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Good To Know - Jan Groth - The Vinyl Albums (1980-1986)

Finding records made before in any condition close to near mint or above is almost impossible. Records found in near mint, mint, and still sealed condition command a premium price. Another important part of condition is the record cover. Now you maybe asking yourself this question. The answer is: Records with artwork covers such as Disney records are known to have amazing graphical covers and this can usually makes half of the records value In some cases the cover is worth more than the record.

With records like Disney Records the cover is just as important as the record. When there is a artwork cover with the record the collector considers both the record and cover condition when making these types of purchases.

There are also some common notations you may see along with the grading. These are used to tell you condition issues with the record or a rarity example: special label.

See my article on Common Record Notations this will be posted shortly so stay tuned. Any way I can prove this site is valid, what sources does this site use? All the charts used on the site are listed on the "Song Charts" page or "Album Charts" page , most of them linked to original sources.

We have seen some places where people claim that the data quoted here is invalid. Usually such comments have come from sources that don't provide any better data and often claim that "my private data shows the tsort site is wrong" and then when asked refuse to share that data or say where it came from. If anyone makes a constructive suggestion we will normally consider it. We can do little about the people on the internet that feel it is easier to criticise our site anonymously than to offer suggestions to us for how to improve it.

There are also fans of particular artists who believe it is valid to assert "your site says my artist had fewer hits than a rival, therefore it is wrong", there is little we can do or wish to do to break their self delusion. We've not seen anyone on Wikipedia claim that our data is wrong and should not be used. If you know of a page where that is being claimed we'd like to know about it so we can contribute to the discussion. There are many Wikipedia pages that do use this data, anyone saying you shouldn't is, we suspect, in the minority.

Our position is that a link on each artist's Wikipedia discography page to the matching page here would be helpful to most Wikipedia users. Of course Wikipedia's "Conflict of Interests" rules mean that we wouldn't add such links ourselves. Of course the suitability of this data for use on Wikipedia varies, for example the description of the "Global" chart explains why that data shouldn't be quoted there. With this site's focus on music lists, you should also check out Dave's Music Database.

Website: DavesMusicDatabase. Indeed, the site not only provides a good description of the most popular albums but its rankings also appear to be an objective combination of the most important source charts. Well worth checking out. In my opinion i would only count Euro Chart and drop all european charts that contributes for euro chart. However i'd keep all results untill the 1st Euro Chart.

If so, i also think you would have to increase the importance of the songs featured in euro chart like the US These ones are surely the most important. If by any chance you would think you could have any help, just let me know Have a great new year! Note: May I insist on you publishing the results you have for ? Like I said before, it would be very interesting how your chart improves You can protect yourselves by puting a note like: "Chart not defenitive. Data still incoming. Return and check our upgrades".

As we have already discussed the European charts were included only after some discussion. The country charts are more extensive so if anything was to be removed it would have to be the less reliable Euro charts rather than the country ones. Keeping the Euro charts does distort the results, but removing them would also distort them. We suspect that keeping them is the lesser of these two evils.

We, of course, already have one chart from South Africa, any additional data for example album success in South Africa, charts from Mexico, China, India or Russia is always welcome. We will indeed continue to publish the results as we gather the data, but as we mentioned the volume of source charts won't be enough to give good results for a few years yet. The page already has a message that explains why its data is not reliable.

Just a doubt If you prefer country by country in europe you should not include Euro Chart. Or try to find out which european countries are contributing for "Euro Chart" and stop counting them in your tables. If not, european results are not very correct For example, Holland counts in Euro Chart, songs that feature on both gets better performance here because they are in both charts.

I would like to get you more information but i'm not sure so it's not official Your concern is a completely valid one. We share your doubt that the European Charts are "official" or at least not systematically biased. However the European Decade chart starts in , where there are very few other charts. The other European charts start much later of course.

The site follows the ideas in the book "The Wisdom of Crowds", this claims that combining many different, unreliable, sources will lead to result that is more reliable than any of the originals. Provided that there is no systematic bias built into the selection of the sources. You suggest that adding the European charts gives additional weight to results from the contributing countries.

