So Solid Crew Feat. New Sound Express Ltd. Beastie Boys Vs. Project No. Sat 15th Dec, Live on Len Feat. Attack The Best Of Snap! Sat 1st Dec, Live on Saturday 24th November, live on Dre feat. Beige St. Alvis Project feat. Rockers Revenge feat. He has a residency at Frantic and he can pull a crowd like no one else. Last Sunday at The End I heard this five times.

The original is a really cheesy Dutch hard house thing with sirens and things going off. This was my first ever favourite rave track. She needed a harder mix. People absolutely love her. I stood beside her when she was playing in Ireland a couple of months ago and she totally went for it. This is probably the most full-on track on the CD. Looking for a more recent precedent, it's impossible to overlook Kool Here's well-documented breaks parties in the early Seventies Bronx.

Unwittingly creating a culture based around the isolation and manipulation of breakbeats, Here paved the way not only for hip hop but also for its younger, wilder cousin.

When acid house hit these shores at the end of the Eighties, there was already a thriving breaks scene in place. Just as significantly, the British sound systems exhibited an eclecticism that would never have been possible in the States. A generation raised on everything from rare groove to Afrika Bambaataa via the bone- shaking dub of Jah Shaka would take house music and turn it into something rich and strange.

Two further influences were crucial to the next phase of development. The first was the sudden availability of cheap samplers and home studio programs, facilitating the cut-and-paste aesthetic and weird and wonderful sounds that characterised hardcore. British b-boys had, in any case, always been more interested in this more experimental side of hip hop than in its politically conscious, verbal aspect.

Focusing initially on the more ragga-influenced side of things, the media frenzy exaggerated tales of guns and crack use at clubs and propelled artists like UK Apachi and M-Beat high up the charts. Meanwhile, yet another permutation of the breaks-and-bass blueprint was taking shape. Yet if Speed was for a while one of the finest clubs on the planet, it was also the place where jungle acquired an improbable veneer of 'maturity' and urban cool.

And yet for every Alex Reece or Wax Doctor, remaking jungle as suave ambience with beats, there was an Aphrodite or a Dillinja. Moody bass terrorists like Dillinja and Digital, meanwhile, further intensified the low-end frequencies to produce a kind of spartan, militarised dub.

The late Nineties was characterised primarily by a swing back to the darkside. As ever, though, there are those who buck the trend. Mixed by Dave Seaman 2 x CD. Release date: 16 April Any Sunday. Let's say 1 1. Clutch a reasonably priced beverage, steady yourself and take a look around you.

Gay and straight; male and female; black and white; mashed people and, er, slightly less mashed people. Gay boys point elegant toes and move with what can only be described as a fly sashay.

And the music? It's a gay night in London, but the hard house that you might expect is not on the agenda. And yet there are no stalk- eyed, gibbering loons here.

Just who the fuck are these people, and what are they on? And can we have some? The people who go to DTPM are these people: fashionistas, music biz slags and hairdressers London hairdressers never open on Mondays, apparently. Yep, it's a pretty mental scene - Sunday night fever, indeed.

For DTPM's story is one of drugs, the fuzz, madness, business and house music not all night long but all weekend long. And we have the publicans of Farringdon to thank for it all. People would be going there for Sunday lunch and then all these.

A deal was struck. Lee Freeman, who had run nights at the Astoria 2, was brought in to promote the night, although Malice also remained involved with the club for five years. Of course, he taught me a hell of a lot, but I think I taught him a lot too. That it's not a business so much as a vocation or an 'art'. Giving people a great time week in, week out.

Pumping the money not into offshore accounts but back into the club. Sometimes, though, it's possible to get a bit carried away. We really ought to try and get it up for the birthday, though. Back to Laurence Malice for a newsflash. The rest are just glorified bars. No disrespect, but the music's just wallpaper. And then there are the unique nights which only the gay scene can offer, a few of which are in that box on the opposite page.

But you can see what Malice is getting at when you consider the other big gay clubs in London. Possibly the most successful gay club in Europe, and a guaranteed top night out, G. From handbag house versions of Phil Collins records to live PAs by the likes of Hear'Say, 5ive and other bands with typographical affectations, G. What G. But let's call it hard house for short. Actually, he goes a bit further than that.

It sounds like German pop music. There's nothing interesting about it. Those awful hi-hats - hello?. They wanna be able to bounce. Add to that a whole load of extremely monged people and, in summer, large fans, and the potential for messiness was great. It was fantastic. For the first couple of years I used to wake up on Mondays and literally not remember a thing. Since then, he's moved the club to Bar Rumba and then to The End and new opening hours of 6pm-4am; a move away from the Trade mothership.

