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The Light - Various - Best Of Europe

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Thank you. Read more. Found this gem when we first moved here while driving to my sister's place. Who knew that there would be a delicious deli in Palmdale? After returning from europe for over a year and a half I was curious what this place was all about. Also staff is very friendly and nice :. Excellent sandwich!! Excellent service and was quick. This was one of the most amazing sandwiches I've had in years! Revisit Staff very polite and Professional Deli meat is the best.

The Italian classic sandwich was very good but I got a negative vibe here and then encountered this nasty white male in the parking lot so I will never go back--the prior post about the nastiness is correct--not supporting this crap with my pennies--may report it to the state.

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Hudson County, New Jersey. Metro Streetcar []. Los Angeles [note 1]. Metro Rail [] [note 31]. Minneapolis—Saint Paul. New Orleans Streetcars [] []. The Tide []. Diesel light rail. Oklahoma City Streetcar.

Philadelphia [note 1]. Streetcar , Heritage streetcar. Valley Metro Rail []. Pittsburgh Light Rail []. Portland Streetcar []. Louis MetroLink []. TRAX []. S Line []. San Diego Trolley []. San Francisco [note 32]. Muni Metro []. San Francisco cable car system []. VTA Light Rail []. Seattle Streetcar []. It truly was the best of Europe!

The Roman Forum was mind blowing. To see such ancient ruins that were buried over time then excavated and still here for us to walk through was surreal to say the least. There are no words to describe what being there meant to me and it will stay in my heart always. I have been planning to go on this tour since but work or family issues always prevented my booking.

I am so glad that this year, by happenstance, good luck or alignment of the planets, I was able to go. Each of the 21 days were packet with just the right amount of free and scheduled time.

Our Rick Steve's guide was knowledgeable and the local guides made each city and town come alive. Tour exceeded my expectations! Experience did change the way in which I viewed some of my world history and certainly helped me understand Europe better.

I am the product of an immigrant family and I now know some of what shaped their decision to come to America. Yorick Harker was an excellent tour guide in many ways.

If I had the chance I would do it all again. The selections Yorick made for the floating dinners and for the side trip to Orvietto were absolutely WOW moments. Certainly helped tie the story together and enhanced an already memorable experience. It was a great tour. The tour guide, Yorick, was an excellent tour guide.

The group was very good. Peter's Square. There were a whole lot of WOW moments. This tour was well worth the money for the experience! We got to see so much in our 21 days, and we had an awesome guide and driver as well.

All of the local guides knew a lot, and the places we stayed and food we ate were amazing. We used this trip as our honeymoon and we were not disappointed! We went to the top of Piz Gloria and got to look out on all the mountains. It was beautiful. I very much enjoyed most of the trip. I enjoyed the choices of places to visit.

Unfortunately it was approximately 38 degrees celsius most of the time with little shade, which made it hard to keep up some days. Most of the hotels that we stayed in while cute did not have air conditioning which made life a little hard.

I still don't think that I would change very much of anything. I totally loved all my fellow travellers, and Yorick and Jean were delightful. Previously my favourite place was St. Paul's in London but St Peter's is truly amazing.

Thanks for the great memories. Loved it,the town,the guide David and the never ceases to amaze Andy with is drone. Just like the former tours, everything was neatly mapped out on a daily basis and for me all went well except the weather. I enjoyed all the countries and the sights we saw at each place. Our tour guide and his assistant were very helpful and local guides also were interesting. The bus and driver were amazing. Such comfort on the bus and excellent driving were tops with me.

It truly was the best of Europe in one trip! And I loved learning so much about the history and culture of everywhere we went. The hotels were all interesting and different and always so close to all we wanted to see.

Every day brought something truly special. But I also enjoyed the quieter moments like: exploring the open air museum in Arnhem, hiking up to the view in Monterosso al Mare Cinque Terre and taking in the views of the Alps in Lauterbrunnen. What an amazing itinerary, we were able to see all of the major sites all over Europe, but what made our trip was our outstanding guides, Andy was above anything we could have asked for wether it was little surprises like wine and cheese tastings, or fascinating bus talks which set the scene as we went from one great country to the next.

Virginia led us through her home city of Rome, listening to her talk about the pantheon and Trevi fountains to the politics of Italy she was amazing! Fantastic Trip. It was the same "best of Europe" trip I took in the mid s, only the first trip was lead by Rick, and this trip was led by his son, Andy. Both trips were wonderful, and although the trek was similar, the experience was different. The first trip: I learned to pack light, have picnics, experience a youth hostel, and see Europe "through the back door" This time around, the trip was more "polished" with local guides, better bus, two nights at most hotels.

Andy and Virginia were amazing! They made our trip come alive and stayed positive the entire time. It was an incredible trip with so many great experiences. I really enjoyed the group dinners! Little side stops like the cheese place in Amsterdam were great added bonuses! This was my first trip to Europe and I really liked getting a feel for so many parts of Europe.

I loved the Rhine River cruise and the city of Bacharach! Richard our bus driver was awesome! Great trip! The views were incredible and experiences in Switzerland were amazing!

