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Scalped - Tatto* Feat. Hugo Rodriguez - Week Of Doctors

As the technician started to add the actual color, you'll notice Annear's lips start to slowly puff up during the two-hour process. For the sake of YouTube, Annear trimmed the tedious scenes and showed us the final results. Immediately following the procedure, her freshly tattooed lipcolor looked just like lipstick. The technician explained that over the next few weeks, the initial color will become 60 percent lighter.

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Can imagine that. Lovely memories to be cherished no? In my hometown and all they have 2 versions to this.

Now gals.. Indian Makeup and Beauty Blog. There has not been sufficient information on the risks of being tattooed with the ingredients of tattoo ink. This has led to the unregulated use of a number of toxic ink ingredients. Lead, cadmium, chromium, nickel, titanium and other heavy metals may be found in tattoo inks. Some black ink has been reported to have polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons PAHs ; there is a possibility that PAHs is linked to some skin cancers.

Since the FDA does not regulate the ink industry, it is close to impossible to predict what the possible side effects and outcomes are from receiving a tattoo with toxic ink. Luckily, a number of the possible toxic substances found in ink have a very short half-life, meaning they do not stay in the body for a long time. Staying healthy before and after getting a tattoo, and also during the tattoo removal process, is crucial.

If you are healthy, the body is well-equipped with detoxification pathways that can handle many of the ingredients in tattoo ink. However, if you are sensitive to new substances introduced to the body, or have a compromised immune system or unhealthy lifestyle, then be cautious and educated about what substances are used in the tattoo ink. While there were many practical bebefits I could cite, the most outstanding positive was the formation of close and lasting friend- ships.

Early in the year, the council members attended a retreat. In a conference room in upstairs Benson, the retreat evening was spent learning more about one an- other as people. It was a time of great fun, learning and understanding. As we stepped outside our official roles, we established a connection with each other that carried over into the fulfillment of our respective duties. We became a team, concerned for one another and committed to reaching our goals, not on by ourselves, but as a group.

The organization was built on a foundation of fellowship, con- cern and service. It consistently attracts a talented individuals, whose work ethic and dedication allow them to function cohesively as a team. IGC ably represented the best of Santa Clara's ideals, fostering a collective respect and equality among the officers.

I have been fortunate to work with an especially animated and dynamic group of people whose ethics and abilities have been continually inspiring and valu- able. Their constructive criticism, the group accomplishments and healthy laugh- ter helped make the year a success in every way possible. I am thankful for the time I spent, the advancements I made, and the legacy I continued. In all fairness and honesty, the IGC experience was truly one worth hav- ing. It was a fun, yet serious, year.

Santa Clara's most recently chartered organiza- tion eft, and will continue to leave, its mark on the SCU student and the im- provement of student life. I am thankful for my friendships and memories.

IGC will forever be a leader among campus organizations, always determined to get the job done - as a team. Some upperclassmen still opt to live on campus for the convenience. They spent fall jarter in Washington DC getting an inside look at how our government opperates.

Although somewhat 'underground', SCU's radio station offered the opportunity for many students to express their musical side and get involved with the broadcast world. Junior Woman Engineer speaks about gender discrimination in her field Outraged is the only word I can use to describe how I felt sometimes as a woman engineer.

For example, one time a man working in engineering had the nerve to say all the women with whom he worked were "work-aholics trying to prove them- selves good enough. What is it like to be a woman studying mechanical engineering? I woke up each morning to attend a class with, at the most, only four other women in it. Not that it is all bad to be outnumbered 6 to 1 in your field. In fact, meeting a man who will treat me as an equal and a buddy was not that difficult.

But encountering a man who will see me as someone other than "just one of the guys" is another story altogether. Getting punched in the shoul- der as a greeting was great but sometimes I would have appreciated a nice "Hi, how's it going?

I knew it wasn't in my head, but all the same, the feelings were there. Of course 1 loved it when my professors gave me extra help when I needed it - we all did. But what I didn't love was when they assumed 1 needed the extra help.

I loved it when people didn't stereotype me as the typical "Enginerd. Why would I have to be an anti-social, greasy-haired, emascu- late female to even be considered for pos- sible success as a mechanical engineer? I don't speak for all women in my field, but I do see us as extraordinarily beautiful people.

