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The 18th Chime - Cacophony 33 - In Search Of Mercia

What inspired you? Isabella : My last historical fiction series centered on the intrigues of the bawdy 17th c court of King Charles II. I started thinking about what might happen to all those royal bastards that Charles sired and made into dukes, and how their families might have evolved several generations later. The heroes of this new series are very loosely based on real noblemen in England in the s.

Loretta : Anyone who reads our blog knows that we love to talk about historical dress. I like how you incorporated the gorgeous Georgian clothes into your book, too. Isabella : As much as I'm a sucker for laces and silks, I don't ever want to make the story stop for a fashion report. I always try to make the clothes part of the action.

For example, Charlotte demonstrates exactly how to undress all the fascinating layers of 18th c male attire when she seduces March. Loretta : It's obvious that you love these characters and that you got under their skin. What fascinated you most about them? Isabella : One of the main themes in these books in family.

The heroes are cousins, and the heroines are sisters, and I loved the chance to explore how the two extended families come together, and how their relationships develop.

Loretta : Good! Now, I just found a fabulous new shoe source Newer Posts Older Posts Home. Subscribe to: Posts Atom. Share This. One of us -- Susan Holloway Scott -- writes historical novels, and as Isabella Bradford , also writes historical romance. To us, the everyday details of life in the past are things to talk about, ponder, make fun of -- much in the way normal people talk about their favorite reality show. We try to sort out rumor or myth from fact.

This blog is for them. Tweets by 2nerdyhistgirls. Search This Blog. Blogs We Follow. Pilgrim Mary Brewster c arrived on The Mayflower 2 weeks ago. FriendsMW MuseumWeek 8 months ago. All Things Georgian. Attingham Park. A special wedding anniversary 5 months ago.

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The Iclingas also Iclings or House of Icel were a dynasty of Kings of Mercia during the 7th and 8th centuries, named for Icel or Icil, great-grandson of Offa of Angel , a legendary or semi-legendary figure of the Migration Period who was in turn made to descend from Woden by the Anglo-Saxon royal genealogies.

The Iclingas reached the height of their power under Offa of Mercia r. Penda , who became king of Mercia in about and is the first king named in the regnal lists of the Anglian collection , and at the same time the last pagan king of Mercia, gave rise to a dynasty that supplied at least eleven kings to the throne of Mercia.

Four additional monarchs were given an Icling pedigree in later genealogical sources but are now believed to have descended from the family by way of Penda's sister. Icel himself is of debatable historicity; according to Nicholas Brooks , if historical he would have lived sometime between and [5] and was probably considered the founder of the dynasty because he was the first of his line in Britain. In this tradition, Icel is the leader of the Angles who migrated to Britain. Icel is then separated from the establishment of Mercia by three generations: Icel's son was Cnebba , whose son was Cynewald , whose son was Creoda, first king of Mercia.

Matthew Paris s. Several place names in England have been suggested as derived from the name of Icel or the Iclingas, including Icklingham , Ickleford , Ickleton and Ixworth.

The following are Iclinga kings of Mercia whose historicity is certain. Two shopping centres lie on either side of the High Street: the enclosed Emery Gate Shopping Centre and the open-air Borough Parade, with a medium-sized Tesco and a small Waitrose respectively. In and around the High Street there are very few independent shops as franchises dominate; there are some independent shops along The Causeway and in the Upper Market Place.

The Chippenham Co-operative Society was founded in Over the years it played an increasing role in the local economy, becoming deeply involved in agriculture and dairy farming, and for most of the 20th century its department store dominated the lower end of the High Street.

However, by the s the business was facing increasing competition and found it necessary to join forces with other co-operatives, first locally, then nationally, forming The Co-operative Group. In the s, this flagship store was sold and became a Wilko branch, but the Co-operative Group diversified into other areas, such as insurance and funeral services, which still operate through many local branches.

Chippenham Museum and Heritage Centre is in the town centre and tells the story of the market town. Duke Ludwig the severe and his nephew Conradin founded the town in The town hall follows the architectural style of Elias Holl 's Town Hall, built in , in neighbouring Augsburg.

Friedberg is a walled town, with many sporting and cultural events such as the 17th century Street Festival. The Chippenham Folk Festival [31] takes place every year, usually over the Whitsuntide weekend. The town holds an annual festival in remembrance of American rock and roll singer Eddie Cochran, who died on 17 April following a car accident in Chippenham on his way back to London during a tour.