Also our group dinner in Venice! The pasta and clams were a WOW! Andy was outstanding! He was prepared, knowledgeable, and organized. He was patient beyond belief Helpful with smartphone app training, as well as answering the same questions thorough out the 3 weeks multiple times-it's tough getting old. The pace was great. The tour guides and bus driver fun and entertaining. We liked the combination of group and individual time.

The accommodations, and food was good. The group dynamics was great- and Andy set the tone early on to make that happen. However, I'm not knowledgeable about time periods and art technique so for their time period probably was phenomenal Surprised some other statues and paintings have not risen to equal popularity. The London Kew Gardens only got 2 triangles and I felt it was spectacular and having the Dale Chihuly glass artworks made it even better.

Did on own after ". The tour was very well thought out! We hit what seemed to be all of the highlights and didn't have to stay on the bus for too long of time without a rest stop break or arriving at our next Great Adventure!

It's amazing how many wonderful things we saw in just 21 days! They were phenomenal!! I especially loved the Alps, small barns and cows in Switzerland! Just beautiful!! I loved waking up in the morning in my Switzerland hotel to a gal bringing her cows with cowbells ringing through the main street of town in the Lauterbrunnen Valley!! We thoroughly enjoyed our tour led by Andy and Virginia. Both are true professionals!

The history lessons were just awesome! From city tours of Haarlem, Bacharach, Rothenburg, Orvietto to Eiffel tower lighting up were all fantastic. I enjoyed every minute of my "21 days of Europe" tour. I highly recommend to anyone whether traveling as a single person, couple or family group. I was fascinated with every city we stayed in and enjoyed the fast pace of touring the many inspirational sites as well as the relaxing scenic bus rides between cities.

It really was "the trip of a lifetime" for me, so many wonderful experiences and fabulously fun times with the group. Many thanks to our incredible tour guide Colleen! Viewing Dutch houses from the canal boat ride in Amsterdam, experiencing the scenic German countryside from aboard the Rhine River cruise. All of Italy was truly inspirational, Venice to beautiful Florence, then incredible ancient Roman architecture and history to swimming in the Mediterranean off Cinque Terre.

Hiking through the high meadows of Switzerland beneath the snow capped Alps to exploring Paris, fabulous! It was like being a kid on Christmas morning every time we pulled into a new place. There were always happy surprises which included scenery, history, food, local insider information, and the well run hotels which were all pretty centrally located to the points of interest in a particular area.

It included a bright green train that wound through the mountain town, snow-capped mountains with visible waterfalls in the distance, cows grazing in bright green pastures, big square houses dotted the landscape, some with smoke coming from their chimneys.

In the foreground restaurants with bright red umbrellas and homes with colorful shutters and window boxes overflowing with flowers. The tour was well-paced and well organized. There was a great variety of activities that included mountains, beaches, urban areas, and small villages. There is also a nice mix of scheduled group activities and time to explore on your own using your guidebook or suggestions from your tour guide. The included meals were amazing and a wonderful way to stretch yourself to sample local cuisine.

The local guides were incredible and really enhanced the tour. I would highly recommend Rick Steves tours to all my friends. Our tour guide Colleen was excellent. From the moment we arrived in Harlem to the time we departed in Paris, Colleen gave us a lot of information that was helpful for when we were on our own.

I really enjoyed the trip and would do it again. I also think that every country we went to had it's own wow moment for me". The tour info could not have prepared me for this all encompassing tour. I am very social and enjoyed the interaction of the participants and tour guides. I thoroughly appreciated the opportunity to learn about and see the scenery, cultures and sights of the cities of Europe.

Jody and Phillipos sp? Both funny, knowledgeable, charismatic and so fun. The whole package. I really did not know much about Amsterdam, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

I was not disappointed. It was a cloudy day when we began the first section of the climb and breaking thru the clouds to see the mountain ranges around us. I walked the thrill walk and was wowed by the Jungfrau, Monch, and Eiger. The Trummelbach Falls did not disappoint and the little train that went up the mountain across the valley reminded me of a Christmas Train.

Both I and my husband loved it there! This 21 day tour is perfect for those who want to see a lot of Europe within a short period of time, or for those who are not comfortable making their own hotel and transportation plans. If however you want a "deeper dive" into any particular place, this tour will be too fast paced. Arnhem Open Air Museum felt like a time filler on our way to Bacharach.

Would have preferred extra time in Switzerland or Cinque Terre. No wonder Tolkien gained inspiration for his books! What a spectacular place to get some fresh mountain air, lots of exercise if you choose, and good food. I will for sure bring my family back for another visit. This was my first tour and I really enjoyed it.

The tour was well paced with a good mix of group activities and free time. I liked how the long bus rides were broken up with the stops along the way.

I liked the small group size and all the extras that went along with city tours, such as cheese tasting In Amsterdam and the mask making demonstration in Venice. I did not expect the local guides we had in the different cities and found them to be a great experience and addition to the tour. All of them really made the places come alive. They provided great insights into the art, history and culture of their cities which created a nice context for our experiences.

They helped you connect to the cities and people we visited. After a few years of visiting Europe's cities on our own, we found the tour experience to be a great choice. With the travel details planned for us, we could spend our time exploring, learning, and interacting with our new-found friends.

