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Neat Freak - Various - The First Eight Seven Inches Plus Bonus Tracks

That means capturing accident evidence, perfect scenery and weird stuff your recipients can post to make their social accounts less boring. The complete basic features of a dashcam are found in this model with a generous rear screen for viewing footage or making adjustments.

And, unlike most dashcams, it has a clean design no substitute for a trip to the car wash, though that won't be an eyesore in your vehicle. A more advanced dashcam can step up to 4K resolution, a second camera looking either into the cabin or out the rear of the car and driver assistance alerts if the car is drifting out of its lane or closing too fast on the car ahead.

The Nextbase GW offers better-than-HD front resolution, built-in Amazon Alexa voice control and connectivity through your phone. Without built-in 4G LTE technology it can't claim to be a true connected dashcam, but it sits on the border of being one and carries no separate monthly cost.

The top tier of dashcams are connected or "smart" models that combine all the previous features and also have a 4G LTE connection so owners can get remote alerts if their car is hit or tampered with while parked. The connection also allows viewing of live video or recorded clips from anywhere. Another selling point is the ability of these cams to call in the event of a detected collision and to provide some indication of the crash's severity.

Keep in mind, that's a lot if a car sits in a garage hol most of the time. The Owlcam is a top-drawer connected dashcam with excellent build quality and innovative mounting accessories. You might consider a cheaper alternative that also has built-in 4G LTE for remote access and cloud recording, but with a forward view that's only p, compared with the higher p resolution of the Owlcam.

The PureCam offers the greatest hits of connected, "smart" dashcams for a price that lets it compete with several of the better nonconnected cameras. It also functions as an in-car Wi-Fi hotspot. Update, Nov.

Dedicated smart speakers for the car tend have several specially tuned microphones that defeat road noise, as well as offering a degree of single-purpose dedication that may make for a more robust experience.

And the Amazon Alexa Auto functions as a Bluetooth bridge for any older car that has an Aux jack but not built-in Bluetooth wireless tech. All in all, it's more fun than jumper cables or a spare tire. For the reasons I mentioned, I'm a bit tepid on this category, but if you're looking for an on-trend gift -- and something that's fun for a long ride or road trip -- this could be perfect for If your recipient isn't going to be impressed by one of these devices, maybe you just need to get them a Bluetooth FM modulator or a Bluetooth-AUX adapter.

If your recipient already uses Alexa, this cool gift is self-explanatory. Less clear is why they don't just use the Alexa app on their phone. OK, big spender, if you really want to revolutionize someone's drive, spring for a new stereo, or "head unit" as they're called today, that has Apple CarPlay and Android Auto technology.

This essentially gives your giftee what they already enjoy dangerously -- their phone as the central infotainment device behind the wheel -- but presented in a better, larger interface with nonessential applications of the phone suppressed.

Audio, communications and navigation are all present with robust voice control, but the phone stays down and all its allowed functions are carried out on the dash. Podcasts and streams are promoted to full priority alongside radio, and clunky carmaker navigation and interface go away.

Sure beats a tire inflator, bottle opener, or jump starter, right? Now the downside: Unlike almost most other tech gifts, these can be a bear to install. Don't assume your recipient will plug this into their car themselves unless they're familiar with working on vehicle electrical systems.

It is every man for himself so we only travel with the luggage we each can handle comfortable. That means on and off trains, stairs on subways and hotels without lifts!! I am trying to get the hang of packing cubes. One tip I've read online that I like is packing my pajamas in a single cube, so it's very easy the first night to change and get settled. My husband swears by Ziploc bags, while I prefer packing cubes because the plastic bags seem to slide around.

They're excellent for compressing down jackets, though, or holding papers, or transporting wet or dirty items, or We always carry an ample supply of bags of all sizes.

Can even be used as a pajama bag. L 'N C manufactures both of them. Your head is probably spinning now with all these good posts. There is no perfect packing method unless repetitively making the same trip - as for business. You don't need to put everything into a cube. You can use 2 medium cubes and stack them one on top of the other and cinch down with straps in your suitcase.

The slim cube can slide vertically down in the gap between the medium cube and the wall of the suitcase. Then, use the other slim cubes for whatever else you need to pack like charger cords, etc.. You can always just pack a few things outside of the cubes. You really don't need to worry about packing cube weight unless you are backpacking long distances on a trail or road. Bright colors are less likely to get left behind. You don't need to spend a lot on cubes. A few basic ones will do the job.

