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M.I.A. - Stone Fox - Totally Burnt

Stone Fox broke up 6 months later, but was reunited again and signed at Linda Perry's record label Rockstar Records. Linda Perry is usually refered to as the former singer of 4 Non Blondes, but is also a solo artist with two records behind her, "In Flight" and "After Hours". They changed label , the same year their album was released. They signed up with Bad Taste and John Roecker got to produce their next album - Dirty Pillows, which was released It includes a song featuring Exene Cervenka from the band Auntie Christ.

Her husband's gone, her son has gone, her life is gone, she's burnt; and He reached - He was moved with compassion, and brought life into that situation. God wants to move us with compassion, to bring life into people who are in a place of mourning and death. Jesus stopped, went over, and got involved with them. He touched the dead man, He touched that dead man. You don't touch dead things, they're unclean, but Jesus didn't have a care about that. He carried life to change it.

God wants you and I to have His heart, to carry His life, and engage people who are broken. Jesus saw the multitudes. He was moved with compassion. Now I want you to see this. It tells us very clearly in Matthew , the first few verses, that God's response to seeing multitudes of broken stones is to raise up labourers to minister to them. You can't just pray for God to do it all.

God has chosen to work through people, and so God is looking for people who will have His compassion. It's not about having a good idea. Good ideas won't get you to last in the call of ministry. Good ideas don't cause you to overcome injustice. Good ideas don't cause you to overcome betrayal, or people who show lack of gratitude, when you've done all you can, and they just walk away.

No, you have to have the compassion of God. This is what Nehemiah had; and Jesus, when He saw the multitudes who were desperately in need, this was His strategy: raise up people, make them living stones, and send them out in their positioning, in their rank and their order, to bring healing and wholeness.

You're such a stone. Let me say this: there is no believer in Christ who's not called to restore burnt stones. You which are spiritual, restore a person overtaken. If you call yourself spiritual, call yourself any kind of believer, then the burnt stones are our ministry. People are our ministry, people who've been burnt in the circumstances of life. It says: if you are spiritual, then restore people that have been burnt. It says: true religion is to visit the widows and the orphans in their affliction, to visit the burnt stones and comfort them.

That's the heart of God is people, ruined cities, burnt stones, devastations of generations. You see Jesus' ministry, and you find the Father in the book where it talks about the prodigal son. The prodigal son begins to return. The Bible says - the Father - what does it say about him? It says: while he was a long way off; in other words, his heart was after the son. Is your heart after people who are lost and broken, back-slidden Christians? Do you care about them, or do you find a reason to find fault and judge them; oh, look what they're doing now.

That's a judgement. Well I don't know how they could be doing that, they call themselves Christians - that's a judgement. How easy it is to judge, but the Bible says: the Father was moved with compassion, a heart of compassion; and it says: he ran to the son, and he hugged him and he wept.

God is passionate! It's not the heart of God. Jesus stood over Jerusalem, that great city in all its fineness and splendour, and He wept. He wailed aloud with grief, with longing and yearning for the city. In Isaiah 58 it talks about the fasting before the Lord, and the outcome is to become a repairer of the breach, a repairer of broken lives, a restorer of people. There's none of us here not called to be restorers of lives; but if your life is damaged, and you yourself are a broken stone, a burnt stone, and you're in the pile of rubble, and your life is preoccupied just trying to look after yourself - how will you ever rise up, take your position in the work of God, and begin to restore others!

You must make the commitment: I will not stay a burnt stone any longer. I will do whatever it takes to get up out of this situation, be restored, be full of the life of God, full of passion, full of fire!

I want the fire of my first love back again! I want to be alive in God again! I want to be serving God passionately! God, come upon me and ignite that fire! See prayer is the place it's ignited, prayer, God wants to restore the burnt stones. You see Nehemiah in Nehemiah he says to the people, he says can you see the distress we're in? Can you see the condition of lives and families?

He said let us rise up and build. Let's rise and build. Let's arise on the inside and become builders. God is wanting builders. I want to just share with you just some simple steps to restoration, and then we'll just finish up with a little clip I want to show you.

In 2 Kings 6, it shows you five simple steps of restoration. I won't develop them, I'll just throw the seeds out for you, but you find it in 2 Kings, Chapter 6. I love the prophetic stories in the Bible, but every one of them contains insights that are very relevant for us. In 2 Kings 6, it's the story of an axe head being restored, and it says: here the sons of the prophets said to Elisha - Verse 1 - the place where we dwell with you is too small for us.