I especially enjoyed the variety and contrast of cities and villages, sea-side and mountains, Northern Europe and Southern Europe. The lift to the top of Schilthorn, the views from there, and the mountain-village walk back were wonderful in their own right, and a great break from the major cities.

Interactions with the other tour members always provided insights into other peoples' lives, making my life richer.

The whole trip was a great experience, even the loss of a few Euros to a pickpocket on the Paris Metro! There are few words that can describe the tour adequately. It was the trip of a lifetime. The itinerary was perfect. The guides were knowledgeable, passionate and lovers of people. The local guides made the history and culture of each city come alive.

Every day there was some little extra that we were given We all loved the Tegelberg luge and jokingly begged our guide, Jody, for one more ride. Just as the first one stepped back on the bus, we heard her say, "Okay, you can have another ride.

As each of us came down, the rest stood at the end of the luge cheering on the rider. This moment took us from individuals on a bus to a band of travelers. This was my first trip to Europe and i felt this was a good sample of Europe and it gave me many ideas of places to see or return to.

I have never been to Europe before and I am so glad I used this tour for my first experience. I not only saw some of the coolest places but learned so much about them. I was super impressed and really enjoyed my time! What a trip! We saw so much in 21 days. I was very enjoyable. We were exhausted when we returned, which was perfect.

Luge rides were a wonderful diversion. The "Frank and Gary Band" were a ton of fun in Reutte! I can truthfully say that everything we did on the trip was well worthwhile.

No duds at all. The bus ride over the alps with a stop at the top. The view from top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. I had been in the Sistine Chapel and Vatican before. Our tour was enriched by the children ages who came along with their parents. This particular random assortment of participants was especially congenial.

The picnic lunch gathered by Jody, Jean and Filippos after we toured the famous castle and climbed to the bridge overview. Arriving at Day 21 of the tour and thinking, "Wow, I didn't think I could do this long a trip. How much I have learned and seen in a compact three week time frame. It was an incredible three week whirlwind! I was delightfully surprised to bond with the other tour participants. I was very grateful for all the tour preparation and 'behind the scenes' work done to make our Europe experience as stress-less as possible.

Also wowed at Le Louvre, Paris. I have always wanted to experience the art at this place and could have spent several days there.

This tour exceeded my expectations. It was amazing to visit so many places in a short period of time. There was a great balance of guided tour time and free time so you could explore other places or just relax as needed. It was such a privilege to have local guides take us through the museums or around their town. The group dinners were amazing. The hotels were comfortable and many had beautiful views.

I made so many lifelong friends that it was hard to say goodbye at the end. We arrived early in the morning and were able to be the first ones on the platform which was amazing. There were very few clouds in the sky and the Alps were magnificent. I could've stayed there all day enjoying the scenery. Also, touring St. Mark's Basilica in Venice was amazing and I couldn't believe we were able to be on the second floor outside balcony to overlook the square and bell tower.

It was a gorgeous view. The tour takes care of all the planning and arrangements to maximize our experience while leaving enough "soft" decisions for us to customize some activities. Overall a very nice blend and a great trip.

We did this same tour 8 years ago and at that time decided we wanted to take our oldest grandsons before they started college. That is what this trip was about - Matthew 18 and Drew 17 brothers roomed together. By the second day they realized the value of the tour group format. They were pleased at the ages and diversity of our fellow travelers.

Dimitri was exceptionally good. Such a pleasant approach and so knowledgable and helpful as well. He bent over backwards to meet needs. Paul really made a difference and interacted well with them and the other two teenaged boys on the trip.

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This is the perfect time to exchange contact details with new friends and travel buddies as you prepare to disembark in the capital. Make sure you upload the highlights of your Best of Europe tour onto our Facebook page, and we look forward to having you on tour with us again soon.

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  1. 1 – Amsterdam Light Festival – Amsterdam is home to what could be the most dramatic light festival in Europe, with exclusive lighting creations that look fantastic from land and water bluesrock.granilargardajindforcerunner.infoinfo in previous years, the installations are set up along the canals, making a boat tour the best and most comfortable way of seeing them all.
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  4. Apr 27,  · Europe - Playlist: The Very Best Of Europe - bluesrock.granilargardajindforcerunner.infoinfo Music. Skip to main content. Try Prime Hello, Sign in Account & Lists Sign in Account Hits: The Best 80s / Various VARIOUS ARTISTS. out of 5 stars Audio CD. $ Rock The Night - The Very Best Of Eu Rope Europe. out of 5 stars Audio CD/5(10).
  5. The following is a list of cities that have current tram/streetcar (including heritage trams/heritage streetcars), or light rail systems as part of their regular public transit systems. In other words, this list only includes systems which operate year-round and provide actual transit service, not ones that are primarily tourist services, are seasonal-only, or are excursion-type tram operations.
  6. The Best of Europe Delicatessen was started by the Markowicz family in Their goal was to provide the highest quality Boar's Head cold cuts, Imported meats, imported cheeses and European shelf items for their customers. The atmosphere, quality of food, and culture is very important to them and they feel it was why the deli is so successful.
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