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Love In Vain - The Rolling Stones - Let It Bleed

It was released after Johnson's death and was the last of his original singles. After the release of Johnson's first compilation album, King of the Delta Blues Singers , [9] bootleg albums containing more of Johnson's s singles were circulated.

This was the first appearance of the song since its original release. II , which included an alternate take of "Love in Vain". For a time we thought the songs that were on that first album [ King of the Delta Blues ] were the only recordings Robert Johnson had made, and then suddenly around '67 or '68 up comes this second bootleg collection that included Love in Vain.

Love in Vain was such a beautiful song. Mick and I both loved it, and at the time I was working and playing around with Gram Parsons, and I started searching around for a different way to present it, because if we were going to record it there was no point in trying to copy the Robert Johnson style or ways and styles.

We took it a little bit more country, a little bit more formalized, and Mick felt comfortable with that. We changed the arrangement quite a lot from Robert Johnson's. We put in extra chords that aren't there on the Robert Johnson version. Made it more country. And that's another strange song, because it's very poignant.

My copy has to have some of the best sound quality I've ever heard Pressings are dead flat, silent and perfectly centered I took a quick listen to the SACD and it's damn fine as well Highly recommend this one in comparison to way too many tired old copies floating around Significant defects sounds very distorted in spots, then sounds fine again in several places. Anyone else? Put it under the bright light and saw milky areas, like how vinyl looks after a cleaning before completely dry.

Gave it a good cleaning. Problem solved. The drugs were getting deadlier. Take Jimi Hendrix. Or not. The riots. The assassinations. The essential new 50th-Anniversary Limited Deluxe Edition tells the whole story of the album, with stereo and mono remixes that reveal new nuances in the music. But however you hear it, Let It Bleed never stops giving up fresh chills and surprises. The Stones never planned it as a tombstone for the decade.

They were just trying to crush out a record in time for their fall U. But the dream was over. Don says:. November 8, at Jarmo Keranen says:.

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Jan 22,  · The first Rolling Stones record I've ever listened to all the way through, "Let It Bleed" is an energetic and legitimately fun rock album, with many catchy grooves and the never-ending theme of impending doom%(3).

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  1. Let It Bleed was the Stones' last album to be released in an official mono version, which is rare and highly sought-after today. This mono version is merely a 'fold-down' of the stereo version. Nevertheless, it was included in the box-set The Rolling Stones in Mono ().Genre: Hard rock, blues, country blues.
  2. Let It Bleed is the eighth British and tenth American album by the English rock band the Rolling Stones, released in December by Decca Records in the United Kingdom and London Records in .
  3. Aug 13,  · "Let It Bleed" marque le fin de la collaboration avec Brian Jones, dont la contribution se limite ici aux percussions dans "Midnight Rambler" et à la harpe dans "You Got The Silver".
  4. The Rolling Stones tour in was outstanding, tragic and musically some of their best times. If you want to hear these guys (Taylor had just replaced the deceased Jones) play without any sense of formality then this is the recording to have. Love In Vain is so bluesy it is hard to believe Keith and Mick are just in their early 20s/5(5).
  5. The title track off the seminal Let It Bleed remains until today a fan favorite and a regular number on the group’s live shows. It was also released as a single in Japan in February

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