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The Shadow Of Your Smile - Claude Ciari, Bernard Gerard* And The Batucadas Seven - Claude Ciari And

Moreover, its thicker handle on one side than on the other makes its excessive gripping pleasant and totally ambidextrous. Not to mention that its very high-end steel gives it a smooth edge allowing easy resharpening. Le Shadow is acclaimed by the great names of the french cuisine and proudly adorns the most beautiful tables like those of the star chef and best worker of France, Jacques Decoret in his restaurant eponymous located in Vichy.

For Thomas Bastide, the soul of a knife lies in his blade. It started on February 27th. In 35 days, she will cover 45 cities in Germany and Switzerland with her band and troup, who will do the 2nd half of the show.

The first half will include M. This year we dance fans had several Interna- tional quality shows to enjoy, among them performances by Italian lark Mina, teen star Bobby Solo, U. Folk rocker Jose Feliciano, during his stay in town, recorded an album for RCA, containing evergreen boleros, with his guitar. It is also worth mentioning that the Festival was recorded live on an LP by RCA, and marketed four days later, with reportedly good results. More news from Luis Calvo of Sicamericana states that the diskery has acquired the representation rights of the Kama Sutra label and is preparing a giant launching for next month.

The album by Los Martinicos is also expected to sell pretty well during this season. Still another visitor from abroad is George Mahans, who returns after the fantastic success he had in his first visit, last year. Ala-Nicky Records reports the arranging of the representation of the Meazzi label in Argentina. The diskery is also preparing the first album by French chanter Georges Brassens, and has inked young harpist Ricardo Gonzales and tango singer Ricardo Guzman.

Phonogram is also releasing the first Zafiro and Novola records, whose rights for Argentina it has acquired. Helen has in- cluded the song in her appearances with the Shepherds in the Sleeswijk-Revue. HMV last week listed several fine pop items from the German area. Manager Fatosme, husband of soprano-soloist Christiane Legrand sister of Michel Legrand told the Dutch press that Ward Swingle has planned two different projects for coming Philips albums. The second is a recording with The Modern Jazz Quartet.

Ward Swingle is also working on new arrangements for an LP by contemporary composers including Italian composer Berio. Luciano Berio, very much fascinated by the technical skill and musical possibilities of the group, is inclined to write special pieces with electronic sound effects for the Swingle Singers.

The out- standing instrumental version was released by Phonogram on the Fontana label. Furthermore, Barclay is pleased to inform that a record- ing by Mireille Mathieu will be released soon.

Negram-Delta is presenting a lot of new product in this field. Good radio response for the first batch of Scepter releases. Soon to be released is the first hit by B. The Tielman Brothers, a Dutch show band with international fame, recorded a new album for Negram last week.

The album was produced by Hans I. Kel- lerman. The world famous Polish Mexican violinist Prof. Featuring over 20 works by the Maestro, it will be held during April May 14 and will consist of a series of 5 Concerts. He 11 do an ex- tensive tour around France with Adamo from Mar. This young girl, who has a voice like Edith Piaf, just released her first record.

It should become a great success. Hallyday just named a new personal agent, Jean Pons. We have several news items this week from: CBS: This firm keeps on increasing the French side of its repertory. Their first record on the label will be released then. Les Compagnons de la Chanson are cur- rently cut by Polydor.

She will spend three weeks at Bobino Music Hall in the next program. The lead star will be Charles Trenet. CBS will tie in on a large scale, providing the local dealers with blow-ups, photos, discographic material, etc.

So far, CBS already released over 24 albums of Igor Stravinsky, the greater part of which has been conducted by the grand old Maestro himself. The CBS Stravinsky catalog is regarded as one of the most important catalogs composed and con- ducted of works by a contemporary composer.

Holland and the Residentie Orchestra will be the first country and orchestra in the world taking this unique initiative for this Igor Stravinsky-cycle. Casadesus, who is very popular in our country, gave a series of 4 concerts with the Residentie Orchestra, the Kunstmaand Orchestra and the Brabant Orchestra as well as a recital at the Amsterdam Concertgebouw.

CBS provided the local classical press with a press release on Robert Casadesus, containing a discography and photo. The local dealers wei'e provided with blow ups, photos and leaflets.

