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The Sound Of The Beach - Various - Heartbeat In The Home Vol. 2

Once both ventricles simultaneously fill with blood, the atrioventricular valves slam shut, preventing blood from moving back into the atria. This shutting of the atrioventricular valves creates the first sound of your heartbeat -- "Lub! By this time, the heart's electrical signal has passed from the atria into the ventricles, so while the atria relax, the ventricles contract. Now, on either side of the heart, the second set of valves opens.

These valves leading out of the ventricles represent the heart's exit doors, and together they're known as the semilunar valves. Oxygen-depleted blood in the right ventricle leaves the heart through the pulmonary valve that connects to the pulmonary artery leading to the lungs. Oxygen-rich blood in the left ventricle, meanwhile, departs through the aortic valve that connects the heart to the aorta, the body's major expressway for the delivery of freshly oxygenated blood. Teary-eyed Shaq nostalgic during Kobe tribute.

Bose's 'epic' noise-canceling headphones are on sale. Billionaire sorry for statement to Trump at Davos. ESPN anchor tearfully shares story of 'girl dad' Kobe. Bryant's sex assault case dropped but not forgotten. David Schwimmer defends 'Friends' against criticism. Throughout the story I saw multiple times where he had the option to sit at the sidelines or intervene during a problem. This is a character who always chose to be the hero. That makes him a hero in my heart. However it isn't just Dougal who steals the show in Graham's book.

Sound of the Heart has an amazing cast of characters, and each time a new one comes into play they fit seamlessly into the overall story. There isn't too much I can say here without giving a very important portion of the story away, but I can talk about Glenna.

She is a spitfire! I love a female character who can hold her own, and Glenna definitely fits that bill. The chemistry between her and Dougal is, well, steamy. Let's just say that if you love some romance in your books, you're definitely going to get it here.

This story is the whole package. From the beginning I was immersed in Dougal's struggle to keep the part of him that was being torn away. I loved the descriptive scenes. I fell under the spell of his heart of gold demeanor. Then by the time I reached the end I felt like it had come much too soon. I haven't had the pleasure of reading the first book in this series, but I can say that I am going to pick up Under the Same Sky as soon as I can.

If you haven't either, but have this book in your TBR, don't fret. It reads amazingly as a standalone. Final verdict? If you love historical fiction and historical romance, pick up a copy of Sound of the Heart and prepare to be swept off your feet.

Dec 04, Ruth Hill rated it it was amazing Shelves: historical , romance. This was the first "Highlanders" book I have ever read. I have read the buzz about these great romances that people read from the Highlanders, and I have to admit that I somewhat dismissed this as a fad. What could be so great about reading a book about the Scottish people? Was I ever wrong! This book was unbelievable! I am so glad I took a gamble on it. I love history, and I got to read about a part of history I knew virtually nothing about.

Not only that, but the romance was hot and steamy, and This was the first "Highlanders" book I have ever read. Not only that, but the romance was hot and steamy, and my emotions were on edge throughout the majority of the book. No spoilers on that--you have to read it yourself! I found myself smiling for quite some time when I got to that twist because the author did not drop a single hint that I caught, at least concerning this twist.

I honestly have very little negative things to say about this. There is some profanity, but I was not terribly perturbed by it. The sex scenes were discreet and romantic. I did not feel that I was invading on the characters' privacy.

Yes, the morals concerned may not have been what I would want, but I honestly was not bothered. This book is well-written, and the romance is not sappy in the least. The book is full of action, and it is very readable. If you like romance and historical fiction, this book is for you! I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. I was not financially compensated, and all opinions are percent mine. May 04, Danielle Bookwhoreblog Perez rated it it was amazing. When I started reading Sound of the Heart I was instantly hooked.

You as the reader are thrown straight into the story. I love when a book kick starts right away grasping my attention from page one. Graham's writing is beautiful, and she uses imagery flawlessly, putting you right into the story with the characters. Sound of the Heart is unlike any romance I have ever read before. This book contains aspects that I think can appeal to both male readers and female readers.

While a love story is going on you also have war, imprisonment, poverty, and a clever twist. This book reminded me a little of Braveheart; or maybe I just kept picturing Dougal the main man as a young Mel Gibson.

I enjoyed both main characters a ton. Dougal is a big strong highlander, and he takes on a nurturing roll with his enormous heart of gold.

