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Tom the Booger - Harvey Sampson and the Big Possum String Band - Flat Foot in the Ashes

Notify me of new posts via email. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Banjo Confessions D tunes A tunes Modal tunes stink blah blah stink. Spandaro 10 Cents a Dance , ; pg. Learned from Tommy Jarrell. Tennvale , Red Clay Ramblers "Galax ' Preston Nestor banjo and vocal and Norman Edmonds fiddle from Hillsville, Virginia Galax area is a compelling and intriguing old-time breakdown.

Airy, NC. Tommy's version is similar to that recorded in by J. In this latter case, Wade Ward and his family set the words to what was basically the tune for June Apple see the version played by Benton Flippen on this CD set. Matokie Slaughter plays a good version on Marimac CD Preston Nestor recorded four songs in Bristol, Tennessee, in and never recorded again. Not much is known of him other than he was already dead by the s when the fiddler on this track, Norman Edmonds, was interviewed by Stephen Davis and Robert Mobley Old Time Music 9 Nestor was invited to a second session in New York, but refused to leave his Hillsville, Virginia home.

His fiddler, Edmonds, ? Louis Watson Chappell recorded him in mid-August , making him about Note that the birth year is an approximation. Galax, Round Peak. A common "band tune" characteristic of Carrol and Patrick Counties, southwestern Va. Glory In The Meeting House. Go Away Pharaoh. Goin' On Up To Town. Goin' To Town. Goin' Up To Hamburg. Going Across The Sea.

Going Back To Kentucky. Going Down The River. Going Down To Charleston. Going Down To Lynchburg Town. Golden Chain Tree. Golden Wedding Reel.

Gone To The Free State. Goodbye My Honey I'm Gone. Grand Hornpipe. Grand Picnic. Grand River Whiskey. Grandad's Favorite. Grandfather's Reel. Granny Went To Meeting. Granny Will Your Dog Bite. Granny's Old Pacing Horse. Grasshopper Quickstep. Greasy String. Great Big Taters. Greek Medley. Green Back Dollar Bill. Green Fields Of America. Green Mountain. Green Mountain Polka. Green River. Green Valley Waltz. Green Willis. Greenback Dollar. Greenback Dolly O.

Greenfield Cotillion. Grigsby's Hornpipe. Grub Springs. Hairlip Susie. Hale's Rag. Half Past Four. Hamilton Ironworks. Handsome Julie. Handsome Molly. Hangman's Reel. Hannah At The Springhouse. Happy Hollow. Happy Hour Breakdown. Hawk's Got a Chicken. Hawks And Eagles. Head Of The Creek. Hell Among The Yearlings. Hell And Scissors. Hell Broke Loose In Georgia. Hell Up Coal Holler. Henry Richmond. Hickory Jack. Hickory Leaf. High Dad In The Morning. Highlander's Farewell. Hog Eyed Man.

Hog-Trough Reel. Hogs In The Cornfield. Hollow Poplar. Home Brew Rag. Home Town Blues. Honeymoon Waltz. Hook And Line. Hop Light Lady. Hopping John. Horse And Buggy O. Horseshoe Bend. Huldy In The Sinkhole. Hungry Hash House. I Don't Love Nobody. I'm A Nice Old Man. Icy Mountain. Indian And The Woodhen. Indian Ate The Woodchuck. Indian Creek. Indian Eat The Woodpecker.

Indian Killed A Woodcock. Indian Nation. Indian Squaw. Indian War Whoop. Indiana Waltz. Indians Are Over The Hill. Jack Danielson's Reel. Jack Of Diamonds. Jake's Got The Bellyache. Jan's Tune. Jean Carignan's Tune. Jeff Sturgeon.

Jenny Get Around. Jenny In The Cotton Patch. Jenny Lind Polka. Jenny Nettles. Jenny On The Railroad. Jerusalem Ridge. Jimmie Johnson. Jimmie On The Railroad. Jimmy In The Swamp. Jimmy Johnson. John Brown's Dream. John Brown's March. John Lover Is Gone. John Rawl Jamieson. John Riley The Shepherd. John Robinson's Hornpipe.