To be decided — whether the State Sales Tax Law, which went into effect August 1st, was appli- cable to juke box and games collections. The method for obtaining the declaratory judgment — a legal procedure whose use has frequently brought such legislative queries to a head in the past — the test case.

In order to institute a test case, some individual or firm must come forward and file a complaint or motion in his own name, in an effort to gain a decisive legal judg- ment on the ambiguous wording of a recently enacted law. In most cases, the conclusive results will apply to the entire trade or industry of which he is a member.

The prosecution of a test case is a recognized and sophisticated method for solving legal problems and it is a reflection here of the modern trend of the coin ma- chine industry. Former State Senator Jeremiah J. Mori- arty has agreed to represent the operating firm.

Joseph H. Murphey, Ira J. Palestin and James R. MacDuff of the State Tax Commission. To date, operators have not paid any tax, assured that the language of the tax law excludes phono- graph and amusement collections.

And consider the fact that sporting events are excluded from the admissions section but are obviously a darn sight closer to the definition of a place of amuse- ment than is a machine. Moriarty is especially sympathetic to the position of the operator because, as a member of the State Legis- lature last year when the tax bill was under debate, he and a number of his colleagues had been queried by the industry which wanted to know whether juke box and games collections had been included.

If they were found to be included, they intended to formulate an amend- ment to exclude such collections. After studying the lan- guage of the bill closely, the legislators determined that such collections were not affected and advised the in- dustry that an amendment would be unnecessary.

It is a well known fact, at least in the coin machine in- dustry, that most operators work under a very slim profit margin. Cash Box is behind Bathrick Enterprises and Sen. Moriarty, supports their contention that phonographs and games are not places of amusement but machines which dis- pense music and amusement. It will be watching the pro- ceedings in Albany with great interest in the hope that the truth will prevail and financial stability in the New York state trade will be insured for a time at least.

This critical decision is expected to be rendered by the Su- preme Court within the next thirty days. Another cabi- net feature Stern pointed out is the adjustable height system on the play- field, which permits the player the selection of a choice of two bowling lane levels. This, according to C. The opposite lane scores points. The lights stop abruptly on the first stroke of the ball in the event that the player strikes out. If the strike is not accomplished the lights continue flashing for a possible spare score on the second ball in the frame.

When 2 or more wheels match by number or by showing a Star symbol, the matched Wheels lock, and the advantages of matching wheels continue until the wheels un- lock again. Matching any 2 wheels with the Star showing on the third wheel lights the Special Roll- over for Special scores. Therefore, the 3 wheels are matched if all are the same number or all show the Star or if 2 wheels match by num- ber and the Star shows in the third wheel or if the Star shows in any 2 wheels.

Triple-matching immediately lights 2 Yellow Targets, which score points, when lit. The reason for thinking twice before going for the Yellow Targets is the fact that, although hit- ting a lit Yellow Target rings up an easy points, this also unlocks all 3 wheels, and the match and lock strategy must begin again. Wheels also unlock as each ball escapes from the playfield, whether via the Free- Ball Gate or by sinking in the out- hole. The pinball public is really wild about wheels!

Gordon Resigns Seeburg Pres. Cameron Gordon has asked to be relieved of his duties as president of the Seeburg Corp. He will continue with the company as a director and consultant. In , he was named executive vice president and a director.

And in , was elected president. Delbert W. Coleman is chairman of the board and chief executive officer, with Louis J. Nicastro, executive vice president, serving as chief adminis- trative officer. Gordon, as a salesman, was largely responsible for the success of the multi-selection phonograph in the eastern region in Taking what had been a local success in some French bistros, he opened a nation- wide program to get America back on the dance floor.

Alongside were colored wall banners, and much publicity. The dance albums Seeburg Ree-O- Dance were expanded into a separate full-scale program when hearings be- gan on juke box royalties before the Federal legislature. There were no royalties on them, but a rental charge was made for their use. Kipnis looked over the ruined beach and the thousands of soldiers who had swarmed up on it, tanks and lorries moving over the sand.

With Kipnis, he went to work for Young Distributors in January of One of the first financial institutions to extend a line of credit to coin ma-' chine operators here, Globe is still favored by the local industry for ma- jor financing.

Moreover, many indus- try members have financial interest in Globe. Morris Schuchman, who has been the industry spearhead in Globe, was re-elected secretary and member of the board for another three year term. He pointed out that in its year his- tory, Globe has never missed paying a dividend to its members.

