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Lets Put Out The Lights (And Go To Sleep) - Various - Thanks For The Memories

I told her I would love for her to send me some pictures throughout the day, especially of Ambers big ass in those shorts. Emily laughed as she told me those were hers and she thought I would like them. I could hear the girls talking and giggling in the kitchen as I slipped my shoes on and went to join them, silence taking over the room as I walked in.

I looked at the girls as they sat and smiled at each other. My eyes bounced between the girls as the just sat and smiled. Come on, you two know you can ask me anything.

I mean do you ever think about us while you look at them, besides you get to see me naked all the time. Emily says you probably jack off as soon as we leave the room. Most of the time I think about how much prettier you are than them and how the other guys sitting and looking at the same pictures would give anything to be able to see you naked like I do, I know they would be so jealous of me if they knew I had two sexy young ladies like you two walking around my house naked.

I mean look at you two, they would be guys all over the world jacking off to you if they seen pictures of you naked. They just smiled at each other and laughed as the nodded their heads. Have you ever had sex with a girl my age? Maybe one day I will get lucky and find a girl who likes older men and wants me to teach her new things.

I could only imagine what they were thinking. I told her I loved her too and thank you for being such a good daughter and kissed her on her forehead. I followed Emily to the truck thinking about fucking her small ass.

My dick stayed hard the entire trip to the mall only to be rejuvenated as I handed Amber the money I had promised her hoping she would spend it on sexy lingerie like Emily was going to for me to see her in. I watched the two walk into the mall and made my way back home. With all of the distractions I had forgot to keep the emails up from the mystery man on the forum so I opened the forum and the alias email account to catch up on some things.

It seems she had posted the movie from earlier and had people begging for more. I had to go back a couple page to find the video and click on it. I opened with Emily on her knees as Amber slowly worked the blue dildo in and out of her ass, Emily moaning in joy as she pushed it deeper with every stroke. I watched as Amber increased her pace bringing the dildo completely out of her ass and shoving it back in deep as Emily spread her cheeks wide.

I could hear Emily moaning commands to Amber telling her to eat her ass, her cheeks still being stretched apart. With her legs raised Emily grabbed the dildo from her hand and brought it to her mouth licking the length of it before shoving deep in her throat, the camera now focusing on Emily sucking her juices from the blue dildo. That was where it ended, I was stroking my dick thinking about the events when I remember Emily had left me a surprise under the pillow so I kicked my shorts from around my foot and made my way to her room, the smell of their perfumes lingered in the air.

I reached under the pillow only to come up empty so I flipped over the other one, my dick throbbed when I saw a pair or white silk thongs and the pink dildo laying there. I grabbed the panties and opened the crotch to see they were definitely worn, the cotton crotch was crusty with dried juices. With the crotch open I held them to my nose taking in the smell of young pussy, still breathing in I slowly ran my tongue across the dried juices making the smell stronger tasting the sweet nectar.

I knew the dildo was last used on my daughter and I had to compare the two, I picked up one end of the dildo not sure which hole it was in until I took a deep breath. I had definitely picked up the end that violated her sweet ass, I know what ass smells like. The taste of her ass was quickly driving me to the edge, wanting to leave Emily a surprise of my own I quickly spread the panties out with the crotch still wet I exploded my load onto the cotton mixing our juices in the cotton.

After posting on her thread I logged out and logged back in under my real account to check my threads and mail. After reading the few posts I had on my thread I turned my attention to the alias email, Amber had sent three emails during last night and this morning. The first only had pictures, I opened the first one to see Amber on her knees spreading her ass hole wide for Emily to take the picture.

I looked at the picture knowing it was taken as I stood outside her door. I wish you could have seen her fuck both my holes with the big pink one I have never had so much fun!!!! I clicked on the last email from her that was sent this morning. His dick got hard fast. All I could think about was him putting that big thing in me. I think I want him to fuck me should I get him to fuck me?

Would you fuck your daughter if she wanted you to? Let me know what I should do. Gotta go me and my friend are going to the mall to get her some lingerie I think I will get some too.

What is you fav color? So, your wanting your daddy to fuck you. You need to know how much trouble he could get into if you let him fuck you and someone found out about it. I hope you have fun buying that lingerie, I cant wait to see you in and out of it. As I sat waiting on laundry I felt my phone start to vibrate, I had a message from an unknown number. My own instantly started growing at the sight and continued to swell as I scrolled to the next one, there was my little girl with a nice size load of cum shot across her face.