Johnny Come Along. Johnny Court The Widow. Johnny Don't Come Home Drunk. Johnny Goodwin. Johnson Boys. Jonah In The Windstorm. Julie Ann Johnson. Jump Fingers. Jump Jim Crow. Kaiser Waltz. Kansas City Rag. Kansas City Reel. Kate's Got The Bellyache. Katy Bar The Door. Kentucky Winder. Keys To The Kingdom. Kicking Mule. Kidd And The Bacon. Kingdom Come. Kiss Me Sweet. Kitchen Girl. Knockin' At Your Door. Knoxville Rag. Ladies On The Steamboat. Ladies Quadrille.

Lady Hamilton. Mouse's kids are going through sex ed in their health classes so we hear what they have to say. The twelve year old also talks about a transgender student ad Mouse relates community concerns. We recall our own sex ed schooling and compare memories and PMS patterns. Join in to discuss parent porn fears and how you learned where babies come from. Scrote, Spring Fever, 7th grade, seventh grade, 5th grade, fifth grade, 1st grade, first grade, school, summer, booklet, sexual education, health class, hygiene, controversy, controversial, control, parental, tools, information, protect, curious, curiosity, tech, protection, technology, scrambled porn, channel, pornography, access, firewall, controls, safeware, software, v chip, v-chip, vchip, block, body changing, review, watch, video, ready, internet , learning, IT, I.

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He is the musical director for the Celebrating David Bowie world tour, as well as an inspirational musician and human being. We learn the story of how this celebratory tour came to be, and Scrote shares stories about David Bowie and what he learned about this legendary icon along the way. This is a special interview for Bowie fans and music history buffs, but is also a reminder to all of us to act on what is meaningful, to collaborate, and to persevere through the negative in order to bring positive changes to others.

Enjoy our special edition and please reach out with questions and comments to us at mouseandweens gmail. Hudson, Life on Mars? Sleep positions come up, which logically leads right into misspellings and grammar. Weens divulges her latest love life status and tells some amazing online dating stories, the favorite being Gun Trunk! Mouse gets into her dating history and recalls the glam rock 90s. Then we hear the Red Hot Chili Peppers story of Mouse getting a gun held to her head, which is not a funny story.

We talk about feminism, self defense, and teaching girls to be kick ass. Weens has a good self defense move from her job volunteering with the elderly - the goose poke. See Weens parody commercial on our You Tube channel and hear some of her guitaring funnies throughout the episode. Funny, sisters, stories, religion, church, beer, drinking, spiritual, higher power, Sabbath, TV, channels, commercials, prude, perv, Robert Schuler, Crystal Cathedral, Garden Grove, blankets, crocheted, eyes, message, advertising, wacky, sensitive to noise, Tuna Helper, phase, vacuuming, sunglasses, headphones, noise cancelling, fleas, tube socks, rubber boots, sleep, vampire, eye mask, earplugs, marbles, TMing, TM, write, writing, desk, bathtub, bath, books, pillows, water, cold, candles, 80s, Reagan, corporate, shoulder pads, beds, bed, king size, full size, sewed, quilt, custom, light sleeper, cuddle, snore, surgery, cpap, spoon, gas, asleep, dog, rug, coffee shop, discuss life, disgust, discussed, ecstasy, herbal, high, drugs, Chinatown, San Francisco, Chinese medicine, tea, bitter, headache, typos, misspelling, grammar, date, dating, online, drinking, boyfriend, Whiskey A Go Go, Hollywood, rock, band, RHCP, Red Hot Chili Peppers, guitar.

Weens reminisces about the Bay Area funk scene in the early 90s and gets into some stories about her friend Puck before he was famous, during, and after his fame on The Real World San Francisco.

Learn about our connection to the Real Housewives of Orange County and hear Mouse defend her love of reality television and escapism. Write in to join the conversation and be featured in our next episode! Episode 17 - Korean Day Spa An uncomfortably close coffee shop hangout turns into a discussion about kids' hobbies, a sisterly confrontation about why we didn't get along in middle school or high school, and brief thoughts on psychic connections.

Then we delve into spa memories which inspires us to go to a Korean Spa the following day. We report back with all of the gory, naked details but have a few funny introspective revelations too. Write to us at mouseandweens gmail. In between, we share nude beach stories, discuss female anatomy, and lightly cover marriage and divorce. Then we hear some behind the scenes stories of Spencer Pratt, Heidi Montag, and give our thoughts on 15 minutes of fame and the Kardashians.