In other words, they're feeling contained. They were feeling limited. They were feeling restricted. We want something big, and he said: can we go to Jordan, let every man take a beam from there. Let's make a place where we may dwell; and he said go. Then one said: come with your servants. He said: I will go; and he went with them. When they came to Jordan they cut down the trees. Notice everyone was a builder of the house, everyone went with an axe, everyone went with a purpose to build.

There wasn't one of them who wasn't determined to build. But one of them, as he was cutting the tree, the iron axe head fell off into the water, and he cried out and said: alas master, it was borrowed! So the man of God said: where did it fall?

And he showed him the place, so he cut off a stick, and he threw it in there, and he made the iron float. And he said: therefore pick it up for yourself. He reached in, and he reached out with his hand, and he took it - an amazing thing. You notice now we see the lost axe head, and so there's a need for restoration.

Why is the axe head important? The axe head speaks of a life, flowing in the Holy Ghost. If you've got an axe, and it's got no axe head, you can't cut a thing.

A Christian with no power of the Holy Ghost flowing through them doesn't really achieve much at all. You will be an effective witness for Me.

So we need the flow of the Holy Ghost; so a wooden stick is a picture of the man. The axe head is a picture of the cutting edge of the Holy Ghost, the anointing of the spirit of God flowing through you, energising your thoughts, giving you creative ideas, causing you to hear the voice of God, causing you to have a heart for people, causing you to reach into lives, and see the way into them to cut into their hearts, and to penetrate them, and to see them changed. It's the anointing of the Holy Spirit, God gives every believer an axe head.

He gives every believer the anointing of the Holy Ghost. It's your responsibility to keep that axe head sharp. It's your responsibility to learn to listen to the voice of God, hear the voice of God, respond to the voice of God, do the things God's showing you to do, in your work, in your school, in your home, wherever it might be.

In other words, in the hand of God, it cuts down the armies of the enemy; in the hand of God, it subdues demons; in the hand of God it shuts down the gates of hell. That's the church of the living God. You're called to rise up like that!

Here this poor fellow started out well, then he lost the axe head. Notice without the axe he can't do the work. Without the flow of the Holy Ghost, you can't do the work of God. You can have a program, you can do some good works, but you won't see the fruit, that only the Holy Ghost can bring. You need the Holy Ghost! Every area of the church needs the Holy Ghost.

We need that reviving fire of the Holy Ghost in every part of us! You need the Holy Ghost in your family. We need the power of God! A church with no power cannot be effective. We need God's presence filling our lives, filling and empowering us, so you burn with passion. People will come and see you then. A person without passion has got not much interest for anyone I don't think. So you notice it was borrowed, so it wasn't something he owned.

It was something he was a steward of. You are a steward of your walk with God. You are a steward of your relationship with God. If you have compromised, if you've walked away from God in your heart, if you've let your heart be filled with bitterness and anger, then you've lost your axe head. A heart filled with bitterness and judgement, religiosity, has got no cut, got no fire, got nothing to make a difference.

God's calling the church out of that place, wants the axe head back, wants the axe head back on the church. He wants the axe head back in your life. He wants us to rise up, and begin to start to challenge powers of darkness, and enter into the community, and see people set free!

So what happened? Notice the first thing. He said: he cried out; and said: alas master, for it was borrowed. So the first thing you have to do if you are a burnt stone, if you've lost the fire of God, if you've lost the cutting edge with God, you have to admit there's a problem. The worst thing is to carry on trying to cut trees, and you've got no axe head. But most of the church does that, uses a wooden stick to try and cut down trees, and haven't noticed it's not got an axe head on it.

Many churches in New Zealand would not know if the Holy Ghost was there, or not there. It literally would not make a difference, and that means, for the most part, they're using a wooden stick to try and chop down trees.

We need the axe head of the Holy Ghost. We need His presence flowing through out life; so if that's not so, we need to admit it. You'd need to admit it. Deception's a powerful thing - we think we're doing better than we are. There's nothing that God can't solve, but you've got to really admit they've got a problem first of all.

We can blame others. Blaming others is wonderful, it's a great way - there's a guy Benjamin Franklin said this: He that's good at making excuses, and blaming others, is seldom good at anything else. That's not a bad one is it, aye? He that's good at making excuses, is seldom good at anything else; so I don't want you to be good at making excuses aye.

