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Räknesången - Penta-gänget, Minimalerna - Kom och spela. Penta-gänget och minimalerna spelar och sju

Full-text available. Nov The aim of this study is to describe, analyse and understand teaching of mathematics in lower primary school. More precisely, the aim is to investigate what this teaching offers pupils in some classrooms in terms of learning, when the content of teaching is written calculation methods for addition and subtraction.

Collection of data has been carried out in five classes, starting in spring when the pupils were in second grade and finished by the end of the autumn, when the pupils were in third grade. The video-recorded material comprises a total of 24 lessons.

The collected research material has been analysed in two steps, where the first step can be described as empirically oriented and thematical. The result demonstrates four types of teaching activities in mathematics, which leads to possible learning that varies in relation to the educational goals set in the curriculum Lgr It is also shown that teachers and pupils make use of a variety of characteristic methods, which can be sorted into five groups, primarily based on ability aspects that are actualised by different methods.

These are methods, where 1 procedures, 2 concepts and connections, 3 mathematical communication and reasoning, and 4 interest and confidence are in focus. There is also a fifth group, but it deviates from the others, as it consists of methods that contribute to 5 stumbling blocks, which in turn means that they become challenges for teachers as well as pupils.

In addition to direct observation notes, field notes were written immediately after the observation. The authenticity was judged against two criteria: 1 whether a situation would occur irrespective of the researcher's participation researcher perspective , and 2 whether the interaction between individuals would exist irrespective of the participants' awareness of the observation participant perspective [34].

However, the lead author has experience of working with patients with speech impairment and was able to combine whispering and body language from the patient with the HC assistant's interpretation. The lead author has worked in close collaboration with the other authors to enhance credibility [34, 44], i. A thorough and accurate description of methodology and results, illustrated with quotations and extracts from the material, provides the basis for credibility or fit [45].

Patients in hour home care striving for control and safety. Jun BMC Nurs. He used the money, in part, for social spending before the election, including payment of back wages and pensions.

In the Middle East, the U. In , seeking to fulfill the legacy of assassinated Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and the peace accords the U. In Yugoslavia, the U. In , the U. Huffington Post. The Belgians took the lead in the plot against Lumumba, but the U. When he was finally captured, he was tortured and killed. At times, however, teachers took the use of the materials for granted. Some of the teachers also deliberately refrained from making their personal understanding available to others due to the fact that they then could be seen as a less competent Montessori-teacher.

Sidan publicerades av Susanne Sawander Sidan uppdaterades av Susanne Sawander. Landmark College, the first institution for students with learning disabilities, is growing online courses.

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Den subtila ojämlikheten: Om grundskolors materiella förutsättningar och elevers utbildningsmöjligheter Pär Isling Poromaas studie handlar om grundskolors materiella förutsättningar i förhållande till geografisk plats, föräldrars utbildningsbakgrund och rätten till en jämlik utbildning.

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