Weens explains to Mouse how movies start off and which comes first: the actor or the money. Episode 15 — Garry Shandling We catch up after our hiatus of spring break and pilot season. Weens explains her thoughts on living hand to mouth in the entertainment industry. We interview our mom, who has a personal story about Garry Shandling from her past.

And we end up seeing a lot of parallels between Garry Shandling and our father, during which Weens gives her thoughts on acting and achievement and shares her own stories of self-sabotage and growth, a lot like our dad and Garry did. This is us, folks! We are being ourselves, and we hope you gain something from it too. Connect with us at mouseandweens gmail. We wonder if our life paths were set as kids - baby Weens as a creative writer and baby Mouse as a caretaker.

We hit the hot, hot topics of weather, traffic, and road raging in teeny vehicles, then delve into Southern California wildfires and a little more self-analysis, just to lighten things up. What do you do when friends and family show their political colors? We discuss friendships ending over Facebook fights, and when to be right or when to be kind. And we end on the light, light subject of what is the purpose of life. Enjoy our deep thoughts and please reach out with yours too!

We discuss poop and parenting, wiping methods, and get into a bit of anatomy. We ask the hard-hitting questions: Do women have taints? Is there hair on a taint? What is your wiping technique? Do you have embarrassing stories with your in-laws? Episode 12 — Fluffy humps. Birthday parties, the work-life balance and Weens having kids. Fear talk, self-analysis, and a nice list of self-help books balance out the online dating talk and hot toots. Comedy, girls, funny, relationships, life, kids, family, parenting, sex, fun, sisters, farts, birthday party, aunt, auntie, children, personality, personalities, colic, colicky, worry, selfish, selfless, population, adopting, adopted, procreate, instinct, desire, creative, rugrats, rug rats, create, artistic, human connection, validate, existence, art, music, people, fulfilment, screenplay, accomplishment, happy, happiness, America, United States, U.

Rogers, Fred Rogers, neighborhood. We discuss parenting fears with kids and sports, video games, and the internet. Weens tells her babysitting phone sex and car accident stories. John Philip Sousa scoots by with his French horn on a skateboard. Why do girls need guys' approval and the curse of being people pleasers. We segue into rollercoasters, pet guilt, hating crating, and animal rescue. Mouse got a kitten! Weens talks about the TV show wrap party, Vegas, gambling, hitting the stage and facing her fears with her supple vag.

Episode 10 - Weens on the Move, Mouse in the House. Mou se talks sock poops, living in the bubble, and other podcasts. Weens dishes on past Trump run-in, news, and relationship ghosting versus closure. The sisters talk through their dad's death, dreams, visitations, mediums, and near-death experiences Find us on social media to see our hot abs! Episode 9 — Weens Goes a Courting. Enjoy the new intro! We talk attack swans, skaters, feminism, long boobs, BMs, dogs crotch sniffing, Chris Elliott, Fred Armisen, mom and dad bods, Gordon Jump fingering Dudley, and married sex.

Weens has a new boy courting her and we read his texts to interpret mixed signals and emojis. Write mouseandweens gmail. This episode's a long one but it was too funny to cut, so settle in folks. Episode 8 - Disgruntled in Hollywood, stripping uncles, sick car habits, twink fingers. Alternative rock , post-grunge [1].

Tom Rothrock , Rob Schnapf. Canadian RPM Alternative Billboard Hot Airplay. Standard or AEae tunings. Source for notated version: fiddler Brenda Stubbert b. Irish, Jig. Composed by Vincent Broderick.

AKA and see " Fiddlers' Heaven [1]. Composed by R. See " Les Flammes d'Enfer. New York City researcher, writer and musician Don Meade finds the title to be from a 19 th century song, with a chorus that goes:.

From the first illigant boys of that name;. For kissing and courting, and filling the can again,. Drinking and fighting like cocks of the game. Cole Fiddle Tunes , ; pg. AKA and see " Adieu Roza. USA , Louisiana. A Major. One part.

The tune was recorded by Francois' source, Austin Pitre, in , though it was a much older song, "Adieu Roza," dating back at least before when Francois' mother heard it before her marriage. The tempo was originally slow, but has been changed into a faster one after 'Flames of Hades' was recorded by Aldus Roger" Francois.

