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Rumba Del Cocorico (Lambis Trip) - Beat Bros Vs. Nilla Pizzi - Rumba Del Cocorico

Issue 15 of Percy's Basementmade Remix Series. Tatsuo Sunaga started DJing career in the beginning of the Japanese club music scene. He has residencies in Tokyo and Osaka and also is quite busy djing all around Japan as well as overseas. He has released 6 titles of his mix CD series, World Standard through Flower and his so-called, lifework jazz compilation series, Sunaga Tatsuo no Yoru Jazz Tatsuo Sunaga's Night Jazz was and continuing to be released by 8 record companies and in total, 16 compilations are scheduled to be released through them.

He has also released many domestic compilations but also compiled compilations of overseas labels such as Schema, Irma, Blue Note, Fania, etc. His solo unit, Sunaga t experience, has released 3 full-length albums to date.

He is an important figure in the Japanese music scene and called Record Bancho Record digging gang leader. Check out the first Part of Remixes by this Latineer Extraordinaire.

Fabio Nobile-Zozoi Sunaga t experience remix 4. M-Flo-Deep Within Audiomusica Mix by Sunaga T Experience Eingestellt von Percy um Keine Kommentare:. Labels: Japan , Remix , Sunaga t experience. Juli Holiday in the South Zone. It's Holiday Time. Pack your Bags and leave Home.

Let's head for somewhere not here. Relaxing in the Shades while a gentle Breeze softly blows all your Trouble away. Leave all worries behind and think of all Fun you can find. Release the Drifter in you. We'll be there when Tommorow Comes. Comoetas-Bossa Barocco 3. Sunaga 't Experience-It's you 4. Jazztronic-Arabesque 5. Soul Bossa Trio-He Loves you 6.

Jazzpreso-Wabi 7. Kyoto Jazz Massive-Shine feat. Pecombo-Samba de Toquio 9. Mansfield-Samba avanca Quasimode-Rumble In The Jungle Dienstag, 6. Juli Summer Madness. School's Out. These 14 sampledelic Summersounds shall companion your Ways through the hot Concrete.

Socialize,meet new People and enjoy the lightness of being. Viva la Felicita 1. Handsomeboy Technique-Your Blessings 3.

Kidda-Feel Too Good 4. Halfby-Daddy Is High 5. DJ Hell-Copacabana 6. Fantastic Plastic Machine-Different Colors 9. The Pinker Tones-Beyond Nostalgia Mansfield-Especially For Espagnol Halfby-Whispering My Name Bent-Beach Buggy Donnerstag, 1.

It's brought to us by the kind Pop Affinicado Kyohei. He send us this more than sunny Mix from Japan. Put on your sunglasses so these 13 sparkling Tunes don't blind you.

Use Sunscreen. Johnny Dee - Hey Gentle Girl 3. Cymbals - My Patrick 4. Frenesi - Nero 7. Jetlag - Floater Album Version 8. Caraway - Take you away Remember if you want to do a Guestmix,just let me know. Next Month your Mix can shine here. Labels: Guest Mix , Japan , Shibuya-kei.

Juni Japan goes Latin. Exotica that strange Amalgam of nearly every latin Rythym and exotic Percussions. Discover Artists like Mari Watanabe. Her 1st Single "Tokyo Dodonpa Daughter"sold more than million copies. Izumi Yukimura a famous Singer and Actres of many Musical Movies was so popular that she even managed to break in America.

Appearing in some high profile TV shows: she was host to Ed Sullivan to name just one. So pour in yourself some fancy Drink and Mambo down the Room.

Mari Watanabe-Tokyo Boy Hunt 6. Kakkun Shopkeeper Mambo Nr. Spasm 8. Keiko Ikuta-Tokyo Titina 9. Tomoko Takara-Japanese Calypso Keiko Ikuta-Tokyo Yagibushi Mambo Toshiko Yamaguchi-Tokyo Conga Labels: Exotica , Japan , Sampler. In the early '60s, Germany was still trying to come to terms with its past. But with the post-war economic miracle the german Youth was eager for foreign Pop Culture. German record companies refused to hear the call for something more hip, and continued to force-feed schmaltzy, high camp fare to their Artists.

While most of the younger german Artists turn their Heads overseas,a lot of foreign Artists discover Germany as a marketplace for their Music. In the 60's nearly every european and a lot U. Artists sang their Hits in german.

So there was only room for a few german Singers to reach for international Standards or even cross the Boarders to the rest of the World. Most have to stuck with a kind of low-grade pop lite that gave German music a bad name.

Here are a very few that were granted access to the catalogue of cool. Inga-The Beat Goes On 2. Marianne Mendt-Wie A Glock'n 8. France Gall-Hippie Hippie 9. Elisa Gabbai-Winter in Canada Mary Roos-Blauer Montag Labels: 60's , Chicks on Beat , Germany , Sampler. Juni Shibuya Soul. Here is the Place to charge your Batteries. Refresh your Mind with 14 sophisticated soulful Tunes that will brighten your Mood. Put on your Headphones or turn up the Volume of your Stereo and leave all your Troubles behind.