Size does matter depending on suitcase size. Have fun! Happy travels! You will love the cubes once you use them! For yours, very slightly underfill so that you can turn them crosswise in your bag. Non cubed jeans in first, then the big cubes, then smaller cubes or gallon baggies. DO roll stuff in the cubes. You could do a prepack by filling the cubes with balled newspapers to fill and then you'd have 3D puzzle pieces to arrange in your suitcases.

Then put everything that you plan to take on the bed, load your cubes and then the suitcases. See what happens! I admit that I perceive this to be fun ; The Container Store also sells cubes AND they have demos that if you take your suitcase into the store, they will both let you and help you with choices. Don't ditch what you've bought. You may wish to just augment with some other shapes. The concept is definitely an improvement, regardless of how you execute it.

Laura, The dimensions of the packing cubes you've mentioned 14x11x3 are about the size of a the medium Ebag packing cube. I think they will work fine. Thanks everyone for your suggestions. It has helped! Practically the size of my carry-on!

I returned them for their medium size packing cubes and also purchased their slim packing cubes. I ended up using 3 medium and two slim.

They all fit perfectly in to my carry-on with all of my clothing rolled. I love that they are each a different color and I can categorize my clothing in the cubes! Perfect for a detail oriented, visual, everything has to be in it's place type of person like myself! My extra medium cube and my two extra slim cubes I gave to my husband to use. He should get a few more but he thinks he'll be fine with what I gave him and does not want any more cubes.

He usually travels with a duffle bag and clothing thrown in randomly. We are so opposite in that area. We shall see how he feels about packing cubes and not having enough after our trip. That's fantastic. Great info to pass along and to use in the future. So I have joined the ranks of cubers!! For the life of me, I did not understand the benefit of packing cubes, especially since we want to pack lightly to begin with.

I took my carryon bag on a long weekend trip as a trial run-and by day 2, it was a mess! I did some retail foraging and found a set of 3 cubes at TJMaxx. What a difference!!! My tops were all rolled and visible in one cube, my capris in the largest cube, and all of my odds and ends were in the smallest cube.

I am like a kid at Christmas! My husband keeps eyeing my cubes, but says he doesn't want his own I also found a Bagallini wallet at TJ max-it is very lightweight and flat. Tris in the Circle of Magic series.

The various relatives she was fobbed off on during her childhood made her earn her keep by housekeeping, and when she first comes to Discipline she corrects the other kids' attempts at it. She makes a point to pitch in with the chores in whatever house she's visiting. In a Dresden Files short story from Thomas' point-of-view, he mentions that Harry seems to have inexplicably become this a few years ago, as his apartment is nearly always spotless.

Readers know that this is actually the work of the tiny Fae under orders from the Summer Lady, and Harry cannot tell anyone about them or they go away. In Going Postal , the obsessive Stanley's side of the Post Office bunkroom is extremely neat, in contrast to Groat's side, which is covered in bits of paper and the chemical residue of his home-made medicine.

Where a bit of paper has fallen over the line, Stanley — in strict accordance with the unwritten rules — has carefully removed exactly the bit that's on his side, possibly with a razor blade. In Sara Pennypacker's Clementine children's' chapter books, Clementine's best friend Margaret is this combined with Terrified of Germs.

Clementine notes that Margaret's joy of cleaning things is so strong that getting to do so seems like Christmas to her. When they go on a field trip to a historical re-enactment village of U. Dirty Bertie : Suzy, Bertie's older sister, likes everything clean, which causes Sibling Rivalry between her and Bertie.

Grouch, the school janitor, really dislikes mess and children , which causes him to despise Bertie. Downplayed for Bertie's father, who seems to get peeved if Bertie messes up something he's currently doing. In the story "Fleas! Bertie's mother often tells him to tidy up a lot. The Empire of Falcrest from The Traitor Baru Cormorant obeys the philosophy of Incrasticism, which places great importance on cleanliness and sanitation, going well beyond the physical and into mental and moral grounds.

Things that are Incrastic and promote cleanliness include sewers, running water, public education, nuclear families, lobotomies, eugenics. Things that are unclean and must be wiped from society include royalty, religion, mental illness, homosexuality Live-Action TV. Given he lives with Oscar Madison, his polar opposite, this drives him up the wall. Adrian Monk from his titular series has this as his premise.