Source for notated version: Austin Pitre La. Arhoolie, Joseph Falcon La. Recorded by the Flanagan Brothers band in the 's. Scottish, Jig.

Kerr Merry Melodies , vol. Philippe Varlet says the second jig in the medley was recorded by early button accordion recording great John J. Source for notated version: Brendan Mulvihill Baltimore , Md. Old-Time, Breakdown. USA , Kentucky. AEae tuning. Source for notated version: a home recording of Salyersville, Magoffin County , southeastern Kentucky , fiddler John Salyers [Titon].

Ireland , county Limerick. USA , southwestern Pa. Bayard thinks it of Irish origin, while Petrie gives a note saying it is no older than the 18 th century.

Allan's Irish Fiddler , No. Bayard Dance to the Fiddle , ; No. Cole Fiddle Tunes , ; pgs. Ford Traditional Music in America , ; pg. Harding's Original Collection , ; No. Petrie, , Vol. Robbins, ; No. Roche Collection , , Vol. T:Flannel Jacket, The. Flannery dreamt this tune the night before his scheduled execution. Hartford notes the Flannery family is a large and old one from Elliott County, Kentucky. Another common story attached to the tune and told by Alva Greene, for one is that a man named Flannery dreamed this tune and won a contest with it Hartford , Learned from an old Kentucky fiddler, Santford Kelly.

S:John Hartford. K:A Minor. AKA and see " Lan n igan's Ball. E Minor. The tune and its name are a derivative of the Irish tune "Lanigan's Ball;" see Bayard's extensive note for that tune for more information on this extensive tune family. Johnson The Kitchen Musician's No. Scottish, Pipe Reel. Composed by Scots fiddler-composer J.

Jun 23,  · Augusta Heritage Recordings AHRC, Harvey Sampson and the Big Possum String Band - "Flat Foot in the Ashes" (/ Learned by Calhoun County, bluesrock.granilargardajindforcerunner.infoinfo fidder Harvey Sampson from his father). Broadway A (78 RPM) {} and Library of Congress AFS B-3 {}, Osey and Ernest Helton (Asheville N.C.).

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  1. Nicknamed "Uncle Norm," he played with The Old Timers, a string band from the Galax, Virginia area. "Train on the Island" has become a favorite tune in the Virginia/North Carolina region due to the influence of Nestor's recording. Both June Apple (which uses floating lyrics from .
  2. That possum got away An' ran back up de tree That big ole fat possum Just fat as he could be Jake went t' th house an' got 'im a axe An' he begin to chaw Then, look out little chilren There's something gwine t' drop, drop Drop, bye-bye t' that possum O, bile th possum down Bye-bye, t' that possum When th possum hits th ground Bye-bye, t' that.
  3. The Milliner - Koken Collection of American Fiddle Tunes Note: The Milliner-Koken book lists all cross tunes in the key of A (AEAE) despite what cross tuned pitch the fiddler may have been using.
  4. Mar 26,  · Burleson Family Band playing at the AR Fiddlers Convention in Harrison Arkansas March
  5. AAB. Paul Cranford () remarks that the tune was part of Cape Breton Gaelic tradition where it was sung as port-a-beul (mouth music), according to Joe Neil MacNeil of Big Pond, Cape Breton. He further states that influential fiddler Angus Chisholm (Margaree, Cape Breton) played it in .
  6. a| Harvey Sampson, fiddle, in solos and with the Big Possum String Band (2nd fiddle, guitar, banjo). a| Recorded at the School of Telecomunications, Ohio University, Athens, Ohio.
  7. " Possum Kingdom " is a song by American alternative rock band Toadies released as the second single from their album, Rubberneck. The song's origins lie in folklore from the band's native state of Texas. Possum Kingdom Lake is a lake in North Texas near Fort bluesrock.granilargardajindforcerunner.infoinfo: Alternative rock, post-grunge.
  8. The Florida town of Bardin may be small but it’s known for a larger than life legend dating back sixty years. Located in the pine flatwoods of Putnam County, off Highway 17, Bardin is reported to be the home of a suspected regional Florida Bigfoot affectionately called The Bardin Booger.

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