So what is the issue that God's speaking to you about? I want you to admit it: God, I need to deal with this issue. I need to face it right now. Here's the second thing: he was willing to go back. Notice the question was, where did it fall? Where did you lose it? Where did you get burnt? When did it happen? Where was the place? What happened in your experience, that caused you get burnt? Maybe for some, it's way back when you were a young boy, a young child, and now you've been burnt and burnt and burnt and burnt; and now God's saying: wow, where do I start?

Go back to where it first started. Go back, get into right back there, where the thing started. For some it started in your family line, some it started as a young person, some it started last year. Wherever you got burnt go back; where did it fall? So you've got to overcome shame and embarrassment, just go back to where I lost it; got to admit the problem, go back to where it is.

Where'd you lose the axe head? How did the problem come? The place where the problem began, is the place you go looking for the solution: the root of unforgiveness, the root of resentment, of disappointment, injustice, anger. That's the place you go back to. Just go back to it, and then you apply the cross. Notice what he did: he cut down a stick; and the Bible often, when the Bible's using the word stick or tree or anything like that, it's talking about people.

People are likened to wood or trees or whatever; but in this case, the stick is the cross of Calvary, because Jesus died on that tree; and when He died, He died for your failures. He died for your hurts, He died for your offences, He died to deal with stuff. He died to set us free of iniquity, He died to heal the broken hearted. He died to get us set free, so you need to learn how to bring the cross, how to come to Jesus Christ, how to come to the cross where offences were dealt with.

The cross is the power of God to salvation, to all who believe! There's no problem you can't get out of, no failure you can't rise up from; not if you bring the cross of Christ, and His blood into it. Notice what he did, you have to apply the cross. You've got to take those injustices to the cross. God can deal with the bitter waters of your life.

God can deal with the blackened part of your life too, make it really quite different. So the next thing is, you need to expect something to happen. If I come to the cross, I need to come expecting God to do something, fully expecting He will change my life.

He will resolve this thing. The sin will be forgiven; the hurt will be healed, the injustice will go away, the pain will just vanish. I'll begin to start to walk out of it. I've got to have faith that God can do it. Got to have faith. Finally you notice here, he said: the axe head floated up to the surface. Now that's a miracle isn't it?

That's where the supernatural comes. There's something about when you come to the cross, that the anointing is released. You notice, it floated up to the surface - so this is a supernatural moving of God; and when we come to the cross and deal with our sin, deal with our failures, deal with our injustices, hurt and grief then what happens - there's something about the Holy Ghost, just begins to come again.

Now notice what he had to do. He said: stretch out. You've got to stretch again, and pick it up, and begin to go back to the building. You see one of the hardest things is, its one thing to come to the cross and release forgiveness; it's another thing to stand up and then start to love people. You have to stretch out to do that. You may have an injustice or some kind of offence; it's one thing to bring it and share it with Jesus.

It's another thing to stretch out into the Holy Ghost, and begin to express the love of God to that person, to walk past that injustice like it never happened, and to begin to start to flow again. You can't influence people powerfully if there's no flow of the Holy Ghost, so you've got to make a decision that: I'll love, I'll honour where I've been dishonoured.

I will love where I've been cursed. I'll bless people, I'll start to speak well - in fact, I will own my own life. I will stretch into God, and stretch out to people, and see God move. One of the most common things that burns us, is conflicts and things that happen in relationships, and always it's the same thing. If you've lost the flow of God, your cutting edge, you come back to the place you lost it, to the situation you lost it in.

You come back to the cross. You come back, and are willing to let it go to the Lord - let it go. It doesn't matter if it never gets solved, doesn't matter if no one ever owns up to anything. What matters is that you let it go at the cross, the greatest injustice of all; and then stretch out to go back into the work God called you to go into. There'd be many perhaps who've got all kinds of issues.

You're a burnt stone in the pile, and God wants you to find out: well how did I become a burnt stone? I need to come to the cross and bring the cross into it; and then stretch out, and start flowing with the Holy Spirit again. The Bible says be kind, tender hearted, loving one another. That's when the axe head's on your life, when you're able to do that.

Well what about that person? It doesn't matter what they're doing. Will you be an axe head for God? Luke He raised the young man - burnt stone!

Matthew He fed the multitudes - burnt stones! Matthew He raised and sent builders - burnt stones! Father God is involved with compassion Luke - He ran and embraced and wept over and restored prodigal son — burnt stone! Luke Jesus wept over Jerusalem - Burnt stone!