After a year there, Laurence Malice bowed out to concentrate on Trade. I was getting burned out. It was physically impossible. All the venue changes tell their own story - increasing capacity, increasingly slick operations. As competitors have come and gone, DTPM has accumulated the trappings of a modern club 'brand': web sites, one-offs in other cities, compilations and so on. Back at Fabric, it's midnight. If you fancy a break from the tribal and disco house on the main floor, detour around the big biceps of the crowd's muscle boy contingent and move towards the throb of tech-house in room two.

Like we said: DTPM is how big clubs were always meant to be. The venue was always packed to the gills, with big queues outside. In a so, so darling dive bar in Soho, natch. No, we're not making this up. Beautiful Bend Every other Tuesday, Central Station, N1 Different every week, but put it this way: last time Muzik went there, we were treated to cabaret singing, Afghan film music and mutant techno. While repeatedly being nearly mowed down by an eight-foot man wearing stripy stockings on roller skates.

Unmissable, in short. Fist Monthly, Imperial Gardens, SE5 Scantily clad leather boys on E with piercings that make you wince just to look at them gyrate wildly on a dancefloor strafed continuously for seven hours with bpm hooverage. While in the backrooms, there are scenes that some viewers may find disturbing. MZK b. But how close do the others get to our Parisian wonders? We feel stronger.

We know what concepts we want to follow now, and I think that in some of the music we are more extreme. We know that we can be more discreet because everyone knows us, especially in England now, so we can be what we want: a kind of special underground band. Godin is also a bit of a thinker, considering every answer with the air of someone who is about to write a lengthy dissertation on the subject.

Jean-Benoit, however, is more unpredictable - distracted and uninterested one minute, wildly animated the next.

It is like reading a book; you are in a strange universe with no limits of imagination. I understand why people put it on when they are having their dinner.

It puts a good perfume in the room, y'know. This album is more sexual, I think, too. It deals with some fantasies that we had.

It's more extreme. I think perhaps it is because people who are into dance music are interested in electronic sounds. Though they have often expressed an enjoyment of house music, they seem almost entirely disconnected from current club trends.

I think that this album is far more electronic than 'Moon Safari', so. I hope it will go on for this one. The experience reached its peak during a one-month jaunt around the US - the first time that either Godin or Duncknel had experienced Uncle Sam's unique pleasures first hand.

It is a vision of America. That's why there are some nightmares in it, and some very dark stuff. It is a very timeless town, nothing is old, nothing is new.

Everything is just on its way. It is the opposite of France, which makes it very interesting. We were inspired by its kind of lazy atmosphere - the concept of lazy hippies, but with computers.

It is interesting. Air have recorded - whisper it - a concept album. It comes from our love of the radio stations in Los Angeles. Not that promising so far, but the whole thing really turned into a bummer when guitarist Dylan Carlson gave his depressed friend Kurt Cobain a shotgun.

Your dad may have liked them, but listening to them today reveals Sky to be toss of the first order. The concept of this song is the ridiculousness of someone when he declares his love to a lover. A joke about radios. You are connected to this fan radio, this special radio, and we are wanting to destroy the negative music. We wanted to do a lot of things by ourselves. We didn't even really m ask Beck. He was there, that was it. We could have asked anyone to come and sing on this album, but all those who did were our friends.

It is about picking up signals like a radio - like if we had antennae. Yet they are very unhappy as well. It gives you some distance, because you realise how big things are, and how little you are. We never had one, but we would like to have one! It's about blow- jobs.

Each time someone came into the studio to record a song, they did something for this song before they left. It sums it all up. You can't run fast! But if I realised that if you go inside yourself, the mystery of human inspiration is bigger than the mystery of the universe. It looks more like a global pollution where we are destroying ourselves.

This science fiction vision of nice humanity, very well-organised with technology is not real. We wanted to record the love, the sexual love that you can feel for a woman and the fantasy. When you are shy, and you are forced to reveal your love to a lover, sometimes you don't care. The songs are about love, the love of Jesus.

We liked this concept, we like the atmosphere of the church. That's why some of the songs are written like that - so we are influenced by Jesus Christ, I think! This album is very personal," Godin agrees. You make songs until you feel that they all make a beginning, middle and an end.

If you don't have this feeling, you go on composing in the studio. It needs to be like eating a dinner - you have a starter, main course and dessert. I think the challenge for us is to be getting older, and getting even more broadly different.