Paris Match-Drive 4. Izanami-Sunshine feat. Urb Horns 5. Melting Holidays-Northern Express 9. Nino-Sayonara Pizzicato Five-Sleeper Pecombo-Izayoi Samstag, 5. Juni The Sociables prefer Pop! With his 2 Songbook Lp's he is a little Star in Korea. I hope you like this little excerpt of German Pop.

Bazooka Cain-Kurze Fahrt 3. Superpunk-Ich weigere mich, aufzugeben 4. Barnes 5. Les Garcons-Weit,weit weg 6. Rockformation Diskokugel-Anne Clark vs. Morissey 7. Elegant-Widerstand ist zwecklos 8. Kajak-Landluft 9. Die Moulinettes-Meine Liebe ist wie ein Asylantrag Ralley-Adriano Celentalo Space Kelly-Babyface Claire Labels: Germany , Sampler , The Sociables. Dienstag, 1. Juni Into the Light. Then It's Time to breakout. Into the Night,into the Light Denki Groove-Shangri-La 2.

KARIN 4. Mini Kyute-Miracles 5. Kofta-No meaning to Cry 7. Capsule-Music Controller 8. Humming Urban Stereo-Banana shake 9. Dahlia-Little black Dress Sayaka Kushibiki-Daydream Journey Metro Trip-Baby Baby Jafrosax-Rollin' Mai Someday,Everyday. Summer is almost here,so it's Time to leave the House and head out into the Open.

Pack youre Bags,get on your Bike or jump in your Motorcar and explore the wonders of the World. Feel free to get Lost. Yours Percy 1.

Chappie-Everyday 2. Corniche Camomile-Chelsea Walk 3. Original Love-Romance Sunshine 5. Hiro Takahashi-Japanese Title 6. Refely-Wendy 9. Hiro Takahashi-Japanese Title Mocca-What if Elvis, Beatles and Ventures were amongst the most popular Names. The Songs are sung with seriousness while amusing themselves, but they are in fact so amusing,and make life look so easy and simple. Often comes Will before Talent. That is how the Song should sound. Hope you enjoy this little View on Thai Beat.

Next Time Germany. Sodsai Chaengkij-Shake Baby Shake 3. Louise Kennedy-Poo Yai Lee 4. Sodsai Chaengkij-Lady Madonna 5. Suda Chuenbarn-Funky Broadway 8. Suda Chuenbarn-Jong Wai Korn Daw Bandon-Bong Ja Bong Supaphorn-Cham Chai Labels: 60's , Chicks on Beat , Sampler , Thailand. Samstag, 8. Mai The Sociables prefer Pop! Spring is in full swing,everything's in bloom even the Mixes at Pachinko Overdrive.

The popular Picknick Series becomes new Branches. This new 12 piece Series is called "The Sociables prefer Pop! The Sociables have come to claim what originally belongs to them. Europe's High North is one of the most important places when it comes to clever Pop Music. So Join in and become a Sociable yourself. Acid House Kings-Sunday Morning 2. Ephemera-One Minute 3. Aerospace-Summer Days are forever 4. The Shermans-July in London 5. Eggstone-She's Perfect 7. Girlfriendo-First Kiss Feeling 9.

I'm From Barcelona-This boy feat. Loney, Dear The Sound Of Arrows-Danger! Jens Lekman-You Are the Light Labels: Sampler , Scandinavia , The Sociables. Samstag, 1. It's created by a multi-talented Guy,that goes by the very spyish Name of Sam Houser. I invite you to take a peek and get an idea of the shows I assembled during that time. Enjoy - - and thanks!

Maybe somehow you haven't noticed, but to say the least there's a distinct chill in the air. What better excuse is there for hanging out and listening to music? I'm lucky; I get to share some of the music I like with you. Too much fun! If you're curious about some of the selections please drop me a line by clicking on the 'Email me' link over to your right.

Questions, comments, suggestions All are appreciated. Seems that this episode was primarily about hunks of funk and latin soul, some of the places they intersect, and plenty of instances where they diverge from themselves As ever, again, again, as always If you have any questions about the music, some suggestion to offer for an upcoming show, or the desire to say hello, please place your cursor onto the 'email me' link over there and just click it one more time with feeling.

Super de Empanadas y Pizzas Speciality food shop. Pizzeria maru Local business. Franja de Oro Amateur sports team. Confiteria Pinocho Event. Pages liked by this Page. TyC Sports. Recommendations and reviews. Me dicen q la vez pasada hubo el mismo inconveniente culpa suya, error suyo y que quieren si tardaron 40 minutos en mandar el cambio La familia tiene que comer, no los puedo dejar esperando una hora y media a que ustedes se decidan en mandar las cosas bien, pero tranki.

OR send a message from you to me me by clicking the 'email me' linkage over just a smidge towards the right side of this page. Ask a question about the music. Make a suggestion for a future show. Or just say 'howdy' Thank you kindly. This was a fun show to assemble. Almost all of the music came from a brick of CDs trundled home in a carry-on bag from a whirlwind out-of-town weekend. Big thanks for all the fodder to Shelley and Shelley's Dad and 2 locations of the single-celled place of evil.