Where is the weeping? Where is the fasting and prayer? When Nehemiah looked around and saw the broken lives, it was in his heart not to judge or condemn, but to be part of the answer. Nehemiah, Chapter 2. I want to just pick up about pushing through the difficulties; Nehemiah Nehemiah came and he said: you look at the distress that we're in, how Jerusalem is waste, the gates are burnt with fire, gates are burnt down.

Come, let us build the wall of Jerusalem, so we're no longer a reproach. And I told them of the hand of God, which is good upon me, and the king's words that he had spoken to me.

So they said - this is what the people said. This is what happened inside people, when the Holy Ghost begins to move upon them; and Nehemiah, whose name means the comfort of God, and he came and he looked at the city which was in ruins. He saw burnt stones, broken stones, he saw rubble everywhere.

But you know he saw something beyond that. He saw, through the eyes of faith, what a group of people can do - to change a city, to change lives that are broken down; and when Nehemiah looked around and saw the broken lives, it was in his heart not to condemn. It's in his heart not to judge. It was in his heart to be part of the answer.

God calls you and me to be part of the answer to our city, part of the answer to the younger generation, part of the answer to the broken lives; not to just fall off and sit in a retirement home, and do nothing for the rest of our lives! My goodness! What a waste of our life. There's no exceptions, not one. All are called to arise and build. You know when you catch the heart of the Holy Ghost this is what you'll catch inside: something in you will resonate, something in you will feel concern, something in you will say I want to rise up on the inside.

I don't want to live in the dust of defeat! I don't want to live in the rubble of my past life. A lot of people they think the anointing is just to feel good and shake and fall over and see visions; but you read Isaiah 61, "the spirit of the Lord is upon me" - it's all to DO something. Read it for yourself. It's to influence lives! It's to see people saved! It's to see them get filled with the Holy Ghost, and begin to get vision and purpose and destiny - and this is what Nehemiah had in mind: restoring burnt stones, once living beautiful stones, burnt by warfare - now restore them, and reposition them in the wall of destiny.

That's what God has for people, He wants people who are broken, disconnected and cut down to be restored and lifted up doing something useful. You know the Bible tells us very clearly: every believer is called to be a builder. I don't see anywhere in the Bible where it says a Christian is called to be a sitter, not at all; sit at the feet of Jesus, but then get up and do something. The word Son in the Bible, the Old Testament, is the word Ben, meaning: a builder of the household name.

So when you come to Jesus Christ, you're not an add-on, and you're not a servant; you were born into His family, His spirit comes in you and changes you; and then you're called to be a builder, because a true Son is a builder of the household name. A true Son is a builder of the family, and so the Sons of God, those who are lead by the spirit of God, become builders of lives. It doesn't take any faith to criticise, it doesn't take any faith to tear anyone down; it takes faith to see a burnt stone, a broken life, a drug addict, an alcoholic, someone whose marriage is in tatters - it takes faith to see in that burnt stone, a restored stone, back in the wall of destiny.

You and I are called to be those kinds of people, to do that kind of thing. So the Bible tells us we're to build. We're to build lots of things - but you're to build your personal life, and 1 Corinthians it says: you are God's building; so the first part of the building is yourself. You are responsible for your personal growth, not someone else.

I can't make you grow. You have to choose whether you'll grow. You'll choose whether you're going to build your life or not. You'll choose whether you waste the opportunities or use them; but all building requires a commitment and we're called to build. Jude building yourselves up in your most holy faith, praying in the Holy Ghost, so you can build your spirit.

I can't do that for you! You can build your character - I can't do that for you either. You can build your capacity - I'm sorry, I can't do that for you either. You can build and develop your skills, so you have more to contribute to the work of God - we can help you with a bit of that.

We can help you with all of those things to some extent, but actually you have to make a decision: I don't want to be a weak Christian, who's ineffective for God. I want my life to count.

I want to be a builder. You have to make that decision every day when you get up: I'll build my life. I'll build an altar to God, and place a prayer - time in the word of God; time beginning to lay before God my day, and starting to think: how will I walk with God today?

You're called to build your life, because everything takes effort to build. It takes commitment, it takes perseverance, and there are obstacles, there are enemies, and we're called to build the house of God of course, called to build.

Isn't that amazing aye? Some don't even realise that, and some don't operate in them. However God gives every believer spiritual giftings - and there's only one reason for them: they're for building up people. Get words of knowledge, prophesy for people - it's all for building people up and encouraging people.