I could have cum right then! Who was the lucky guy? Haha Some guy we talked in to coming in the dressing room with us, we are hunting for another one now she said she wanted an older man this time. My thoughts quickly turned to imagining her catching us and joining us and filling her own anal desires with my dick, would I be able to cum on her face like the other guy or would she want me to fill her tight ass with my juices.

By now I was deep into a full n jack off session taking slow full strokes at my throbbing dick, my thoughts were interrupted by another message on my phone.

Excitedly I opened it hoping for more pictures from the two, hell yeah it was her again! The last picture was off her opening her mouth showing the nice load of cum resting on her tongue. That was more than I could stand as I felt my own load working it way up my length, I continued to pump my load onto my chest as I looked at the picture as another message came in from her. With laundry done I sat at the computer to waste time until they called for me to pick them up browsing the forum, my girl was still getting a lot of attention from both men and women.

I added a post from my own account telling her I would love to see more of her in sexy lingerie, then logged in under my fake account to tell her how sexy she was and would love to see more pictures of her thick ass. I was checking out her albums when I received another message, it was from Amber telling me they would meet me at nine oclock. I had about thirty minutes before I had to be there so I continued my browsing until I had to leave, slipped on some clothes and made my way.

They were sitting on a bench each holding a small bag when I pulled up, wasting no time they giggled as they bounced to the truck giving me a nice view of their asses in my headlights. Emily opened the door and was climbing in as she saw my dick hanging from the leg of my shorts, to my surprise she stepped back and told Amber to get in.

I started at her denim covered crotch as pulled herself up onto the seat, not seeing my exposed manhood which I could feel throbbing as throbbing as the smell of young sexiness consumed the cab. As I turned the light back onAmber finally saw what I hand intended for her.

I pulled away as she found and fastened her belt trying to catch a peek of the bags contents as we traveled under the lights. With one quick motion she fell to her knees taking my shorts down with her and wrapped her mouth around my hardening cock, after only a few strokes she wrapped her hand around it and looked up at me.

I am going to have to be quick if I plan on beating her to it. Amber came out of the bathroom behind Emily as she returned to her room, Amber already back to hr clothes free lifestyle showing me her thick ass as she walker into her room.

Already halfway naked I pulled my shirt off and carried it to my room with me picking up my shorts on the way, now completely naked I wondered if I should just let the nights events happen at their pace or should I do all I can to provoke them. I decided to check the forum and mail to see if I could provoke it a little, with a simple click of her thread I was surprised to see she had posted the pictures of her sucking the dicks at the mall but had included a few more. The new ones showed more of her in action, one in particular of her face covered in cum really turned me and a lot of others on judging by the responses.

The last post Amber had made stated that her and her friend were alone waiting on her boyfriend to come over and they had a surprise for him, they would post up a tease later. I logged on to the email to find she had sent two messages since my last reply.

Im gonna buy something sexy to surprise him with tonight. If he lets me I think my friend is gonna try too. I was so horny thinking about daddy I sucked two strangers in a dressing room. He is a lucky man, maybe once he wears it out you could let me have some. I sat licking my lips when I heard my mailbox chime, I turned the monitor on the find another message from her.

Well I knew what I was tasting now. Since I knew she had promised some pictures of my surprise I opened her thread back up, she had gotten a lot of comments on her pictures and she knew how to play them.

With no pictures yet I decided to give her some more encouragement so I logged in my account and found her thread, still no new pictures so I posted my comment telling her how I wish I was one of those guys and could blow my load on her face and started looking through her previous pictures and rubbing mu stiff dick.

Where is Amber? I asked still taking in the magnificent view. You need to go see her she is hot as hell. I instantly remembered I left the computer on when I left and there was a picture of her on the screen. I heard Emily ask whats wrong and I could only tell her she would find out. I stood and stared as Amber scrolled through the pictures stopping on the link to her video and clicked on it.

The video started and she turned from the screen and looked at me, my heart pounding in fear knowing I had been caught. My heart pounding at my chest, cold chills consuming my body I could only stand and stare at my beautiful daughter sitting in front of me dressed in the sexy outfit that she had bought for me. Still unable to speak my trance was broken by her sweet voice. She clicked on a previous page and found the pictures of her sucking my dick while I pretended to be asleep and spun around in the chair facing me with her red stockings covered legs spread wide showing me her red lace covered crotch.