Singer Gene Vincent and songwriter Sharon Sheeley survived the accident. From the Town Museum was housed in the Yelde Hall. By it had outgrown the site and moved to the former Magistrates' Court in the Market Place opened on 23 March The museum charts the history of the town from Neolithic times until today.

By , the museum had attracted over 90, visitors. Chippenham is well served with sports clubs and leisure facilities. The Olympiad Centre opened in , replacing an outdoor pool which had closed in It caters for a wide range of interests and has a variety of swimming pools and full gym facilities.

The Dome, an inflatable, all year round, indoor sports dome, provides amenities including netball, cricket nets and a five-a-side football league. Chippenham Town Bowls Club, with its own pavilion, is on the same site.

The town is home to Chippenham Town F. They currently play in the National League South. Chippenham United F. Chippenham Rugby Club is on the western outskirts alongside the A bypass. Chippenham has a small cinema , the Reel Astoria, on the A Marshfield Road, to the west of the town centre.

There is a variety of nightlife in the town, including nightclubs, wine bars, and a mixture of modern and traditionally styled pubs. Earlier voluntary classes were now coordinated, and this became the beginning of a national system of technical education. In , Edward Newall Tuck was appointed by the Education Committee of the Borough of Chippenham to organise technical classes in Chippenham and district.

Classes were held in rented premises at No. Teachers from elementary schools attended classes in a School of Art on Saturdays at the Jubilee Institute. Mr Tuck, in addition, gave talks on Wiltshire history and nature study; he also served as town councillor and was Mayor of Chippenham from to In , pupils were not admitted to classes until they reached the age of Pupils from day schools were admitted free from age 11 to The fees at this time were fixed at 6d per month, the whole expenses of the school being met by fees and grants from the Science and Art Department and the County Council.

Higher grade classes for boys, including Woodwork and Chemistry, were held at No. In , under the provisions of the Technical and Industrial Institutions Act , the Borough of Chippenham established the Chippenham and District County School, [43] subsequently known as the Chippenham County Secondary School for Boys and Girls, with Mr Tuck as the first headmaster he remained in this post until The premises were still located at No.

Boys were drawn from three elementary schools in Chippenham: the British, National and St. Paul's Schools. In addition twelve boys had previously attended the private grammar school. Others were from other private schools in Chippenham, Corsham, Devizes, Calne and surrounding villages. There were 39 boys aged 11 to 16 on the admission register from 13 April The curriculum included Latin, French, science, history, geography, grammar, bookkeeping , shorthand, arithmetic, writing, geometry and freehand drawing.

In September , a girls' school was established, against some opposition, in the Temperance Hall , Foghamshire; 22 girls were admitted at opening, from the schools of Mrs Parry Market Place , Miss Alexander Monkton Hill , Mrs White Marshfield Road , from private tuition and from local National and British schools.

The ceremony was attended by the Mayor and Aldermen of Chippenham. In addition to Mr Edward Newall Tuck as headmaster, the staff included three masters and one mistress; there were 99 pupils.

All day classes were consolidated here and pupil numbers increased rapidly. On 1 May the Governors decided that the school should become a Science School. Four scholarships were granted to three girls and one boy. In July it was decided to establish a centre for pupil-teachers at the school. In , local education authorities were established and Wiltshire County Council became responsible for education in Chippenham.

Latin was omitted from the curriculum. By there were pupils: 50 from urban and 51 from rural areas. In addition 49 pupil teachers were attending, 9 from urban and the remainder from rural schools, and the evening classes had pupils. From girls from elementary schools attended Cookery classes at the Cocklebury Road site. By October the school had pupils: 64 boys and 64 girls. The age of admission was 9, and the leaving age 17 to In addition to the yearly fees paid by pupils, the school was financed by County and Government grants.

However, there were a number of scholarships available and figures for the year show that of pupils 66 girls and 49 boys , 57 held scholarships, one a "free place", and only 57 were fee-payers. From my bed to your ears. Music n Brownies and chicken pie dinner.

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In Search of Peace and Prosperity - New German Settlements in Eighteenth-Century Europe and America, Hartmut Lehmann, Hermann Wellenreuther, Renate Wilson The Poet and Nature and the Morning Road, Madison Julius Cawein Farm , Rod Campbell.

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