We do not need to lose our femi- ninity, our identity, or our drive to com- pete and succeed. I am a woman engineer. I can't think of a more demanding field of study. I am different. I work hard to achieve what I achieve. I do know what it takes to be successful. I am a woman engineer — 1 know I can make it. Nunez was elected and became the lird female president in SCU history.

Students are never lacking good concerts and cultural events in the Bay Area, where almost all the major lows are sure to stop on their tours. Though students who live in the residence halls don't have a back porch, activities such as pumpkin carving were done in their rooms — with lots of newspaper spread out to protect the floor.

Many lower-classmen decked out in their finest for the ball. Santa Clara students often took trips with the friends that they have made through their various activities to rest, relax, have fun and to get to know one another better. I think the idea must have entered my mind during the part of my childhood spent in Haiti. Experiences in Haiti Aas a child, it was impossible to live there without encountering the blatant signs of misery and suffering that form the backdrop of Haitian life.

Back then, when my family and I drove past an emaciated body on the side of the road, I half made myself believe that this "skeleton," obviously dead, might actually be resting and would probably get up as soon as we drove past. And, 1 also learned that dead bodies are not people who are resting be- cause they are tired. Proper Health Care Today, I have come to realize that we each need to share our gifts with others, to save each other from being cast aside along life's barren roadsides and 1 believe that there is no right more basic to human existence that the right to proper health care.

As 1 find myself entering adulthood and mak- ing choices about my future. But, 1 know life holds a goal for me to help others before they are cast to the roadside.

Changing Majors Switching majors from biology to Ccemistry, where my skills and interests lie, was not an easy decision. Biology, however, was not a field I felt I could contribute most to the world. I know my talents and skills better suit a major in chemistry even though switching means giving up a career as a doctor, something I have always wanted to be. Yet, whatever my profession, I will work to help others, to help those who have been cast aside.

Many students took advantage of the welcoming atmosphere created by the fountain, the cafe and the tables new at Benson this year. Students often studied with friends and in study groups to help them better focus their energy on the tasks at hand. Homecoming Week provided a variety of fun-filled activities to pump up school spirit.

David Ohlson, Vince Novak and Alyssa Schmidt enjoy a staff dinner with the Activities Programming Board members who worked hard to coordinate, plan and present social activities for students. The retreat provided another opportunity for freshmen to get to know each other better. After a summer of remodeling, the new food court was finally ready when freshmen arrived on campus for the first time.

What started out in high school as a whim has become a yearning. Once I expe- rienced the excitement of journalism, I didn't want to stop — so I ended up at SCU as a communication major. In my state of eupho- ria, it slipped my mind that I had very little "serious" experience in journalism. To base a future on a whimsical high school decision may have been a little frivolous.

The first thing I did when I arrived at SCU was made sure that I enrolled in journalism practicum to get some "real" experience. After watching too many episodes of Letterman, I became paranoid about those 5- year-old child prodigies who write concertos or make maps of the U. Journalism positions especially film criticism, my per- sonal goal aren't strewn across the pave- ment like cigarette butts, so I wanted to make sure that I had the "edge" on the competi- tion.

As a freshman trying to break into college journalism, it's been difficult. I've spent the majority of this year paying my proverbial dues, so next year I can apply for an editor position at The Santa Clara and begin to learn the ropes. Don't get me wrong, being a peon has it's privileges. Slowly, as the year has worn on, I have become less and less intimidated by the blaring music and overstuffed couches at TSC.

By writing for the "Arts and Entertainment" section, I have seen several movies absolutely free of admission my favorite perk. I have also learned a lot about SCU in a fairly short amount of time. Possibly the best way to learn to appreciate SCU is to inter- view students and research various cam- pus organizations. Best of all, if I do become an editor someday , I will know what it is like to be a peon, so I can in turn make the transformation into a journalist easier for someone else.

Acquainting myself with TSC has been an enjoyable and useful adventure only reinforcing my decision to pursue the love of my life — print journalism. Halloween was the first holiday away from home and a chance to be a kid again for many freshmen. Resident Assistants planned programs to help develop floor unity.

Smoking is no longer allowed in residence halls so students must go outdoors to indulge their habit. Although many students may consider themselves too old for trick br treating, it is never too late to have a good time on Halloween.

In the fifth inning, when baseball games become official, fans stood and cheered for 22 minutes while Ripken took a "thank-you" lap around the ballpark.