We have to keep changing the vibe. Universal Trance 6 "One label you can bust is Colourbox. John Johnson. Pascal F. You know it makes sense! Another quality compilation from Colourbox. Hard House Proton UK kick off their compilation scries with a real corker! Tho CD market place is positively flooded with Hard House compilations right now.

However, Proton have really done their homework and have delved deep into the history of this massive sound. The results? Starting out life as an all-dancing, all-not-singing advert for the M25, London brothers Phil and Paul Hartnoll took the template laid out by Kraftwerk and Derrick May and pushed it into sweaty clubs and tents all around the world.

But in the words of Ian Pooley, things change. Where once Orbital soared, now they skim around the edges of techno mediocrity, lining up collaborations with Tom Baker and Leonardo Di Caprio along the way. Even Satan would balk at that one. So when did the madness dissipate? The Chemical Brothers still rate Orbital's second eponymous album the brown one as one of the most important dance albums ever. And they're probably right.

What next? A remix for bad-haired indie sensations Toploader? Which is a good thing, obviously. If it's raw, unfettered energy you're after, try hunting down the latest Timo Maas slate instead. After all, every act have certain trademarks to their sound, and by the time they come around to their sixth album, the very facets that drew you to a band in the first place can often make them repugnant.

Thankfully, Orbital still have a long way to go before they reach that stage. Indeed the only moment of bleakness is when David Gray's hoary tones grate the ears on 'Illuminate'. And even that would have been a great track if sung by anyone half decent.

Not to worry, though. What more do you need? And not without justification. The Avalanches are production artistes, knowing instinctively thatan album is a broad canvas on which they can paint their vision in bold strokes.

Bythetimethey reach 'Frontier Psychiatrist', a kind of maniacal, foaming-at-the-mouth peak has been achieved. Taking a leaf out of the dusty book of psychedelia, this album sounds like something Jimi Hendrix might have produced if he'd had decks and a sampler. Horses whinny on the downbeat, street hydrants gush cascades of samples and the cultural heat haze of the late 20th Century shimmers by.

Like a crooked but beautiful smile, this album is unusually pleasing. Throughout, the Kidz make the execution of a dance album seem like a pifflingly easy affair, which, of course, it isn't. Ein bargain, as they don't say in Vienna.

OF all the 'scenes' to have sprouted up since acid house splurged into the nation's consciousness, none has been so ignored by the media as hard add techno.

Nonetheless, every weekend, from Hackney to Barcelona, its furious BPMs and brain-frying acid lines whip a sizeable mob of never-say-die malcontents into a frenzy. As the Liberators so eloquently put it, it ain't intelligent, it ain't from Detroit, but it's fuckin' 'avin' it! THE Isle Of Wight may not be the most likely of modem musical Meccas, but its importance as a creative hotbed is becoming increasingly hard to ignore.

The latest phenomenon to emerge from its colourful shores is Delta T, a five-piece made up of post-modem groovers who combine myriad influences into a coherent but diverse sound. Very original and very good.

Here they bring us a maxi with a fuller range of the breakbeats and sampledelia that could be found on that twelve. If you must preach, wouldn't it be better to say something we haven't already heard a million times?

The duo set out their stall from the off with a nicely building percussive set that oozes warm funk. The rest of the album is mixed together - ategedty without the aid of a computer - by the duo and continues through house gems of an organic and very musical nature.

Interspersed with the odd vocal snppet here and there, the overall atmosphere is one ot sophistication and creative programming, as the party heps from tuffer, fruggab'e rhythms with soulful backing tracks to more restrained but still fully danceabie cuts. Get held of this and you wen 't need to worry about DJing at your house parties and post-pub boogaloos fora few months.

FAX : PO BOX CR8 1PR. Ambitious without being vicious, their cool take on ambience is sleeker and smarter than anything Alex Paterson could come up with these days.

That two humble studio bods from Nottingham could come up with something so enormous is a testament to both their production expertise and their soul. And if Zero 7 can avoid the Terence Trent route to ego-driven oblivion, their future is assured.

And there are some good ideas here and there after that. Listening to Phuture is like revisiting a museum you loved as a child and had forgotten was still cool. All 1 1 pieces bleed cold-hearted electro cool, post-Berlin Wall industrial angst, and a sense of urban emptiness. Reference points include Warp all eras. It's really very good. Go seek.

John Hall Kevin Yost Road Less Travelled Distance The deep house don returns with more of the same FOR the last few years, Kevin Yost has been quietly beavering away at both his production work and his DJing, to the point where he is now one of deep house's premier players.