Glenna has a past that has led her to a life of secrecy that is only broken once she meets Dougal. Glenna is the kind of Heroine you can be proud of; she is tough and smart and refuses to be taken care of. Glenna is always ready to put up a fight, and I love that about her. The struggles and losses these two characters have to deal with is a recipe for an amazing read. I definitely recommend this novel to adult readers, I will be snag Apr 22, Jacqueline Aubin rated it it was amazing Shelves: canadian-reads.

The relationship between Dougal and Glenna was lovely and learning about their story was a fantastic follow up to Under the Same Sky. The historical setting is so rich and detailed. The Scottish dialect used in dialogue was subtle and effective. It is a companion book to Under the Same Sky but could easily be read as a stand-alone book.

Sound of the Heart definitely delivers a range of emotions from turmoil to tenderness and is well worth the journey that Genevieve Graham takes you on. Recommended for fans of Outlander by Diana Gabaldon Dec 27, Lisa Bookworm Lisa rated it really liked it Shelves: historical-fiction , received-to-review , romance , adult , The book begins with a battle lost and prisoner of war status for the Scotsmen.

They are kept in sub-human conditions and endure inhumain treatment. Through all of this Dougal perseveres. He is a fighter and a good man. He and his friend, John, take it upon themselves to watch after two young men who were also captured. An escape doesn't go as planned, but leads him to Glenna. They make a life together hidden in a remote area of Scotland. The unthinkable happens and they are separated.

Dougal will The book begins with a battle lost and prisoner of war status for the Scotsmen. Dougal will do what he must to reunite with her. He will even join an English regiment made up of Scotsmen. The love story is wonderful. I loved Dougal and Glenna's relationship. They have a deep love for one another that began with the bonds of friendship. This book is for adults. There is content not suitable for young readers: rape, language, and sexual intimacy.

Aug 10, Kathy rated it really liked it. A follow on from Under the Same Sky, Sound of the Heart is equally as good, although it took me a while to get into purely because I was still living in the first book — with Maggie and Andrew. Genevieve Graham has a gift of writing incredible, page-turning, detailed, historical romance and this one is quite breathtaking also…… Highly recommend as a follow on from Under the Same Sky…. Apr 14, Aoi rated it really liked it Shelves: hf-scotland , hf-america-frontier-wild-west.

Jul 06, Sherron rated it really liked it Shelves: frontier , scotland. View 1 comment. I read Genevieve's Under the Same Sky and reviewed it over at The Broke and the Bookish last month, so I was excited when Genevieve contacted me and asked if I was interested in reading this companion novel.

Under the Same Sky was a tricky read for me, as some of the subject matter was highly distressing, and my tender heart had a hard time reading the recounting of certain historical happenings, including rape, abuse, and war.

I wrote to Genevieve about my struggles, and we began discussing I read Genevieve's Under the Same Sky and reviewed it over at The Broke and the Bookish last month, so I was excited when Genevieve contacted me and asked if I was interested in reading this companion novel.

I wrote to Genevieve about my struggles, and we began discussing history and how women were treated during the times this book covers. Genevieve is here today to talk about what she and I discussed how researching opens up so many unknown truths , and you can find her guest post beneath my review of Sound of the Heart. I fear my review will be vague, as there are so many ways to include spoilery I went into this book expecting a darker read, like Under the Same Sky.

The covers of both books are rather deceptive, so don't assume you'll be getting a light, fluffy romance when you pick them up. Sound of the Heart is much lighter than Under the Same Sky, and I actually ended up liking it even more than I liked the first one. I rarely like sequels or companions as much as the first book, so I was pleasantly surprised at my reaction to this one. Now, we're still dealing with some heavy subject matter, it's just spread more thinly throughout the book, plus there's much less violence towards women, which is what I struggled with in book 1.

The bulk of the first part of the book tells us all about Dougal's time being imprisoned as a POW after he survives the Battle of Culloden which is actually told in great detail in Under the Same Sky.

The struggles of life in prison during this time are told in great detail, and I felt so badly for Dougal and all the others with him. There was a lot of violence, and prisoners were killed or beaten for the smallest reasons. Women were treated very poorly and we read some instances of rape and abuse.

It's much tamer and less detailed than in Under the Same Sky. I really liked Dougal. You don't learn much about him in the first book, but I liked him just as much as I liked his brother, Andrew in Under the Same Sky. We're given another sexy Scottish Highlander with a cute accent and a sweet demeanor.

He befriends and watches over two younger boys who are imprisoned with him, and I loved the tender bond the three formed. He sort of adopts them as his own brothers after his family died in the battle. The loyalty to his family was very touching.