Plant yer cursor squarely into the sidebar on the right and kiss that 'email me' link for me. Ask that itchy question about the music, deposit a suggestion for something you'd like to hear in an upcoming show, or just give me a quick noncommittal head nod and say 'hey'.

The pleasure is mine to share. Gitano Baila! A collection of performances cascading past crunchy guitars, blasting brass, fuzzy electronics, bewailing voices and other curious oddities - - but culminating in the whining deejay soliciting comments. YOU can drop me a line by clicking on that 'email me' link nestled within that right hand sidebar.

If you have a question about the music or wish to make a suggestion for a future show, I'd be pleased to try and accommodate. Or just say 'hello' T Experience Sometimes, thankfully, a pissy mood can be hard to maintain. Songs about contention, fear, righteous indignation and pain give way to a jazzy, funky, soulful desire to shake it down to the ground. Hey, I can't tell me what to do The muse must know best, so maybe it's best for all if I get out of it's way! Over in yonder right-handled sidlebar there lies an 'email me' link for you to click with.

Follow your thoughts and posit a query about the music, or feel free to venture a request for something you'd like to hear in an upcoming show. I had a blast putting this one together. Maybe next time I'll be contacted by more than one person Click yer cursor on the 'email me' link lurking an inch or two over to your right.

Pose a question about the music, venture YOUR request for some upcoming show. Thanks much The Grandeur! Making radio for you is big fun! The music goes round and round, threatens to fly off the track once or twice, and it comes out there. You can drop me a line by clicking on the 'email me' link dangling amidst that right hand sidebar.

Axe a question about the music, make a suggestion for a future show, or just say 'hey' What th' - -? And yet Welcome to my world. From my perspective the music all flows together just as it should and sounds quite jolly. How about for you? Maybe it was that Summer heatwave? Hit the 'email me' link that hangs out over on the right hand side of the page - - Ask a question about the music, make a request for some future show.

It's my pleasure to share. Thank you kindly Another twisty-turvy assortment of tunes. Some swamp-rootsy twang sprinkled liberally throughout, lots of cover tunes no suprise, that including a meandering diversion in the general vicinity of The Doors. A couple of bands from Texas and a couple of bay area groups.

Alt-klezmer from Orange County and everyone's favorite punk-zydeco band from Switzerland. Oh, and Red Buttons has left us, so one of his tunes from the '50's.

Mattito's, Irving Picture: Rumba Rita - Check out TripAdvisor members' 14, candid photos and videos of Mattito's.

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  1. Introduction The intention of this paper is to introduce the reader to some general history and important issues key to a basic understanding of traditional Afro-Caribbean musical traditions of the Puerto Rican Bomba and the Cuban rumba. The reader is provided with some key historical information a.
  2. This cinnamon ice cream is the taste of the holidays in a rich, creamy, coconut milk ice cream. Dreamy! FLV Rich Cinnamon 2 drops per 15ml! S/V let it sit 48 hours, better or perfect after 4 days.
  3. Chords: F, Bb, Eb, Cm. Chords for 2'TLI Presenta--El Varon De La Bachata--Mix Video [ En vivo ] @ Rumba Chordify gives you the chords for any song.
  4. Sabor de Gràcia present their new recording La cançó amb rumba, a tribute to the Nueva Cancion (New song) style of Cuba with Catalan Rumba.
  5. Coco-Rumba, Apizaco, Mexico. K likes. Gracias a ti hoy en dia somos el mejor lugar para divertirse ven y dejanos convenserte no t vas arrepentir t esperamos todos los viernes y sabados/5(40).
  6. Stream Cafe Rumba - Deep Latin Jazz House Mix by DJ Dimsa from desktop or your mobile device.
  7. COCO RUMBA - , Apizaco, Tlaxcala - Rated 5 based on 4 Reviews "єѕ υи є¢єℓєитє ¢αитα-вαя ℓσ яє¢σмιєи∂σ мυу вσиιтσ,м є " Jump to Sections of this page5/5(4).
  8. Los Hermanos Rosario - Rumba (Letras y canción para escuchar) - Rumba, que buena está la rumba / Vamos a gozar la rumba / Vamos a bailar la rumba / Hoy me siento rumbero / Rumba es lo que yo quiero / Quiero sentirme bien /.
  9. Apr 02,  · Amazing Rumba Impact – Riccardo Cocchi & Yulia Zagoruychenko. April 2, views. Watch Later Remove Cinema Mode. Facebook Twitter Reddit Pinterest Email Google+ WhatsApp. Comments. comments. You may also like. Video. Latin American, Rumba A simply stunning Rumba showdance from Troels and Ina. views.
  10. Nov 11,  · UPDATE, 3/ This blog's function began as a means to share playlists from my weekly webcast on Radio Boise.I'm no longer an active programmer with Radio Boise, but below you'll find the archived lists of what I played during my tenure there from - I invite you to take a peek and get an idea of the shows I assembled during that bluesrock.granilargardajindforcerunner.infoinfo - - and thanks!

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