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Phone Call (Live Edit) - Scann-Tec - Morpheus

Ultimae Records. Alkaline feat. Parenthesis feat. Sulfur feat. Evenfall feat. The Unexpected Hours feat. The Black and the Grey Original Mix. James Murray. Holloways Original Mix. Particles, Pt. Eyes to the Height Original Mix. Ghostwalking Original Mix. Passing Places Original Mix. Laterisers Original Mix. Copestone Original Mix. Explore music. Start your own! One Man Army Follow. Skylon gift given. Unyt 24bit gift given. Unyt 24bit. Ambient Mixes 2 gift given. Ambient Mixes 2.

Ambient Re:Works 01 gift given. Other highlights include: My favorite track, 10, "White Sun. This melody is the kind you can see when you close your eyes, it radiates outwards in concentric circles to me. Then the beat kicks in halfway through the second minute, but you've still got that sweet melody.

Then at the third minute, another shivery melody kicks in, and by three and a half minutes, a new, heavier beats starts. By minute four you've got another slow, languid, dreamy melody coming in on top of the first, undulating one. This is pretty damn good. This is my pick-to-click track of the album. At the end the vaguely tribal sounding vocal piece kicks in again and the only thing fades into a gentle murmur.

Is that a sitar at the end? Birds crying. Unyt Morpheus Live Nuit Hypnotique 4 Morpheus Live at Nuit Hypnotique 4 Composers: Hector Stuardo Marileo. Composers: Claudio Porceddu. Composers: Alexandre Scheffer.

Composers: Vincent Villuis. Composers: Thomas Huttenlocher - Hidetoshi Koizumi. Composers: Romain Reynaud. Composers: Franck Jousselin. Composers: Jens Buchert. Fahrenheit Project part 6 Composers: Magnus Birgersson. Oxycanta III Composers: Mihalis Aikaterinis. Composers: Anton Antsyferov. Composers: Lars Leonhard. Composers: Jason Corder. Composers: Laurent Bisch. Composers: Thomas Huttenlocher. In the second film, The Matrix Reloaded , Morpheus is more confident that the war is nearing its end.

A spiritual as well as an influential leader, Morpheus convinces one hovercraft ship to stay in the Matrix to await contact from the Oracle, despite orders from Zion for all ships to return to the city. Here he incurs the wrath of Jason Locke, commander of the Zion defensive forces; but Morpheus' actions are defended by Councillor Hamann, a member of the city's ruling body.

With the aid of Trinity and Niobe, Morpheus successfully retrieves the Keymaker, an exiled program that can access many hidden areas of the Matrix, including the Source, the central Machine City mainframe computer and programming heart of the Matrix. Morpheus aids Neo in successfully entering the door to the Source before returning to the Nebuchadnezzar.

After Neo enters the Source and returns from the Matrix with new information, he tells Morpheus that the Prophecy was a system of control that would bring the One to the Source to disseminate the programming inside Neo into the Matrix to allow a reload of the Matrix while Zion is destroyed by the machines and rebuilt by the One and red pills.

A sudden Sentinel attack destroys the Nebuchadnezzar , further damaging Morpheus' belief in the outcome of the war. Upon witnessing the destruction of his ship, he quotes the Biblical Nebuchadnezzar ; "I have dreamed a dream The crew is rescued by the hovercraft Mjolnir commanded by Captain Roland, who joins forces with the craft Logos commanded by Niobe. In the final film, The Matrix Revolutions , Morpheus is somewhat dispirited, and has problems in understanding now what may happen to Zion and its people.

Now without a ship of his own, he and Link the Nebuchadnezzar's Operator reside on the hovercraft Mjolnir , commanded by Roland. Morpheus renews his conviction that Neo could still save Zion, and supports Trinity in finding Neo, whose mind is trapped in a computer netherworld called Mobil Avenue, despite not being jacked in.

Morpheus is called to the Oracle with Trinity, and with the Oracle's guardian, Seraph, he helps Trinity rescue Neo, via a visit to the Merovingian's lair and a Mexican standoff.

Morpheus says farewell to Neo and Trinity before they leave for the Machine City in the hovercraft Logos to stop the war. Morpheus then aids Niobe as she flies the Mjolnir in a desperate ride back to Zion. The ship successfully stops the first onslaught of the Machine attack with the ship's electromagnetic pulse weapon.

When the Sentinels suddenly stop a second wave of attacks, Morpheus realises that Neo is somehow fighting for them. When the Sentinels retreat after Neo defeats the former Agent Smith , now a virus that has threatened both humans and machines, Morpheus and Niobe embrace in celebration as cheers arise from the Zion population, who have received a brokered peace through Neo's sacrifice.

Of the original Nebuchadnezzar crew in the Matrix , Morpheus is the only surviving member to see freedom for Zion.

Gagarin Project are happy to present you Cosmic Awakening episode 3 - Uranus. Cosmic Awakening mixes are broadcasted at bluesrock.granilargardajindforcerunner.infoinfo and www. bluesrock.granilargardajindforcerunner.infoinfo Original vocal samples are prepared, recorded and integrated into each mix.

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  1. Artist: Scann Tec Title: Morpheus Live Nuit Hypnotique 4 Year Of Release: Label: Ultimae records Genre: Electronic Format: FLAC Quality: Lossless Total Size: mb Tracklist: Flicker (live edit) ASD (live edit) Phone Call (live edit)
  2. Download Morpheus: Live Nuit Hypnotique #4 by Scann Tec at Juno Download. Listen to this and millions more tracks online. Morpheus: Live Nuit Hypnotique #4. Download Morpheus: Live Nuit Hypnotique #4 by Scann Tec at Juno Download. Listen to this and millions more tracks online. Phone Call (live edit) $ 4. Hello! Human? (live.
  3. by SCANN-TEC. Unyt (24bit) by SCANN-TEC. favorite track Morpheus | live Nuit Hypnotique #4 (24bits) by SCANN-TEC. favorite track Phone Call (live edit) - 24bits Phone Call (live edit) - 24bits. wishlist in wishlist» You own this.
  4. New album Scann-Tec - Morpheus | live Nuit Hypnotique #4 () Hi-Res available for download on site bluesrock.granilargardajindforcerunner.infoinfo
  5. Morpheus | live Nuit Hypnotique #4 (24bits) by SCANN-TEC, released 23 February 1. Flicker (live edit) - 24bits 2. ASD (live edit) - 24bits 3. Phone Call (live edit) - 24bits 4. Hello Human (live edit) - 24bits 5. Inside (live edit) - 24bits 6. Laurent Chanal, Scann-Tec, Tajmahal, SYNC24 and Hol Baumann with a background of video.
  6. Dec 03,  · Provided to YouTube by EMPIRE Distribution Phone Call (Live) · Scann-Tec Morpheus (Live at Nuit Hypnotique #4) ℗ ULTIMAE Released on: Produce.
  7. Jul 22,  · Chillout #52 Only beautiful music of your space 01 Marton Lovei, Fake Truth - Beyond the Passing Joy (Fake Truth Remix) 02 SCANN-TEC - Phone Call (live edit) 03 Biologik - .
  8. bluesrock.granilargardajindforcerunner.infoinfo Vladislav Isaev – music composer and sound sculptor from Moscow, Russia, also known as Scann-Tec started writing music as a hobby in.

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