That is clearly correct. When we were considering adding these charts we asked ourselves if this was necessarily a bad thing. After all the very fact that so many charts are available for the countries of Europe does demonstrate that there is an interest in conveying that information.

So, yes, we agree that including the "European" charts does exaggerate an already existing over emphasis on European success, but we felt that this continued to reflect the data that is available and so is, just about, OK. Of course we are aware that the current data includes slightly too much input from Europe, but this is a balance between getting the ratio's correct and the data that is available.

We continue to try and redress this, for example we will be reluctant to add any new European charts, but historic charts from South America or Asia would be added immediately, if only we could find them. Thanks for the input, this is an interesting subject that continues to provoke discussion. You are right, the description of the Italian album chart was included twice. The error has now been fixed.

Generated 20 Dec GMT. This data may be freely copied or used provided that first the source is acknowledged, second a link to the tsort. If you cannot, or do not wish to, follow these three restrictions then you must licence the data inquire via the contact form. Search this site with Google. An estimate of the best selling albums in the UK, from someone called Hanboo. Belgium All Time This list of the all time top albums in Belgium was voted for in by Studio Brussel listeners.

Billboard s Billboard publish a list of the top US selling albums of the period - Brits Winners of the annual "Brit" award for best album held each year since Channel 4 Top albums voted for by Channel 4 viewers.

Christgau Rating Robert Christgau, a music critic for "The Village Voice", wrote a number of books that rated various albums. Europe Certificate Platinum Europe Awards recognise sales of one million or more copies of an album in Europe.

Europe Number 1 There are a number of groups that have been listing the top hits in Europe since the s. France Best Best magazine has been publishing since Disintegration was amazing and the artistic pinnacle for Smith no doubt. Pixies number 2, ok tied for first more like but ok. Aittedly surprised Swans were so far down, but happy Einsterzende sp? Supriised by the lack of people on this site that listened to Bleach contemporaneously.

Sub Pop and its bands were definitely a thing with college radio in We wore Bleach out. If the first option, we should just take the top of this year, publish it hear, and have a beer instead of voting! You are NOT here to post revisionist history. Well…you can, given your totally incorrect view of how you are to vote.

Do yourselves a favor…. Sadly, they were never publicized properly. Good man, Edward. Not their best effort. Now, English Settlement? I think even top five. But what do I know? But I have a couple friends who would disagree with me and agree with you that it was a solid album throughout. Given what I see from this list it should easily be top 30 regardless. Nice list! If is the greatest year in music in terms of both quality and quantity, has to be the worst.

A true underground masterpiece. Prolly their best album and not on the list. I dunno what the stink over Bleach is about. I knew plenty of people who dug Nirvana pre-Nevermind. No one voted for NoMeansNo — Wrong? One of the best albums released in , hell, one of the best albums ever released, period. So the greatest LP ever made finishes 4th overall in voting for …also good to see Steve Kilbey squeak into th place with an LP that was very brave to release…and though I love JAMC, Head On is atrocious and the worst released by them….

While I will temper your comment about best album ever LOL it may well have been the best of , and I would have voted it so.

I really posted to say I love all the rest of your comment as well and echo it. Sounds more like Nick Drake or Elliot Smith, and presaged the pastoral singer-songwriter sound which figured prominently in the charts in the 90s.

Sorry Matt, but no one liked Tin Tin on this side of the pond either, besides my 10 yr old sister, which should tell you all you need to know. Lots of US fans with bad taste buying up crap. Except for all those people who filled Wembley Stadium for a song set on July 24 of that year. Not really my friend. They played Wembley arena NOT wembley stadium. Big difference between 80, people and and 8, But they were well past their best at this point -Not relevent at all.

Thanks for setting me straight! It is weird to think of them waning in the UK at the same time they were definitely on the ascension in the US. We were quite excited here because all of a sudden people were taking them seriously, and you could see them on television and so forth.

