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The Great Schism - Shadow Of Intent - Reclaimer

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Ghosts of Onyx. Contact Harvest. The Cole Protocol. Broken Circle. New Blood. Hunters in the Dark. Saint's Testimony. Last Light. Shadow of Intent. Smoke and Shadow. Legacy of Onyx. Bad Blood. Silent Storm. Comics Graphic Novel. The Cradle of Life. Blood Line. Fall of Reach. Tales from Slipspace. Rise of Atriox. Collateral Damage. Lone Wolf. Reference Art of Halo. Art of Halo 3. The Essential Visual Guide. The Great Journey.

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Halo Wars. Halo 3: ODST. Halo 4. Animation Halo Legends. Halo: The Fall of Reach. Live-action Landfall. Kerel -pattern assault carrier [2].

Flagship [2]. Primus -pattern borer [1]. Tantalus -pattern dispersal field generators [1]. Shipmaster Rtas 'Vadum [6]. At the dawn of the Great Schism , shortly after the Sangheili 's betrayal by the Hierarchs and Jiralhanae on November 3, , Shadow of Intent was attached to one of the Covenant fleets at High Charity when the Covenant holy city was at Installation Special Operations Commander Rtas 'Vadum led a strike-force that boarded Shadow of Intent and seized control of the carrier.

Shadow of Intent used its ventral beam to partially glass High Charity in an attempt to combat the Flood aboard it. Following the Prophet of Truth 's escape to Earth , most of the ships commanded by Arbiter Thel 'Vadam remained near Halo Installation 05 to quarantine the local Flood threat by glassing the surface. The Fleet of Retribution, consisting of Shadow of Intent and nine battlecruisers, followed the Flood-controlled vessel to the human homeworld.

The fleet arrived minutes after Indulgence of Conviction , which crash-landed in the city of Voi , Kenya , which in turn occurred only moments after Truth's fleet passed through a nearby slipspace portal to the Forerunner facility known as the Ark. Shipmaster 'Vadum hailed the human troops, instructing them to evacuate as the ship landed Special Operations forces into the ruins of Voi.

Soon Shadow of Intent and the battlecruisers glassed the city and the surrounding region to prevent the Flood from spreading across Earth.

The Fleet of Retribution was immediately met by Truth's fleet as Forward Unto Dawn deployed troops to the installation's surface. The Sangheili forces soon emerged victorious despite their enemies' three-to-one numerical advantage. Shadow of Intent sent down soldiers, vehicles, and supplies to aid the human forces on the surface of the Ark following the victory in orbit. The ship then took part in a diversionary bombardment of the shield protecting the Ark's Citadel , the point from which the entire Halo Array could be fired.

Before the carrier could get into position, however, the Flood-infested High Charity arrived via slipspace and crashed onto the surface of the Ark, shedding debris as it fell.

A large fragment smashed through Shadow of Intent amidships and inflicted severe damage, knocking out all of the carrier's weapon systems.

Despite the damage, the ship remained operational. Shadow of Intent was repaired and refitted at a mobile shipyard on December 30, After the memorial 'Vadum gave the Arbiter command of the vessel, whereupon the ship returned to Sanghelios. Between March 6 and August 24, , Shadow of Intent was believed to be retrieving former Covenant long-range exploratory fleets.

On April 22, , the ship was rendered combat-ineffective after a battle with Jul 'Mdama 's forces. Between May 6 and June 1, , Shadow of Intent participated in naval exercises with the UNSC Navy in a Joint Occupation Zone against pirates , by which point her weapons and nanolaminate hull plating had been improved.

Between June 1, , and March 3, , Shadow of Intent was tasked with the protection of Sanghelios and Sangheili colonies of the core world sphere. While the basic silhouette is similar to most other assault carriers, with a hooked prowl, immense hangar segment and a thick neck section connecting them, the Shadow of Intent does have a few differences. The most readily-noticed is its smoother hull which lacks the characteristic city-structures, and its distinctive rear cowling. These identify it as a rare Kerel -pattern assault carrier, a Prophet -approved variant of the more common Syfon -pattern.