One episode has him unable to concentrate on a crime scene because a nearby cop's socks don't match. Dax likes to move everything in his quarters over by an inch to drive him nuts. Nog became one after attending Starfleet Academy, much to the consternation of his friend Jake Sisko when he returned to the station and the two became roommates. Whenever anyone notices anything out of place, they point it out instantly, and it always turns out to be a major plot point.

Likewise, no messes are ever seen aboard the Starship Enterprise. The main cast are officers on a military starship; a large one but still a starship. It's a closed environment. Anything that spills and gets left out eventually gets into everything and there are some really high-tech gadgets all over the place that could be affected by being gummed up.

Not to mention neatness is strongly encouraged in most naval training and such attention becomes a habit over time. It is confirmed in "Up the Long Ladder" that the ship is self-cleaning; the mechanism for this is never described. Muppet fans have noted a strong similarity between the two. Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory. There's an episode in the first season where, seeing the messy state of across-the-hall-neighbor Penny's apartment, he sneaks over in the middle of the night while she's sleeping to clean.

Leonard: Sheldon, this is not your home. Sheldon: No, this is not anyone's "home"! This is a swirling vortex of entropy! Cristina : Oh, there's no stuff to go through! It's a freak show. I mean, you can do surgery in here. He arranged his books using the Dewey Decimal system. Demonstrated here , and later explained here by Mr. In the same comic, Susan's description of her fear of germs sounds a lot more like OCD than actual germophobia.

Web Original. Accord of Worm has a literal example of this — his extreme OCD is a side effect of his superpower. He shows all the traits of Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder, including an obsession with neatness in his environment. If something is insufficiently neat, he is compelled to eradicate it — whether it be an ill-designed piece of clothing or a particularly annoying person. To give an example of how extreme his compulsion is, he had to force himself to refrain from violently murdering someone who started a statement with conjunction when speaking to him.

Her manifesting as a mutant also means her old meds don't work on her anymore, and she has the associated General Anxiety Disorder.

To put it another way, she's based on Diane Castle, who is practically the poster child for Shown Their Work. Web Videos. The Nostalgia Critic is a rare example where the person isn't shown cleaning all the time. Instead, he obsesses over tiny things and repeatedly brings them up during a review and later ones. According to vlogs, Doug says he has it too, being a schedule fanatic and getting antsy when shots are slanted. No, he doesn't clean either, but for example has extreme anxieties also paranoia, but that's standard issue in the genre , he keeps track of time to the minute and has some Insane Troll Logic plans on how to restore the order of the world.

This video made by Rachel Bloom depicts some of the ritual behaviors and intrusive thoughts associated with the real-life disorder Western Animation. Mechanicles from Aladdin: The Series. All of his schemes in the show revolve around his need to keep things clean and tidy melting desert sand to create flawless glass, wiping out a rainforest to destroy all the bugs, "steam-cleaning" the Earth by boiling the oceans, etc.

He also keeps an organized "things to do" list with him at all times. In his debut episode, Aladdin and co. The Earl of Lemongrab of Adventure Time displays many attributes of this on several occasions. According to Patrick Seery, a production assistant on the show, "he likes order. As soon as he walked into the candy castle, he saw candy people pillow-fighting, and Cinnamon Bun lying on the floor, which was covered in candy-muck.

He had a habit of using a napkin to open doors, and was hesitant to assassinate someone at a hospital "with all those sick people". He's the poster boy for Terrified of Germs. Linda Belcher suffers a variant of this in Bob's Burgers. Sure enough, Linda manages to embarrass the three people staying at the Belcher home and she becomes hostile.

She then resorts to locking everyone in their rooms while Louise tries to get her room back from Teddy. It all leads up to Sanity Slippage and a disheveled and twitchy Linda carrying around a tray of bowls of melted ice cream before Bob manages to get her to come to her sense. Edd from Ed, Edd n Eddy has a habit of labeling things around his bedroom and is obsessed with having everything immaculate and in the right order. Breach of Generator Rex teleported the city of Greenville, Ohio to a pocket dimension, where she turned it into a Silent Hill -like "dollhouse".

The whole place is creepily well-organized, with mopeds perfectly aligned in the streets and ice cream trucks carefully stacked on top of each other. Messing the place up is a good way to get her angry, and she wasn't exactly the most stable individual to begin with.