Did you like me sucking your dick daddy, did you like your daughter sucking your dick? I mean look at you sitting there in that sexy outfit, you know you are driving me crazy. You could have been fucking me but you made me wait so I think I will tease you some more. Let me see you jack off. Guess who is one of our biggest fans on the forum, it seems he likes jacking off looking at our pics so I am gonna let him see it in person.

Would you like to join me? Emily slowly released my ready to explode dick from her mouth and found her way back between the waiting legs of my little girl as she slid her sloppy fingers from her pussy so Emily could have her turn. I slowly made my way to their side for a better look, the site of my baby getting her pussy ate was more than I could handle. Amber smiled as she looked down at my cum covering her stomach, Emily quickly saw what the moaning she heard was from.

Emily stepped from her straddling position letting me see my girl as I licked on her pussy, she had pulled her bra down and rubbing her firm tits as her eyes opened. She quickly confirmed she was ok with what we were doing by telling me she loved me too. Feeling better I raised my hand sinking my thumb in her sloppy pussy as I crossed it stopping to rub her clit as I licked away at her sweet love hole.

I was standing by the bed with my dick only inches from her ready holes not sure how long I could resist sticking it in one of them. I knew I wanted the night to last so grabbed the garter straps and pulled my face between her thick cheeks, I had the part of her body I wanted the most at my mercy.

I want you to lick my ass. It only took a couple licks before her tight little ass had opened up welcoming my tongue. Can he eat it as good as me? What I heard next let me know I was being too easy on her. With that I knew I needed to pick up the pace so I grabbed her left cheek and spread it wide as I pushed my thumb into her ass, I heard her moan with every push.

Ambers moans only got louder as I licked my way down to her pussy while fucking her ass with my thumb. After taking turns on her holes for a while I was ready to step it up again, so I reached wrapped my arms around her and rolled her over to her back laying her beside Emily and laid between them putting a hand between each of their legs and rubbing their pussies.

Amber quickly put her attention to my hard dick between them while Emily laid and enjoyed the fingering I was giving her. With her sweet hole only inches from my face I quickly filled it with my fingers as I watched the two take turns licking my balls then swallowing my shaft. Before I had a chance to lick her sweet slit a watched as she pushed the rest of her juices from her hole, with a nice pearl of cum dripping from her lips I slowly licked her folds clean before grabbing handfuls of the lace skirt and sinking my tongue deep between her swollen lips.

Suddenly I noticed Amber had relieved herself of her cock sucking and was sitting astraddle me in a deep kiss with Emily. Unable to reach Amber I could only watch as she grabbed my dick and held it straight up in the air and slowly lowered her body to my waiting dick. Chapter 18 I watched as our bodies met, her warm hole swallowing my length with ease as she rocked back and forth.

My heart raced as she set straddling me with my entire length deep in her pussy, unable to see her face I wondered what she thought about having her pussy filled with a real dick. Daddy I love you! As Emily raised her sloppy pussy from my face and crawled off the bed I saw the most beautiful woman I had ever seen smiling at me, my dick throbbed as we looked at each other.

I asked Amber in a soft voice. I had never felt the way I was feeling for any other woman, I cared more for her than anybody else. My little girl wanted fuck and that was exactly what I was going to give her so I grabbed her by her knees and pulled her in a squat, I heard her moan as I slid deeper in her wet pussy.

With a hand on each cheek I spread them wide and raised her up so the head of my dick was spreading her swollen lips and drove my dick as deep as I could with one quick thrust causing a short scream from my girl, she opened her eyes and looked at me as she started to speak.

I forced it deep into her again causing her to stutter and moan as her eyes went closed again, after a couple more of my hard thrusts her pussy was well lubed allowing me to make full deep strokes as I held her thick ass in the air.

Slowly running my hands across her back until I had her wrapped tight in my arms, with a firm hold on her held her tight as I started quick hard thrusts with my dick bringing her breathing back to where I had her before and stopping. Even the guys were saying you had a nice dick, they would go crazy if they knew it was my daddy taking my virginity huh. With Emily in arms reach I slid my hand across her firm ass cheek and found a very wet pussy that my fingers slid easily into.

With my fingers deep in her I pulled slightly hoping she would follow bringing her little ass closer to me and she did so I kept my fingers busy until she slowly lowered her pussy to my face as I pulled my fingers out replacing them with my tongue.