David Rosen, president of the dis- tributing firm bearing his name, was also re-elected to the board of direc- tors for another three-year term. The 45th annual also marked the dedication of a grove of trees in Israel in memory of the late William K. Ravitz, who was counsel for Globe for many years. A year later he changed the name to Lipsky Distributors. But we don't need to. Just turn it on.

What a w-o-n-d-e-r-f-u-l sound. Sound of tomorrow— tnrHvt The golden sound of money in the bank. Your money in your bank! Records, unlimited! Success-proven records, music people pay to hear. Music for all! Top artists The only service call you make— is to take the money! April, May, June and all the other months, too. Hear it! Buy it! Any used Gottlieb game manufactured within the last five years. Brood Stroet, Philo. POplor Plttiton Am. American Shuffleboard Co. The desire was evident by the un- usually heavy turnout of coin machine operators from every part of Wiscon- sin despite the sub-zero weather and bad road conditions.

The meeting was chaired by coin machine elder statesman Clint Pierce. He was assisted by Sam Hastings and Ed Dowie. Fred Granger delivered his report to the Wisconsin assemblage on the performance rights legislation pend- ing in the House of Congress Sub- Committee. This followed a step-by-step review of the copyrights legislation situation over the years by Granger. Although the situation remains critical we, at least, know that there will in time be an adequate supply of trained mechanics for the industry in this country.

This, he said, is how he operates his Institute of Coin Opera- tions in Denver. Jost, a long time veteran operator in the area, immedi- ately set about the task of getting his membership machinery in motion at the meeting. A smorgasbord dinner was served after the meeting adjourned, through the courtesy of the Milwaukee dis- tributors: United, Inc.

London Music Co. The next meeting will be held in the Ambassador Hotel in June. No definite date has as yet been estab- lished. The membership will be noti- fied by mail when official notification is arranged, according to Clint Pierce and Sam Hastings.

Joel Kleiman with Nate Victor, gen- eral manager of S. A portion of the Wisconsin aggrega- tion in the Amber Room. Dayton HQ This happy, smiling threesome, shown at the recent Seeburg stock- holder meeting, includes from left Mr. Dan Collins, vice presi- dent of the Seeburg organ and piano division; and Joe Hards, vice pres, and head of the Background Music Division. Michigan Ave- nue to new facilities at N. Day- ton St. Hards, vice president in charge of background music operations.

Joining him in the move are Edward Cleland, sales man- ager, and William Traut, program- ming production director. Seeburg music is recorded in the music capitals of the world and its playback systems are to be found in such diverse locations as the Americana Hotel in Miami Beach, the U. Think Fischer — That's Quality! Fischer Mfg. Tipton, Mo. A cross section view of the shareholders and working press -w is also illustrated above.

Jost Named Wis. Bertha Wiczer 79 , mother of the heads of the Wico Corporation, coin machine parts sup- pliers to the industry, died Saturday, February 19, at her residence.

Funeral services were held Monday, February Wiczer was survived by six sons, Max, president of Wico Corp. She was the aunt of Edward Ruber, of Wico Corp. Cash Box — March 5, 73 " flipper " Now available in quantity. After a 3-month trial basis we have gone into full produc- tion of the hottest kiddie ride on the mar- ket. We have completed our second mold and can now turn out twice as many Flippers per week. Pro S.

Variety Roll- down ea. Gottlieb 3 Flying Chariots. Basketball Champ C. Drop Ball C. All Star Hockey C.

Pro Basketball C. Goalee C. Love Meters FI. This timing device also has a multiple accumulator for uninter- rupted play and a meter to keep a running total of cash deposited. It may be adjusted for anywhere from 7 to 13 minutes of play and is completely mechanical to allow the operator no service problem whatsoever. Timer Table has a coin accumulator that enables the player to put from 1 to 6 quarters into the coin chute to get from 10 to 60 minutes of uninterrupted play.

The Timers are adjustable by the operator for heavy play locations. Yes, indeed. Mike says that business at his showrooms started off on an unusually high level this season and is keeping the same pace. Proof: staffer Dick Greeberg hard at the accounting books, entering the latest receipts. Most of them sold and already out of the shop. Took him a little time to find the snap- shot, though — Louis had it tucked away so carefully to make sure it was safe that he forgot for awhile just where it was!