The bridge is located in an armored command pod in the center of the carrier's neck, with the Blademaster's yard running along the outermost sides. This uses a mix of ancient ritual education with the latest War Games technology acquired from the UNSC to train the next generation of swordmasters. At the aft is an elaborate shrine to the Forerunners known as the Nave of the Creators, which is kept in perfect condition thanks to the crewmembers who have not given up their old beliefs.

The damage to the warship's interior compartments attained from the Great Schism has still not been completely repaired, with the deeper crew compartments hastily sealed off, ruined hallways and collapsed chambers filled with damage-control foam and entombed corpses. Like most Covenant ships, the Shadow of Intent is primarily armored with nanolaminate hull plating. During the post-war era , however, this has been supplemented with runic plating installed by the Arbiter's Huragok during repairs.

This advanced plating uses lattices of Forerunner composites interwoven with mysterious energy conduits. Humans and Sangheili aboard the Shadow of Intent in Halo 3. Shadow of Intent leads the Fleet of Retribution into battle against the Covenant above Installation Sign up Login. Main page. Games Original trilogy Halo: Combat Evolved.

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary. Halo 2. Halo 2: Anniversary. Halo 3. Reclaimer Saga Halo 4. Halo 5: Guardians. Halo Infinite. Halo: Spartan series Halo: Spartan Assault. Halo: Spartan Strike.

Halo Wars series Halo Wars. Halo Wars 2. The band takes advantage of several guest spots. Most notably that of Dickie Allen, who delivers one of the most crushing vocal performances in recent memory.

Alex Terrible's guest spot on "The Gathering of All" fits the song perfectly and elevates it to exciting new heights. Shadow of Intent are a special band. There is much more to them than many modern day deathcore bands.

Every person that contributed to this record is an expert in their craft, whether that be vocals, instrumentation, or sampling. The band fuses together multiple influences to create their own sound filled with unforgettable performances and emotional delivery.

The use of orchestral instruments only add to all the songs and are never distracting. Shadow of Intent have perfected their sound with their second album. They have a very bright future ahead of themselves. Tweet user ratings To Pimp a Butterfly.

Fear Inoculum. On 28 Music Lists. Add a Comment. Cabal : Drag Me Down. Beneath The Massacre : Fearmonger. To The Grave : Global Warning. Suicide Silence : Become The Hunter. Lorna Shore : Immortal. Despised Icon : Purgatory. Leave a Response Cancel reply Warning: If your comment includes an album download link or to an illegal download site, you will be banned! Dissolving remnants of molested offspring please my belly for it aches of youth.

Sinking in as my jaws begin to crack. Orgasms flow as their bones collapse. In the end, laying in banished famine bloated and withered. The Great Schism [Instrumental] The Mausoleum Of Liars Exchanging of adornment ordered by the throne. Causality of erroneous superstition. Revelations unfolding massacres. Betrayal in the name of the gods. Observing an archaic conflict uncoil by the means of conviction through the harvester.

Perception altered by aberration, consequent to the influence. The hive mind swarm penetrating minds. Absolute septicity among vermin. Infiltration of the the charity. Once flourishing in life, offering shelter to those abroad.

The galaxy's exotic mass grave. Child of my enemy, why have you come? I offer no forgiveness. A father's sins passed to his son. Time has taught me patience. But basking in new freedom, I will know all that I possess. In the grand scheme of things, good and evil, atrocious and nourishing. Revelations unfolding massacres in the name of their gods. The obelisk of time. A grave for the mind.

Memories of death fuels all mankind. A growth beyond control. A fire in which it shall burn alone. Come forth beyond space and time to consume and conquer. A demented, lost state of mind. Necrotized, excruciating genocide.

Once flourishing in life of those abroad. The exotic mass grave. To be crushed in their mutiny, consumed in murderous revelry. A desire un-relished. Betrayal in the name of their gods.