Amber wasted no time making her feel welcome, I felt her raise up as the two fell deep in a kiss. It was very hard to concentrate as I heard the camera shuttering not sure what she was taking pictures of but I knew they would be good. Still only able to hear the camera shutter I turned my focus on filling my baby with dick. What my little girl lacked in experience she was made up for with her ability to take all of my full grown man cock.

After her taking a few shots I worked my way back to her waiting asshole and shoved my tongue deep in her bowels, she screamed with pleasure as I reached around and started rubbing her clit as I devoured her ass with my mouth. The camera shuttered as Emily shook and quivered, I could fell her juices running down my neck as she caught her breath.

I cant wait to feel him deep in me. Now you know why I like her so much, she cums like a freight train. Her breathing soft and slow against my neck made me feel like I never wanted this to end. You had better hope you are woman enough to take it all. The feel of her mouth was replaced by a slippery hand stroking me, then some more lube. It was as if time sit still, my dick being held by a slippery hand as my daughter laid still on my chest.

Then I felt it! Chapter 19 My eyes closed as the intense pleasure consumed my body. We knew we have nice breast cause our Mom breast were simply beautiful. I remember telling Sandy gawd I have to pee so bad, she said just pee here I do it all the time, I said yeah I do to but not with someone is with me. I let out a stream of pee that hit Sandy legs. She just smiled and said nice shoot. I though I die of pleasure.

As we finish the shower and walk out on the deck our Mom said come over here and they ask how we like being naked and with us as well we said we really like it fell wonderful with the warm ocean breeze on you body. They ask us if we mind doing when were alone and out on the deck. We kind of agreed that would be really wonderful, we really like being naked with our Moms. As the days and nights followed every thing was wonderful. Sandy and I would was each other backs of course we would go down to each other ass, which felt kind of nice.

I wanted to do so I did wash Sandy breasts and I though she pass from pleasure, she just said Ohhh Cindy yes. When she did me I knew what she meant. There were no roads in of the towns, nothing but boardwalks that went everywhere. Now and then would be a restaurant night Ocean Bay park had a few, but Ocean Bay had more and the best, so we walk the boardwalks to Ocean Bay for dinner now and them, that was great.

One night I think our Moms had a little too much to drink cause on the way back they were holding hands and giggling and really kissing heavily. Sandy and I were holding hands and silently laughing with then. When we got back to the house it was getting late Sandy I said were going up to bed.

That when we saw then in a verse kiss with tongues going and ass grabbing. We were getting undressed and Sandy said Cindy do you think our mother are in love. I said Sandy I think so, a lot. We got naked and got in to bed. Laying there thinking about this when out of the clear blue Sandy leaned over and said Cindy I love you and Kiss me rather strongly she part her lips a little and I put my tongue into her lips then I said Wow Sandy I love you too.

Sweet dreams, my love. Good night. I want to be the blanket that will keep you warm, the teddy bear that stands guard over your dreams and the softest breeze that whispers the sweetest dreams into your ears. Good night, love. Rest your weary soul and whisper a quiet prayer of hope. Sweet dreams. Let not the darkness of the night seep inside your bright soul and have faith in the light of the rising sun. For now, close your eyes and let sleep brush away all your weariness. Good Night Quotes for Different Occasions.

The night is finally here with the moon and the stars beckoning you to sleep. Dance in the bright moonlight, wish on a shooting star, and let the beauty of the night lay you to bed. End the day with beautiful thoughts, then you will wake up with the most wonderful smile. No matter how taxing the day is, as long as I go home into your arms and wake up each day, your face the first thing I see, then there is nothing that can keep me from coming home to you every night.

Sweet dreams, love. Get personalized birthday video greeting from the President. Great for sharing on Facebook. Get personalized funny dog birthday video. Get personalized love hearts birthday video. May the angels kiss your worries goodbye, and sing songs of your dreams; may the stars shine brightly enough to lead you whenever darkness falls, and may the moon guide you back home whenever you are lost. Cute Goodnight Texts Messages. You are the firsts on my prayers and the last I see before I head to sleep.

You have been with me through my nightmares and my most beautiful dreams. This jolted me awake and I was a little spooked about it. Eventually I went back to sleep. One opinion: the bright white light is a resetting of your outer waking awareness, an intense flash indicating purification.