Meeting will begin promptly at Irv Kempner at Runyon Sales advises that the Rowe distrib will be holding showings on the Bandstand and Wall-Ette units at all three branches. Fred Granger says the plaque is a beauty and every operator will be proud to display it on his wall or desk.

Hurvich on their upcoming 35th anniversary in the business. April 3rd marks the auspicious date and they plan to hold open house all that day in the Second Ave. Billiards, and many more of the fast-selling items that Dave stocks. And where was mine host all this time? Proud and expansive, Dave bade all the guests — some of them top record executives — make themselves welcome and have the best of good times.

Gordon stepped down from the presidency of the Seeburg Corp. A busy week, indeed! Cash Box proudly compliments these dedicated comment for a big job very well done. In the same token, we always manage to bump shoulders with Jack Moran, director of the Institute of Coin Operations, in Denver, Colorado, who is laboring furiously at the task of building interest in the national training school apparatus for coin machine mechanics.

And, the prospects for a major school setup in Windy City are excellent. Another entry this week comes from the confines of Bally Mfg. Good luck to all and you too, Miss Anne Allan. Johnny Trucano tells us a huge attendance is expected despite rugged weather. Our thanks to buddy Harvey Geller in Sunny Cal.

Bob heads up Advance Automatic in Los Angeles. Always busy calling on his customers is Bert Davidson, regional manager of the Wurlitzer Company. This is very evident at Rock-Ola Mfg. Edward G. Ed Ruber, at Wico Corp. The action is hectic at Atlas Music Company, where Prexy Eddie Ginsburg, who generally waits until the very last moment to predict, reports a heavy upsurge in all sales in music, amusement games and vending machines. The smorgasbord dinner was sponsored by the Milwaukee distribs.

Rondeau motored in early that morning with Bob and Lyle Olsen, M. Novelty Co. Russ Dougherty, of Wisconsin Rapids. Vet operator Lou Glass motored in from Madison early in the a. We enjoyed chatting with Mrs. Clint Marie Pierce during a brief interval in the festivities. All 16 balls now same size. Three ball play is standard but the op has the option of converting to five ball.

Dean McMurdie has just returned here from a successful jaunt from Imperial valley through Nevada, visiting friends — old and new. Lou Wolcher in town visiting from the branch office in San Francisco. The almost legendary singer had hardly unpacked her bags before she raced down to California Music for a visit with longtime friend Buddy Robinson. Needelman has not recorded in several months but is expecting to cut for Cue Records within the next three weeks.

Harold Chapman reports that King Dist. Inventory is the action info from Paul Laymon, Inc. Paul, we hear, is doing some remodeling with his home in Pacific Palisades. Marv Miller informs that the firm is offering a finance plan with lower interest rates — now being offered to ops on all merchandise. Several employees absent with the flu bug confining them to bed.

We caught the bug about two weeks ago — at least a full week ahead of Billboard! And three days before Vend got it — almost an exclusive. Simon Dist. The new magnetic cue ball seems to have taken hold here.

The firm, incidentally, has been extremely successful with their trade-in plan on old pool tables for new — and also doing well with their recent sales started on pool supplies in their parts department. Leonard Hicks, regional service engineer, will be at the local Wurlitzer Factory Branch this week and will conduct training sessions to assist ops here.

Johnny Morris is hitting the road again and, at the moment, should be covering the Imperial Valley calling on customers. Don Isensee, Hager City, in town making the rounds and picking up parts and records.

Phil Hertel in town for the day making the rounds, also Jack Godfrey from Chaska. A1 Eggermont in town picking up parts and records. Stan Baeder and his two service men from Fargo, in town over the week end and returning Monday afternoon. Our deepest sympathy to Mrs. Robert Kubes and family on the recent death of father and husband Bob. Jim Stansfield in town for the day making the rounds, also in town for the day was Clayt.

Norberg, Mankato. Ray Schultz, Grand Rapids, in town for the day picking up parts and records. John Carlson, arrived in Minneapolis Wednesday afternoon from L. Left Mrs. Carlson and child in L. Earl Schultz, Colfax, in town for the day picking up parts and records. Weber in town for the day picking up parts. Arnold Brevik and service man Ted Meyers in town for the day and driving back to Watertown late that afternoon.