If there's a criticism, it must be that it feels as if Yost is coasting here: you want him to stick some new ideas into the mix, like a collaboration or two, perhaps, ora string section, or some live drums. The results could be astounding. Cal Gibson Shantel Greatdelay! A hint of unease or the odd menacing texture wouldn't have gone amiss.

MARK Pember has been a busy bee ever the last couple of years. Over a funky. The first two tracks here tear your head off, 'which leaves the album with little more to do, but so what? Light and shade? But that aside, there is not a weak track on this album. Power music, electric revival, as someone recently said. Muzik is left bemused and not quite intrigued enough.

Autechre, eh? What can you say about Autechre? But only just OOH dear. Legends they may be, but Run DMC are not going to significantly prolong their career with this load of old cobblers. And then some of those guests -dear oh dear. Mix it with Oxy- 10, cheap lager and mild neuroses and crop-spray it in homeopathic doses across the whole of Europe and North America.

Then you might get closer to understanding why so many are compelled to produce endless variations on braindance's time- honoured themes. The new Panasonic e. Download MP3s from the web. Transfer tracks from your favourite CDs using your PC. Check www. It's as simple as that. The e. Consequently, this lot mean it man. Scintillating stuff. Clearly the Age Of Aquarius is not upon us quite yet.

The subject matter is grittier than usual, talking less about love and more about the hardship, suffering, misrepresentation and everyday struggles of the ghetto. A natural remedy for easing away the stresses and strife of life. That was nearly 8 years ago. While the radio stations and dance music press have moved on more commercial forms of music, Drum and Bass has developed and matured into true British underground music.

Nicky BlackMarket and his store in London is still at the forefront of that scene. In this, the second volume of the 'Best of Drum and Bass', Nicky captures the essence of what is happening in the clubs, on the pirates and in the shop itself.

This is the cutting edge that is Drum and Bass. What's on It? Artistes range from Joey Beilrarn fo Artemesa. Which ss quite a range. Any cop then? Perfect for lech-heads who wanl to fill gaps m their collections. Some of it may sound cheesy now, botfiankly, it sounded cheesy then. Kenny Dope and The Crew.

Starting off in the land of filter, this rrix ends up with seriously sore jaws in a dark basement with only Lawler and Tenaglia for company. What the Miami Winter Conference 'was made for. The ubiquitous Judge comes up with a credible seledion of moody trance and discordant house. Remember kids, DJs get famous by playing ether people's recores. Brooklyn-based, open-minded hip flop funkster DJ Spinna is always remborg.

CD2 is pure tech- progressive with lip service to ye dde cyber-posse at the end. Ohyes indeedy, pretty damn righteous n fact. Churning out new compilations on a fortnightly basis, an exhausted and slightly dishevelled looking Hed Kandi proudly present. No, and frankly if we delve any deeper into this over-exposed genre we're likely to cause ourselves a recurring back injury.

Basically acrew of all-nighter, foot-moving ear thrashers.

Cattaneo starts turning more lights on this time around, lifting the mood up some with "Funky Summa" and the glittery wings of "Fields." He keeps toying with the soul of the set, and deftly, dosing the beat with his usual jungle-house rhythms and then sprinkling a few /5(29).

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  2. 16B - Colours (Hernán Cattáneo Edit Of Mike Brin Mix) () 16B - Escape () 16B - Falling (Deep Dish remix) () Can't Get Used To Losing You () Andy Williams - Happy Heart () Andy Williams - Where Do I Begin(Lovestory) () [Morgan Page Remix] () Biz Markie - The Vapors ()
  3. Jan 14,  · Listen to Renaissance - The Masters Series - Part 6 - Volume 2by Hernan Cattaneo on Slacker Radio, where you can also create personalized internet radio stations based on your favorite albums, artists and bluesrock.granilargardajindforcerunner.infoinfoed on: January 14,
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  7. Feb 22,  · Listen to Renaissance: The Master Series, Vol. 2by Hernán Cattáneo on Slacker Radio, where you can also create personalized internet radio stations based on your favorite albums, artists and bluesrock.granilargardajindforcerunner.infoinfoed on: February 22,
  8. Renaissance The master Series Parallel Mixed by Hernan Cattaneo Title: The Masters Series Parallel (Mixed By Hernan Cattaneo) Genre: House Record Label: Renaissance Quality: Kbps KHz Joint Stereo Release Date: 02/07/ Disc One – Day 1. Hernán Cattáneo & Soundexile – Indian Son / Slacker – See The World (Hernan’s Dawn Reboot).

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