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Sexxx Toy - Various - Up Coming New Releases 2006 / 07

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Total destruction of the holes on the fuck machine. Lesbians bang their juicy slits with dildos. Anal solo satisfaction for a lascivious webcam slut. Persuaded by the stepmother to have strap-on sex. The Transformers theme tune for the film was performed by Lion with "Weird Al" Yankovic adding a song to the soundtrack. The third season followed up The Movie , with the revelation of the Quintessons having used Cybertron as a factory. Their robots rebel, and in time the workers become the Autobots and the soldiers become the Decepticons.

Note: This appears to contradict background presented in the first two seasons of the series. It is the Autobots who develop transformation. However, the Japanese broadcast of the series was supplemented with a newly produced OVA , Scramble City , before creating entirely new series to continue the storyline, ignoring the end of the American series. Just as the TV series was wrapping up, Marvel continued to expand its continuity.

It followed The Movie' s example by killing Prime [26] and Megatron, [27] albeit in the present day. Dinobot leader Grimlock takes over as Autobot leader. Joe crossover [29] and the limited series The Transformers: Headmasters , which further expanded the scope to the planet Nebulon. In the United Kingdom, the mythology continued to grow. Primus was introduced as the creator of the Transformers, to serve his material body that is planet Cybertron and fight his nemesis Unicron. In , Shout! They also released the same content as individual seasons.

It was five issues [40] of the G. Joe comic in that would springboard a return for Marvel's Transformers, with the new twelve-issue series Transformers: Generation 2 , to market a new toy line. This story revealed that the Transformers originally breed asexually , though it is stopped by Primus as it produced the evil Swarm. Though the year-long arc wrapped itself up with an alliance between Optimus Prime and Megatron , the final panel introduced the Liege Maximo, ancestor of the Decepticons.

The story focused on a small group of Maximals the new Autobots , led by Optimus Primal , and Predacons , led by Megatron , years after the "Great War". After a dangerous pursuit through transwarp space , both the Maximal and Predacon factions end up crash landing on a primitive, uncivilized planet similar to Earth , but with two moons and a dangerous level of Energon which is later revealed to be prehistoric Earth with an artificial second moon, taking place sometime during the 4 million year period in which the Autobots and Decepticons were in suspended animation from the first episode of the original Transformers cartoon , which forces them to take organic beast forms in order to function without going into stasis lock.

By the end of the first season, the second moon and the Energon are revealed to have been constructed by a mysterious alien race known as the Vok. The destruction of the second moon releases mysterious energies that make some of the characters " transmetal " and the planet is revealed to be prehistoric Earth, leading to the discovery of the Ark.

Megatron attempts to kill the original Optimus Prime , [46] but at the beginning of the third season, Primal manages to preserve his spark. In the two-season follow-up series, Beast Machines , Cybertron is revealed to have organic origins, which Megatron attempts to stamp out. After the first season of Beast Wars comprising 26 episodes aired in Japan, the Japanese were faced with a problem. The second Canadian season was only 13 episodes long, not enough to warrant airing on Japanese TV.

While they waited for the third Canadian season to be completed thereby making 26 episodes in total when added to season 2 , they produced two exclusive cel-animated series of their own, Beast Wars II also called Beast Wars Second and Beast Wars Neo , to fill in the gap. Dreamwave retroactively revealed Beast Wars to be the future of their G1 universe, [47] and the IDW comic book Beast Wars: The Gathering eventually confirmed the Japanese series to be canon [48] within a story set during Season 3.

Beast Wars contained elements from both the G1 cartoon series and comics. Attributes taken from the cartoon include Transformers that were female, the appearance of Starscream who mentions being killed off by Galvatron in The Transformers: The Movie , and appearances of the Plasma Energy Chamber and Key to Vector Sigma.

The naming of the Transformer ship, the "Ark" and reference to , the year the Transformers on board were revived and the character, Ravage being shown as intelligent, and Cybertron having an organic core were elements taken from the comics.

In , Dreamwave Productions began a new universe of annual comics adapted from Marvel, but also included elements of the animated. The Dreamwave stories followed the concept of the Autobots defeating the Decepticons on Earth, but their return journey to Cybertron on the Ark II [50] is destroyed by Shockwave , now ruler of the planet.

The series also added extra complexities such as not all Transformers believing in the existence of Primus, [52] corruption in the Cybertronian government that first lead Megatron to begin his war [53] and Earth having an unknown relevance to Cybertron. Three Transformers: The War Within limited series were also published. These are set at the beginning of the Great War, and identify Prime as once being a clerk named Optronix.

In a new twist, Primus and Unicron are siblings, formerly a being known as The One. Transformers: Micromasters , set after the Ark' s disappearance, was also published. The real life universe was disrupted when Dreamwave went bankrupt in Plans for a comic book set between Beast Wars and Beast Machines were also left unrealized.

Throughout the years, the G1 characters have also starred in crossovers with fellow Hasbro property G. Joe , but whereas those crossovers published by Marvel were in continuity with their larger storyline, those released by Dreamwave and G. Joe publisher Devil's Due Publishing occupy their own separate real life universes. In Devil's Due, the terrorist organization Cobra is responsible for finding and reactivating the Transformers. Dreamwave's version reimagines the familiar G1 and G.

Joe characters in a World War II setting, and a second limited series was released set in the present day, though Dreamwave's bankruptcy meant it was cancelled after a single issue. Devil's Due had Cobra re-engineer the Transformers to turn into familiar Cobra vehicles, and released further mini-series that sent the characters travelling through time, battling Serpentor and being faced with the combined menace of Cobra-La and Unicron.

During this time, Cobra teams up with the Decepticons. IDW Publishing has expressed interest in their own crossover. Here are the top five best anime premieres of Winter ! Icicles hang perilously from your front door frame. It's way too cold out there, so let's get cozy with five of our favorite premieres from the Winter anime season! We've got mysteries, fan Goblin Slayer Novel 8 Jan 26, 2 comments. There haven't been any earth-shattering revelations or changes for them, but that actually works in the series' favor, keeping the characters grounded in their fears, All rights reserved.

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