Pray for the sick and get them healed - it's all to encourage people and build them up. Get them delivered is to build them up! Don't focus on the devils, we focus on building a house for God. See, don't focus on a haunted house, focus on the temple, what the temple could look like filled with the presence of God. So we're all called to be builders.

You're called to be a builder, you are a builder, it's just a matter of whether you're busy in what you're building - or whether you're smoking on the job. Having lunch, long lunch. A lot of Christians are having a long lunch - just out to lunch some; but you know we're not like that. We're here to work on the house of God and to build people, encourage people. Everyone's called to be an encourager, to be a builder of people. You can do that and it works through relationships.

In Ephesians it tells us that what we have to contribute, flows through from one member of the body to the other, through joints - so you have to build relationships. You may have some great call on your life, but if you don't develop that and build relationships, it can't come about.

We have to build relationships. It's through relationships that the gifts in life of God flows, and relationships are challenging to build. There's often difficulties in building relationships; but on the other hand, it's through relationships that you have a chance to minister to people. If you want to see people saved, you've got to build a friendship with them, build a connection with them. Don't start talking to them about Jesus, take an interest in them, and begin to find out where they are, and what's going on in their life.

Think that's a burnt stone there. They don't know it, but I know it, and in a short time after I've asked a few questions, and listened, I'll begin to find out just the extent to which that life is damaged. I'll be able to offer help and support, or maybe just practical kindness. Most people, its just kindness will open their heart, for you to connect into them, so then you can be a builder of their life. So one of the dilemmas of course, is we get too busy to build relationships; but we have to build connections with people, through which we can bring the life and the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Every believer's called to do that. Don't say you're too busy, that is the job. It is the job. Building relationships, bringing the life we have to someone else; and in those relationships, also receiving from others in the body. None of us can do without the others. I need what you have, and you need what I have - we need one another; and so relationships in the body, we're not meant to be just independent of each other, and self-sufficient, and I've got all the anointing I need and I don't need you.

That's nonsense, spiritual pride. The Bible says: we can't say we don't need one another - we do. We need one another; and so through relationships, the life flows. But this is the thing about building. In case you didn't realise it, the devil gets hostile when you try to build something for God. Look at this in Nehemiah, Chapter 4: so it happened when Sanballat - he's the enemy - he heard that we were rebuilding the wall. He was furious! Very angry, and so he had a number of ways he tried to stop the Jews.

First he began to mock them and belittle them, and so he said: oh, these feeble Jews, what are they going to do? Going to fortify themselves? They going to offer sacrifices? What do they think, God's going to help with something? Will they complete it in a day? Will they revive the stones out of the heaps of rubbish, the stones which are burnt?

And Tobiah, who was beside him said: Ha! These feeble Jews, what are they doing? It's so pathetic what they're doing. If even a little fox jumped on it, the wall would fall down. Your life is so pathetic - a little problem comes along, you'll fall over. Can you understand, one of the key strategies of the enemy is to belittle us, to mock and laugh at us, to point out how weak we are, to point out in our life where we lack. He wants you just to be discouraged, so you won't build - and its here in the Bible.

You want to see how Nehemiah dealt with it, and you'll see how to deal with these issues. There will always mockers and despisers, and scorners and laughers. If you're going to do anything - and I mean anything substantial or different - there will be mockers and scorners and laughers. If you want to build something for God, there'll be mockers and scorners and laughers.

If they don't do it to you directly, you'll find demonic spirits will do it - they'll laugh at you, belittle you, and laugh at what you're doing. In your dark moments, when you're wondering how to go forward, then they push in hard, to make you feel like you have nothing, and you're going nowhere. You have to fight them off, and so this story is about these kinds of weapons, what happened - and so he just got to prayer.

Verse 6; we built the wall, and the wall was half way up, and of course when everything's half way through the job, that's when it gets a little difficult doesn't it, you know? We all start well, but we don't always finish well, and so half way through there were some problems; and Sanballat, Verse 7, got very angry.

Verse 8, they came and they conspired to come and attack Jerusalem and create confusion. Nevertheless we made our prayer to God. Notice prayer keeps coming through - and so we set a watch against them day and night. And Judah said: the strength of the labourers is failing, there's so much rubbish, we're not able to build; and our adversaries said: ha, they won't know or see anything until we come in the midst and kill them, and cause the work to cease.