The Tartarus Impalement A perfect climax. Empty words and feeble souls fined in unholy lore. Those to be avenged, dormant in their graves. A dismal horizon of vigilance. Sworn to stillness. Obscured by intentful shadows. A cell for all to view with pleasure. The end is before our eyes.

Lay down your lives, today is a good day to die. Today is a good day to die. Almighty archaic exalted one, hear my invoking of power. Accept my body through your marvelous gates. Devour the essence of light.

Our vengeance has risen, unburied from shallow graves. Our rage is infinite. Crushed by the weight of lust he fails to perceive the truth directly before his eyes. Too daft and obsessed with fortune, dismissing internal cries. I'll never forget it, the day they came.

I remember it like it was yesterday. I still see my family

Apr 28,  · The Forsaken Effigy Lyrics: Savage structure of hypocrisy / A vile being of infamy untainted for centuries below The Library / Murderous echoes in his wake / Contagion, a relic of death / .

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  1. Jun 26,  · Music Reviews: Reclaimer by Shadow of Intent released in Genre: Deathcore. Music Reviews: Reclaimer by Shadow of Intent released in Genre: Deathcore. Best Albums. Discover. New Releases. The Great Schism; The Mausoleum of Liars; The Tartarus Impalement; Comments. Sign in to comment. No one has said anything yet. More Albums.
  2. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Red Vinyl release of Reclaimer on Discogs. Label: Not On Label - none • Format: 2x, Vinyl 12 Shadow Of Intent - Reclaimer (, Red, Vinyl) | Discogs/5(20).
  3. Shadow of Intent is a Swords of Sanghelios CAS-class assault carrier. Commanded by the Shipmaster Rtas'Vadum, it served as the flagship of the Fleet of Retribution. At the start of the Great schism during the Battle of High Charity, Shadow of Intent was captured by Jiralhanae forces and turned.
  4. SHADOW OF INTENT LYRICS. album: "Reclaimer" () 1. We Descend 2. The Return 3. The Horror Within 4. The Catacombs A tyrant so mad in the mind unraveling bloodlust upon the Reclaimer. Begging for death. Down on his knees. He remains headstrong in his deceit. The Great Schism [Instrumental] The Mausoleum Of Liars.
  5. Reclaimer, an album by Shadow of Intent on Spotify. our partners use cookies to personalize your experience, to show you ads based on your interests, and for measurement and analytics purposes.
  6. Shadow of Intent tabs, chords, guitar, bass, ukulele chords, power tabs and guitar pro tabs including the horror within, barren and breathless macrocosm, chthonic odyssey, embracing nocturnal.
  7. Mar 31,  · Halo themed, Connecticut based, symphonic deathcore act "Shadow Of Intent" will release their second full length album on April 28th, "Reclaimer" was once again produced and engineered by guitarist Chris Wiseman, with Buster Odeholm handling mixing and mastering, and features crushing guest vocal performances on several tracks from Jason Evans (Ingested), Dickie /
  8. Reclaimer by Shadow Of Intent, released 28 April 1. We Descend 2. The Return 3. The Horror Within 4. The Catacombs (Feat. Jason Evans & Dickie Allen) 5. The Mad Tyrant's Betrayal 6. The Gathering Of All (Feat. Alex Shikolai) 7. The Heretic Prevails 8. The Prophet Beckoning (Feat. Tom Barber) 9. The Forsaken Effigy The Great Schism
  9. The Great Schism. Shadow Of Intent. The Heretic Prevails. Shadow Of Intent. The Horror Within. Shadow Of Intent. The Invoking of the Execution of Worlds. Shadow Of Intent. The Mad Tyrants Betrayal. Shadow Of Intent. The Prelude to Bereavment. Shadow Of Intent. Underneath A Sullen Moon. Shadow Of Intent.
  10. Shadow of Intent first grasped the attention of the deathcore community with the release of their debut full length Primordial in Just one year later, the band returns with a better produced, more coherent record filled with emotion and exciting ideas. The entire album is filled with superb songwriting that keeps the listener guessing/5.

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