I love family guys. I also really liked his friend Joseph, who had a lot of personality and a sense of humor that lightened the mood during the dark times of the story. Glenna is a very dynamic character, with a lot of secrets. I won't tell you how she falls into Dougal's life, because that's a spoiler, but I really liked her. I appreciate the fact that Genevieve writes strong female characters. So many historical romances make women look like submissive, meek little chickens with no backbones or common sense.

She was thrown some major curve balls in life, but she's still a sweet character with a lot of street smarts. She is captured from her humble home with Dougal and shipped overseas, where she is sold into slavery. I had no idea white slavery existed during this time, nor did I know that Scottish men and women were essentially kidnapped and shipped to the Americas to serve as slaves or fight for the English Army. Her life as a servant starts out better than most, but then things go wrong and she is placed into a terrifying situation.

She fights back, though, and I kept saying, "Yes! You go girl! I loved watching her grow. She also runs across some wonderful friends, and I enjoyed reading their stories as well. They all had such sweet personalities, even though their lives were far from pleasant. The romance was really wonderful. Glenna and Dougal are adorable together! Sadly, a lot of this book is them trying to get back to one another once they are separated, but you can feel the longing they share.

Their love keeps them alive, and I really enjoyed reading about a love with that kind of power. Again, Genevieve does not disappoint with her writing style. It's gorgeous. She has a way of packing you up and taking you to the settings in the book. She also has the power to make you feel what the characters are feeling.

I know that's why I struggled so much with Under the Same Sky, and why I ended up really enjoying both books. It's because her writing is so powerful that it feels real.

You're sent on this roller coaster of emotions and feelings, and when the ride is over you're as in love with the characters as they are with each other. Overall, I'm so glad I read this book. I loved reading about Dougal and Glenna's love story, and I enjoyed learning more about the history during this time in Scotland, England, and the American Colonies. I would recommend this to lovers of historical romance and historical fiction.

SO exciting! Hopefully Penguin picks it up, as I know it'll be nothing short of amazing. Feb 20, Regina rated it really liked it. Similar to the first in series, a very unusual romance with alternating POVs. Very adventurous, loved the history and most of all that the majority was told from Dougal's perspective.

I have a hard time with tales that involve the passage of years whether together or apart, and this one had both. The second half builds the anticipation of a reunion, but it comes too late in the end to do Dougal and Glenna justice, making it feel like a rush job and not entirely satisfying. Nevertheless, it's Similar to the first in series, a very unusual romance with alternating POVs. Nevertheless, it's rich storytelling, just something that doesn't quite fit the usual romance formula, but enough to make me look forward to getting a hold of Adelaide's story Somewhere to Dream.

Shelves: books-i-own , review-requested , blog-tour-reads , historical-romance. A couple of months ago I was approached by the author to review her book as part of her blog tour, and of course I had to say yes because a lot of you know that this is my favourite genre. How could I refuse to read it? It was just that good of a book, it really was.

I thought that Genevieve did a fantastic job of writing a book from the male point of view for the A couple of months ago I was approached by the author to review her book as part of her blog tour, and of course I had to say yes because a lot of you know that this is my favourite genre.

I thought that Genevieve did a fantastic job of writing a book from the male point of view for the most part and was successful in the fact that while she created Dougal as a strong male lead he lacked much of the arrogance that is found in other books of this genre which was a great change. What first grabbed me was the author's close attention to detail and by reading her book you can tell she chose her words carefully and laid out the plot, which in my opinion was fantastic.

I love the rich landscape she presented and I particularly enjoyed the fact that it was set during the Battle of Culloden and the time after. I've always been interested in the history of Scotland and I'd love to pick Genevieve's brain about all she's learned. The book while it's classified a a historical romance has a huge amount of adventure interwoven into it, and the adventure for me was what I loved most, that and the fact that Glenna is by no means a pushover and thank goodness she has brain and some backbone, when reading this you won't be met with the usual meek heroine which if you read the genre a lot is pretty much the norm.

Since this was my first time reading a book by the author I was was really surprised by how much I loved and enjoyed reading about Dougal and Glenna and I think that the fact that Genevieve took the time to ensure that the characters actually talked as they would have in the time period was fantastic.

I've read several historical romances that have been set during the same time but the writers had the characters talking as though they were living in modern times which takes away from the book in my opinion.

I'm really glad that I had the opportunity to review Sound of the Heart for Genevieve because she's an excellent story teller. I really hope that she keeps writing because I can't get enough of her writing.

There's just something magical about the way she writes that I love and to top it all off she's really nice! I would have absolutely no problem recommending this book to anyone.

Whether you're new to the genre or one that you've been reading for awhile this is a gem that really can't be missed. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:.

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