Think of it as you passed from the waking world to the sleeping world. Your body changed gears, and this was an "experience" to you. Most likely, if there were others in the room, it wouldn't have been noticed by them except as a reaction from you jumping up, screaming, or whatever.

It could be a health problem, but I have seen this so much as to believe it happens to most people, at any time, without having a serious connection to our health.

Elvis Costello. Bing Crosby. Dean Martin. My heart will be racing, I'll be drenched in sweat, and I can't get back to sleep due to the amount of adrenaline rushing through my body. However, whenever I sleep with the lights on, I have a perfectly normal sleep. I still dream a lot, but they're just normal dreams, not horrifying nightmares.

I'm no dream expert but it's likely that you may have made an association with darkness and nightmares. Is it possible you're under a lot of stress? Or afraid of the dark? Are you eating before bed? Have you recently had an incident in the dark? When did the incident first happen and what was the surrounding situation? Some background info would be needed to get a better handle on your question. Sleeping with a light on is really bad for your sleep, you do not produce enough melatonin unless in complete darkness.

I get night terrors a lot, so if you want to chat about it I'm open to it. I understand how horrible they can be, I often wake up screaming and freaking out, my poor boyfriend is woken up by a maniac thinking a giant snake is trying eat her lol.

This has been going on for the past two months - exactly the same time I graduated from college and moved back home with my parents. I'm a little stressed out from not having a job and not knowing what I'm doing with my life, but I have a roof over my head and a great family life, so nothing that's super stressful.

Lullaby Sleep until the dawn. The crickets serenade Echoes softly through the night. The stars are on the lake And the moon is shining bright. Don't worry I'll leave the light on in the hall Just go to sleep now close your eyes. Close your eyes Listen to my song. Lullaby Sleep until the dawn.

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  1. The lights go off. First thing that runs through my mind is “what the hell!” and felt myself becoming annoyed and resentful that I didn’t get to finish. I asked myself “should I bring this up?” “Why doesn’t she care about this?” and reams of other questions. I decided to shelve it and go to sleep.
  2. Memories are made of this (Sweet, sweet memories you gave-a me) (You can't beat the memories you gave-a me) Take one fresh and tender kiss Add one stolen night of bliss One girl, one boy Some grief, some joy Memories are made of this Don't forget a small moonbeam Fold in lightly with a dream Your lips and mine Two sips of wine.
  3. Feb 01,  · I saw a bright flash of light while falling asleep? We both got up at the same time and she was more melllow i was pumped goosbumps got out my strong arm and when out side to put up a fuff guy show. I have these too-actually, I just had it 2x's and I'm scared to go back to sleep, lol. Check out visual sleep starts, or if you google the.
  4. Let's put out the lights and go to sleep You're waiting now for me to say "I love you more and more,and more,dear' You're looking younger every day. You never were so sweet before, dear" No more money in the bank No cute baby we can spank What's to do about it? Let's put out the lights and go to sleep.
  5. musical memories (color classics) The popular and timeless classic The Sidewalks Of New York was the basis for two early Fleischer "Follow The Bouncing Ball" animated shorts - first in .
  6. Bing Crosby - Let`s Put Out The Lights (And Go To Sleep) Lyrics. Didn't we have a lovely evening? Our party was a great success Oh, didn't Mrs. Smith look .
  7. Let's put out the lights and go to sleep No more anything to drink Leave those dishes in the sink What's to do about it Simply nighty-night and go to sleep You're waiting now for me to say I love you more and more and more dear You're looking younger every day You never were so sweet before dear No more money in the bank No cute baby we can spank.
  8. Read I That Hot Summer - Free Sex Story on bluesrock.granilargardajindforcerunner.infoinfo! My Mom and Aunt they sleep together in the master bedroom and Sandy by cousin and I sleep together in another bedroom, every thing was just perfect and wonderful. Mom said why not it’s a full moon out to night let put our suite on and go for a swim, then Sandy Mom said yes.
  9. Bell let put another sigh, clicking her phone off and going back to sleep, hoping no more memories would appear. " Hey, sry it's late. i've made my choice. i'll come w/ u guys tomorrow on friday. wanted to let u know, anyways gnite. oh and btw we can do the high hill ;)".
  10. Lets Put Out The Lights And Go To Sleep Lyrics Lyrics Depot is your source of lyrics to Lets Put Out The Lights And Go To Sleep by Rudy Vallee. Please check back for more Rudy Vallee lyrics.

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