So it was, the Jews who dwelt near the enemies, they told us 10 times: whatever place you turn, they'll be on you mate. Look out! What negative, pathetic people they are, aren't they? Now you notice what happens here, is once God's people decide they're going to move forward and build; once you decide you're going to build your life with God; once you decide you're going to build your marriage in a Godly way; you're going to build your family in a Godly way; going to build your finances; you're going to build your business; whatever area you are going to purpose in your heart to build - you have to understand there will be resistance.

It will come in a number of ways, and it came in a number of ways here. Every lot of building that we do for God has some opposition. So first they want to create confusion, so initially the opposition was external. There were people outside just trying to confuse them, fill them with fear; but there's a number of weapons that we used against them.

And clearly "stone-blind," "stone-still," and "stone-dead" do not mean "completely"—they mean "completely blind" "completely still," and "completely dead. The idea of a stone used metaphorically to refer to cold, indifferent human feelings is very old an can be found in Shakespeare's works. I think that the idea of "complete, absolute" is a logical extension of the original meaning. Stones are a good example of something that is not subject to change.

They are hard and unyielding, an example of an "absolute", whereas most of other things can be changed in some way. Stone cold :. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Ask Question. Asked 3 years, 8 months ago. Active 3 years, 2 months ago. Viewed 6k times. Stone-cold adverb : completely or totally stone cold sober M-W. The meaning of "stone cold" as "completely" might derive from the "stone cold sober" use.

I always assumed it meant "cold like how a stone usually is," but now that I think about it I'm pretty sure I was never actually taught that; It's just something I assumed. I suspect it came from stone cold dead , with or without commas, as desired. The metaphor is ancient, and the stone cold part has been made into a sort of emphatic libfix.

I had to look it up too! If a person were stone-cold dead, in the literal phrasing, they'd be so far gone that they'd be cold to the touch, but also, necessarily, totally dead. So it just stuck, in the way that things do. It's one word, libfix. Means a liberated affix; in this case it's a pair of modifiers that've been liberated and often occur together in this order.

And from Thomas Halliburton, The Clockmaker: or, The Sayings and Doings of Sam Slick, of Slickville : I never see a clever lookin gall in danger of that, I don't long to whisper in her ear, you dear little critter, you, take care, you have too many irons in the fire, some on' em will get stone cold , and tother ones will get burnt so, they'll never be no good in natur.

The earliest instance I could find of "stone-cold" as a compound modifier with the sense "absolute," "complete," "unchangeable," or "incontrovertible" appears in " An Elixir of Life " in the Brisbane Courier October 16, : Idleness works mental and physical destruction, and the wider one's interests, the more actively pursuits are followed, the more one undertakes, the better for one's health, mind, and morals.

And from an advertisement for Sims Book Store in the [Orangeburg, South Carolina] Times and Democrat December 17, : It's a stone cold fact that we have the largest and most complete line of Blank Books in the city. From a letter to the editor of the [Plymouth, Indiana] Marshall County Republican August 1, : This phase of crime has its statistics, and it is somewhat startling to meet the cold, hard facts that in all our cities the number of women who follow a life of open prostitution, together with kept mistresses and wives who meet male friends by appointment at other places than their own homes, must be computed by thousands.

How did “stone-cold” come to mean completely? Ask Question Asked 3 years, 7 months ago. you have too many irons in the fire, some on' em will get stone cold, and tother ones will get burnt so, Thus the standard stone blind = totally blind, and slang's stone broke, stone dead [meaning totally drunk], and stone rich.

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  4. I LOVE THIS BAND! Stone Fox might be the only band capable of putting a heavy metal song ("H.E.L.L.") right along side a folk song ("Embalm Me") on the same CD without it turning into a bad idea! I think Stone Fox could put out a collection of church choir hymms and I'd buy it and no doubt love it.5/5(2).
  5. MATERIALS FOR LANGUAGE TEACHING AT RUDOLF STEINER (WALDORF) SCHOOLS Stone Fox by John Reynolds Gardiner edition waldorf, Stuttgart ISBN Extra Materials for Teachers by Peter Morris (Version 1 — April ) SOME IDEAS FOR WORKING WITH THE EXERCISES An introduction to working with these exercises (and the book in general).
  6. Indie / Mellow-Pop / Chill Based in Melbourne, Australia. Music Video for 'This City' by Stonefox - 'This City' single out now on iTunes and Spotify.
  7. Check out Stone Fox on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on Amazon.
  8. Did you see that stone fox at the bar? She was totally checking you out! The movie itself wasn't any good, but at least the lead actor was a stone fox! See also: fox, stone. fox trap. slang A car modified in such a way that it will (ideally) make the driver appealing to women.

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