Jerry Garcia, co- founder of the Grateful Dead, died of a heart attack while in a drug rehabilitation center in suburban San Francisco. Deadheads gathered in public areas across the country to mourn their friend's death. On the evening of Oct.

In December, he offically announced that he was not a candidate for president. Many Americans were disappointed, but remain hopeful for the elections when "Powell for President" might be a winning ticket. Occurring around 1a. The Braves won the series in six games. The "Million Man March" gathering was in response to a call from Louis Farrakhan, to rally for unity and brotherhood.

Speakers such as civil right veterans Rosa Parks and Rev. Jesse Jackson urged the men to fight racism, and rebuild black families and communities. The year-old pontiff began his five day visit by addressing the United Nations General Assembly in conjunction with the organization's 50th anniversary. During the trip, he called for greater attention to the needs of the less fortunate. But, on Dec. Apache and Black Hawk helicopters roared into Bosnia to take control of the front-line positions.

The conflict and peace talks continue Left. Tragically, one month later, on Nov. On Sept. Wu's trip to China was one of several he had made since 1 for the purpose of filming the abuses in China's prison labor camps Left.

Murrah Federal Building and killing or wounding hundreds of men, women and children. Shortly after the explosion, Timothy McVeigh, a Gulf War veteran was arrested and identified as one of the bombing suspects. On Oct. Simpson was acquitted in the June 1 2, 1 murder of his former wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend, Ronald Goldman. The Cowboys defeated the Pittsburg Steelers 7. Vying for the top position in women's tennis, Steffi Graf and Monica Seles met on the tennis court Sept.

Open title. Graf defeated Seles and received her third consecutive Grand Slam title. Joseph's and you would have found that best friends were many different breeds of dogs. The English Department dedicated a whole bulletin board to its "beloved canine companions," complete with pet and owners' names. The playful pictures featured a variety of dogs such as Dachshunds, German Shepherds, Beagles, Terriers, and Labradors, as well as some mixed breeds. These canine composites captured a sense of the comraderie in the department between the professors, pets and students.

On the last day of class each quarter, Cory Wade, English senior lecturer, brought her German Shepherd, Thor, and explained that "[he has] respect for me, and 1 have respect for him. Eileen Elrod, assistant professor of English, shared that her dog, Simon, liked to "dig holes and By Tara Seshadri eat toilet paper," and had a tendency to be "mischievous. Heidi often showed her "clever and mischievous" side when she picked pockets.

However, Dreher also emphasized she was "sweet- tempered and positive," and loved pizza. As captivating as the pets were, the unique and often literary, names of these beloved canines were equally interesting; some originated from favorite authors or poets, such as Elrod's Simon, who was named after Ann Bradstreet's husband. Other names were inspired by characters of books, or even mythology, such as Wade's dog, Thor, who was named after a Norse god. No matter what name or breed, the pets amused professors and students of the English Department.

But more than amusing, pets were loyal and trustworthy. Professors and students attested to the loyalty and trust their pets displayed to their owners and the department. Thanks to the L1NC project, residents were able to access their e-mail and the World Wide Web from the residence halls. Residents were connected to the Internet, cable television and voice mail.

The new technology was welcomed by students who were happy to have the addition of MTV and e-mail in their rooms. The LINC project upgraded the residence halls, but that wasn't all that was done over the summer. He had no idea that the months following his comment would hold some of the biggest expansion and complexity the Center had ever seen.

Several years after the Center's emergence, 1 applied for a position at the Center thinking, how hard can it be? I'd only be working as a secretary for a few hours a week Not exactly. My first week happened to be the week before a nursing conference attended by hundreds that required extensive mailings, phone calls and copying. The nursing conference, one of the major development projects the Center assumed, proved to be a success, increasing the demand for future programs.

Following the conference, the Center experienced a tremendous amount of growth, and I was fortunate enough to be a part of the changes. The longer I worked there, the more I learned and 1 began to see just what an asset the Center was to the university and to the community. There were study groups for faculty which focused on racism or the family; "Ethics at Noon" programs were hour-long discussions of everyday ethical issues that arise in life; and frequent conferences featuring renowned speakers like William Galston and By Kristine Wimberly Gerald Uelmen were open to students, faculty and off-campus guests.