That had definitely not been the case previously. That tour they did fill Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, which probably explains my misimpression. Yes, was a great year in the United States college rock scene.

Disintegration was totally relevant and still one of my favorite CDs of all time. I am completely on the same page. Disintigration…as if….. He too is a fraud, but I will give him some props on his first album, though all others sucked thereafter, despite a decent song here or there. What hillbilly ass college played that? Indigo Girls debut as good a debut as it gets…shoulda been top Swans coulda been way higher, and Mekons deserved better.

Who cares if someone had money from a grandparent? What is the relevance? Should we only like bands who began as homeless buskers? My guess is around Would be like a Big Suck albums now. As a Cure fan of 32 years, my opinion is that Pornography is their masterpiece.

Brendan Graham Kjetil Bjerkestrand. Edith Piaf G. Parsson Marguerite Monnot. Christina Rossetti Gustav Holst. Fritz Andersen Elde trad. Marie Wexelsen Peter Knudsen. Jacqueline Kroft Geoffrey Burgon. Trygve Hoff Vladimir Cosma. Den lille havfrue The Little Mermaid. Alfred Bunn Michael W. Neil Sedaka Howard Greenfield. Hans Adolph Brorson trad. Stefan Zauner Aron Strobel.

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Ingela Forsman Svein Gundersen. Music of The Lord of the Rings film series. Ira Gershwin George Gershwin. Herb Magidson Allie Wrubel. Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. Henry G. Charles Aznavour George Garvarentz. Kristofer Janson Kristoffer Fuglem. Hy Zaret Alex North. Mike Hudson Erik Hillestad. Grundtvig C. Espen Lind Lene Marlin. Thomas Kingo Per Kolstad. Aasmund Olavsson Vinje Edvard Grieg. Giorgos Seferis Mikis Theodorakis S. Philipp Nicolai Johann Sebastian Bach. Samantha Brown Jon Lord. William Chatterton Dix.

Brendan Graham Roger Emerson. Neil Diamond Alan and Marilyn Bergman. Eric Maschwitz , Manning Sherwin. Per Aa. Tveit, Eyvind Skeie. Richard Stilgoe , Charles Hart , A. Otis Blackwell , Elvis Presley.

Don Black , Andrew Lloyd Webber.

ELVIS PRESLEY - ELVIS NOW (COLOURED VINYL) Glenn Main - Back2Basics. DumDum Boys ‎– Splitter Pine. Turbonegro ‎– Sexual Harassment. Jon Eberson Group ‎– Polarities. Norsk. Norsk. Ole Paus ‎– Sjikaner I Utvalg. NOK.

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  1. Aug 27,  · Jan Groth discography and songs: Music profile for Jan Groth, born 25 February
  2. Check out Ready to Ride by Jan Groth on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on bluesrock.granilargardajindforcerunner.infoinfo
  3. Aunt Mary's first and third albums are on this double album release. They were a hard rock progressive rock band from Sweden that made three good studio long plays. I think it would take some work and some $ to find these two albums today. So locating this two on one, if you are interested, would be the way to go. RIP Jan Groth.
  4. Jan Groth ‎– The Vinyl Albums () Good To Know Where You're Going Peace Like A River: Count On Me: Remastered Digipak 4CD set of the Jan Groth albums from バーコードとその他の識別子 Barcode: 7
  5. Groth, Jan - The Vinyl Albums () kr. ,95 - Varen er midlertidigt udsolgt. Nu finns, till slut, Jan Groth's solo LP-skivor från talet på CD i en smakfull "CD-box" i en påkostad, remastrat utgåva.
  6. Jan Groth - Circle of Love [LP VINYL] - bluesrock.granilargardajindforcerunner.infoinfo Music Skip to main content. Try Prime Used: Very Good Comment: Brand new! All sales guaranteed! *JACKET HAS BENT CORNER! VINYL SEALED AND IN MINT CONDITION!* Circle of Love [LP VINYL].

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