Kolitzoff, Tacoma, Washington. Gilbert N. Taylor, Evans- ville, Ind. Bert Lane, Beverly Hills Calif. Carl C. Sears, Ashland, Oregon. Sid Barrett, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Norman F. Gefke, Sioux Falls, S. Lou Wolcher, San Francisco, Calif. Ardella Fegan, Kansas City, Mo. George W. Sammons, Memphis, Tenn. Stanley D. Feldman, Brooklyn, N. Norman Morton, Pawtucket, R.

Charles Livingston, Ogdensburg, N. Martin Loicano, Fort Worth, Texas. Easy piano. With vocal melody, lyrics, piano accompaniment and chord names. Alfred Music AFM Arranged by Dan Coates. Decade by Decade. Nostalgia; Pop. Arranged by Robert Schultz. Songbook big note notation. With big note notation and fingerings does not include words to the songs. Alfred Music AF Piano - Advanced Arranged by Dan Coates. Dan Coates Popular Piano Library. Pop; Recital.

Alfred Music AFA. By George Shearing. With introductory text does not include words to the songs. Horn Horn Composed by Various. Instrumental Folio. Une Guitare Et L' Ocean. You are listening to the song Haunted Guitar by Claude Ciari. The highest quality of audio that you can download is flac. Also, you can play quality at 32kbps, kbps, kbps, kbps, view lyrics and watch more videos related to this song.

Also, you can play quality at 32kbps, and watch more videos related to this song. Album: Golden Guitar. Johnny Guitar - Claude Ciari. Haunted Guitar - Claude Ciari.

Claude Ciari, Bernard Gerard* And The Batucada's Seven Claude Ciari, Bernard Gerard* And The Batucada's Seven - Claude Ciari - Bernard Gerard And The Batucada's Seven ‎ (LP, Album).

9 thoughts on “The Shadow Of Your Smile - Claude Ciari, Bernard Gerard* And The Batucadas Seven - Claude Ciari And”

  1. All the great songs and lyrics from the "Claude Ciari, Bernard Gerard and the Batucada's Seven" album ont he Web's largest and most authoritative lyrics resource.
  2. Dec 15,  · Faithful to its core principle, the fusion of creation and innovation, the Dozorme firm regularly joins forces with famous personalities or wellknown designers.. This is the case of Thomas Bastide, famous designer for Baccarat among others, who imagined for the family cutlery two magnificent creations based on the Le Thiers® knife: L’Âme and Le Shadow.
  3. Michael David Toth: John Burns & John Convertino split Friends Of Dean Martinez to form Calexico. This first Calexico album sounds something like the dreams you might have falling asleep to Friends Of Dean Martinez "Shadow of Your Smile". Much more ethnic and eclectic than SoYS, with even more of a wandering-the-desert-on-a-motorcycle sort of vibe.
  4. Claude Ciari, Bernard Gerard And The Batucada's Seven - Claude Ciari - Bernard Gerard And The Batucada's Seven album Angelo Et Sa Guitare - Souvenir D'Eté album claude ciari - golden guitar vol. 2 album Los Pekenikes - Lo Mejor De Los Pekenikes album Claude Ciari - .
  5. Find Johnny Mandel credit information on AllMusic. Considered one of the top living composers during the 's, Johnny Mandel is one of the few writers around who is capable of writing standards that can be recorded and performed by a wide variety of.
  6. Check out Claude Ciari on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on Amazon.
  7. Claude Ciari has recorded more than 50 albums, and has contributed to many film and television soundtracks, working multiple times with composers Francis Lai and Bernard Gérard, and he continues to appear on television shows in Japan. He has not performed in France in almost 30 years, but hopes to return in the near future. ~ Laurie Mercer.
  8. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Claude Ciari - Bernard Gerard And The The Batucada Seven on Discogs/5(12).
  9. Features MIDI, RealAudio, MP3,CD order online. Guitar Chords Library Find chords (more then ), select different type and mode play of guitar for playing chords (more then MIDI files) and songs, bluesrock.granilargardajindforcerunner.infoinfo a song is playing you see words song's and hear bluesrock.granilargardajindforcerunner.infoinfo can use the metronome and MIDI Player.

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