The Center offered ethical outlets for people inside the university and for those in the general populus. Among the many changes the Center saw in the past year , a generous contribution was made by one of the original donors that helped get the Center off the ground.

Renamed the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics to show gratitude for Markkula's interest and financial support, the Center's staff also extended to four full-time and two part-time employees and eight student assistants. Being a secretary for the Center was not just a paying job. The experience I gained through my work provided me with knowledge 1 would not have gained anywhere else, knowledge about making ethical decisions and about how to interact with people.

The challenges I faced only helped me grow as an individual and taught me what it takes to make it in the professional world. The Markkula Center for Applied Ethics served not only as an invaluable resource for the SCU community; it also provided me with a supplementary education. Simpson defense team, Gerald Uelmen, speaks on the issue of ethics in making judgements on facts and evidence presented in the courtroom rather than on emotional impulse as a part of the "Ethics at Noon" series.

The Markkula Center for Applied Ethics sponsored various speakers, workshops and other events for educational purposes regarding ethics. Klug presented a workshop on Conflict Resolution, sharing her specialized training in that area. It was a place where 1 could go and be reminded that there was a purpose to the school routine. It was a place where 1 could listen and learn about leadership, a place where I was given the opportunity to think about ways in which I could apply what I was learning in class when it came time to take a position of leadership.

Topics in the Emerging Leaders Program were wide ranging but were always focused on the main theme of leadership. It was always rewarding when my concepts matched those of proven leaders. It validated my belief that no matter who we are or under what circumstances we may find ourselves, we all have the potential to be leaders. I learned many practical applications to use in directing my affairs as a leader or toward becoming a leader.

From methods of self-analysis, to charts and diagrams of hypothetical situations in which I imagined and planned for success, I have found that these were truly the keys which will greatly assist me in my daily affairs.

And what made this such a powerful experience was that the facilitators which spoke to us at each meeting were people with direct leadership experience in one way or another. For example, we were honored to hear the insights of SCU Professor Barry Posner, co-author of the "Leadership Challenge" , as well as several other books. The Emerging Leaders Program was only available to students of the freshman class.

I am grateful to the Emerging Leaders Program for creating a dynamic environment where I was able to cultivate the positive qualities of leadership, knowing that in time, what I have learned will manifest in success.

Center for Stdud irndtrski r Wed. Emerging Leaders was only one of the many programs available as part of the Student Leadership Institute. Consequently, the SRC developed an office for each of these groups while still handling withdrawing students, as an information resource for scholarships, academic counseling and assistance. Basically, anything you may need could be found in the SRC; if there was a director unavailable, Bob Crawford or Monica Coriea, the administrative assistants would help you.

The day of the O. Simpson verdict was a very hard day for me, as for many other African American students. Many of the comments made about the verdict, seemed to me to be overtly racist. After class I went into the SRC very upset, needing to vent. Denise was not available, so I spoke with Phyllis Lane, who was very helpful in assisting me. After leaving her office I felt empowered and ready to face Santa Clara University. The Student Resource Center was one of the most important offices for me as an under represented student at Santa Clara University.

As the demand for resources increased so did the role of the SRC because the Student Resource Center continually asked, "What do the students want? Tesfazghi recorded books for two quarters on a book by book basis. Bushmill's is the oldest licensed distillery in the world, a perfect spot for students abroad who were looking for a bit of history' So, what a better way to stretch out a fifth year than by spending half of it in England.

Yet, as I look back on my experience, I realize it was much more than just a way to prolong another year; it was the experience of a lifetime. Going abroad turned out to be more than I ever expected, it opened my mind to new ideas and ways of thinking; took me places I had only heard of; and offered me opportunities I had never imagined. But spending a semester abroad can be misleading when it comes to academics.

Most people assume it means taking a semester to travel, hang out and have fun, and no doubt those were some of the benefits,but it also meant going to class, writing papers and taking tests. In selecting my courses, I knew I wasn't fulfilling requirements and thus decided to take classes about the country I was going to be living in.

Jun 09,  · that same thing happened with a tatt i got on my foot. the stupid tattoo artist should of only used a single needle but did it too thick of a line and mine took like two months to look halfway normal. the ink is in the skin now but still itches badly once in awhile i guess from the ink idk but the one on my back i didn't have that problem but don't worry it will take longer than you thought.

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