Her OCD is actually so bad that she literally implodes if the destruction gets to be too much for her. Corey Riffin from Grojband suffers from this, he's always booking gigs at every opportunity, and not letting even one slip by. Johnny Test's Dad in Johnny Test who's obsessed with the house being clean.

Bloberta from Moral Orel. And she even noticed how dirty her cleaning products were. They have Super OCD in different areas and both of which are justified by their backgrounds and exacerbated by the fact that they can use magic to straighten things out as much as they want. As an artistic genius, Rarity is obsessed with aesthetics. She has difficulty tearing herself away from fixing a messy bookcase despite the presence of a much bigger problem, namely the tree that crashed into Twilight's house which happened to cause said messy bookcase.

See also the bird's nest bit in "Winter Wrap-Up". Also, when she is temporarily given Rainbow Dash's cutie mark in " Magical Mystery Cure ", she keeps the clouds organized in a checkerboard-like formation. And in the Bad Future of Sweetie Belle's Nightmare Sequence in " For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils ", she ends up spending the rest of her life as a mad recluse, obsessively checking and rechecking her work for mistakes.

Twilight Sparkle's history of being a model student of Equestria's Physical God ruler no less makes her an extreme by-the-book perfectionist. In "Look Before You Sleep", she's too busy looking up whether or not a tree crashing through the window fits into a slumber party to help shift the tree. Her obsession with order also causes a lot of trouble in "Lesson Zero", like when she makes a huge mess trying to even out the frosting on the cupcakes she ordered for a picnic This is a more accurate portrayal of OCD than the others.

She can't stop herself from having unwanted and extremely unrealistic thoughts and so she tries with increasing anxiety to stop them. It doesn't work. At the start of "It's About Time", she's up at three in the morning worrying that she hasn't made time in this month's schedule to prepare next month's schedule.

In "Spike at Your Service", Twilight is so intent on a reading assignment that she gives stock responses to Spike's questions and only breaks out of her total focus when Applejack moves one of her ink jars slightly out of place. She then made sure to move the ink well back while speaking to Applejack.

She's also extremely devoted to plans and timesheets , which is a personality trait often associated with this trope. All in all, she probably has OC P D. By that, she does have some uncontrollable urges and impulses, but she is "preoccupied with rules, orderliness, and control. Starlight Glimmer, Twilight's Evil Counterpart and the Arc Villain of the fifth season premiere, also has traits of this, such as stopping mid-song to make sure somepony's mane is identical to the rest, ensuring the entire town she controls is completely identical in every way, and having a massive obsession with keeping things orderly and equal.

However, unlike Twilight who's OCD tendencies are much more benign, Starlight Glimmer applies hers to other ponies and has the magic to enforce it.

Disaster ensues, especially in A Very Minty Christmas. Filburt from Rocko's Modern Life , most especially in the episode "Put Out To Pasture" when he is running low on potato chips due to Heffer's gluttony and decides he's going to eat approximately one of them per day.

The Simpsons : Lisa sometimes suffers from this in various episodes. She at one point begs Marge to grade and evaluate her, and sometime later Marge mentions that Lisa tried dissecting her raincoat. She seems to get it from Marge. Shouldn't you be baking? You donation will go toward helping the many homeless animals we care for each year. See the name of your choice on a plaque at the Zen room doorway. Then you and a guest take a private tour of the shelter and share lunch at Harryman House with our Executive Director.

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Bonus points for being voiced by Hiroshi Kamiya, who voices the renowned neat freak Levi from Attack on Titan. One of Geary's two personalities in Crash Nitro Kart. In The Sims 2, Sims with a high Neatness score will be bugged by messes more than other Sims. The same goes for Sims with the Neat trait in The Sims 3 and 4.

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  1. Max may be the cleanest kid in the worldNhis neat-freak parents make certain of that. just what I was hoping for! There's also a variety of different insects, plus the added bonus of SLIME MOLDS--in a variety of flavors! Yea!Seriously, these latter sections really are excellent, even if they do have slime molds. The first in a series /5(4).
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  6. I work all day and am a real mom at night so not a lot of time to be a neat freak. Not all of us have the luxury of mooching off other people's money and sitting on a VERY EXTREMELY fat ass all day long! plus plenty of real-life examples and pics to copy (or take the easy way out and just buy it). Pillow Case, 16 by inch See more.
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