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Well Said Nonsense - Assorted Anonymous - manikin(s)

Nothing wrong with those things in and of themselves, but those buzz words have become code for charging cops anytime we can. That being the case, the police can no longer do anything beyond the strict letter of the rule book. But strangely, it's the big cities with the biggest street problems that have the most left wing, heads up their asses political leaders. Post a Comment. Comment and discussion about crime, justice and related issues. Wednesday, February 22, 'Skids' clean up needs support.

I'm more than a little heartened to see Vancouver Police Inspector Bob Rolls talking tough about cleaning up the world's largest open air drug bazaar, the Downtown Eastside.

Or, as it was known when I walked a beat on its mean streets, " The Skids. But talk is cheap. And the real test of this is whether the courts, the Crown and the Department itself, will withstand the inevitable pressure they will face as they proceed with their stated "zero tolerance" policy. And just like last year from December through Jan. I worked at a refinery for years, so I know my chemicals and transport means. Last year I assumed the volume was related to Trump's crazy ass shutting down the government and torpedoing the economy.

I used to work at a large refinery, so I know my chemicals and modes of transport. And I grew up in Dad's house, so I know the railroad runs like the back of my hand. We never even saw these type of runs during the 70s oil crisis.

Last year was different. And just last week the long-ass runs began again. So again I wonder, "What gives? Screw the truckers kinda deal? Incentives for companies to use rail rather than truck?

All my old friends and bosses I knew at my old job are either dead, moved away, or I'm out of touch with. So I no longer have any contacts in the industry. I think R1 could be right at least partly. Why has the government started agreeing there could be something alien to UFOs?

But the truckers one named Celadon, anyway are going bankrupt, idly trucks. Why can't they compete with rail? The interior of the country just gets more hollowed out of people and business if you can't deliver to them. R55, trains don't have to contend with cars and their bad drivers, pickup trucks with their super-aggressive wreck-causing drivers, random idiots moving old houses or double-wide trailers on surface streets or Interstate highways, or horrific streets that go largely uncared for.

Our nation's infrastructure is pathetic and it's just shameful how our politicians at every level have refused to make it a priority. That's one big reason I support Senator Klobuchar; infrastructure reform is a huge plank in her platform, and she's made it a priority since she entered the Senate.

We see Kansas City Southern in our area at least every weeks; sometimes, like now, every week. R47, the Almiqui must have heard your question, because not two minutes ago a southbound train rambled through The algorithms of these media outlets traditional and otherwise ensure the most rage or fear inducing topics or stories flood the market and they sideline or downplay anything positive.

This is intentional. Stand firm. Refuse to let them drag you down. Engage in mutual flourishing within your chosen communities as much as possible. I volunteer at a formal garden on Wed mornings. The train tracks are about a third of a mile away and we usually hear the Amtrack go by around Today at 10 to eleven I stood up and went to mention to my fellow volunteer about the unusual number of trains when she said, "What is going on with all the trains?

That last went on forever! R45 here again. Two engines in front pulling tanker cars, then two hopper cars and another engine bringing up the rear. There's no grand conspiracy. What it comes down to is the extreme, insane level of deference shown to the rich in this country.

In places like France, if a CEO announces plans to fuck over his workers , those employees will not hesitate to scream in that fuckers face and confront him. Here this is a cultural taboo. Poor and middle class Americans are supposed to remain docile and passive while the behavior of the 1 percent becomes more and more vile. A few years ago, a change was attempted with Occupy Wall Street. This movement was far from perfect and open to some legitimate criticisms like any other movement.

But I will never forget the snide dismissive treatment of many media outlets. The vapid CNN cunt Erin Burnett spent an entire interview with a protester rolling her eyes and sneering and this was echoed by many other press outlets. Any criticism of the rich is "class warfare" or "the politics of envy ".

So here we are. As usual, she was right. We're fucked. I'm not worried about Earth. George Carlin correctly commented that when Earth has had a bellyful of us, it'll shake us off like a bad case of the fleas. If we haven't done ourselves in first. Annie is a beauty anytime though. She got good genes, the ageless genes. I got that in my family too. Myself and some of my cousins. It came from my maternal side. I could pass for a year old when I am way above that bar.

My 5th younger sister looks older than me, so imagine the immediate 4 younger ones. If we are together, people would not even address me, they will be talking to them as the responsible ones. Until when all of them will turn around and call me out, sis, what's your decision on this. Saw him in concert maybe six years ago, and yes, there were a number of Latinos. He ripped his shirt off, and threw it into the audience. A melee ensued. I stood back, but was eventually given a scrap of the shirt.

It had a really rich woodsy cologne scent that was quite nice. This is the only song I can think of that comes close to identifying himself as gay, but even this isn't completely clear if you aren't gay. Saw Morrisey at The Palladium some years ago.

It was like seeing Judy at Carnegie Hall. The adulation. The crowd being a lot of males dressed in black jeans, long sleeved black shirts or black t shirts. It was touching yet bizarre. It is basically identical to the incense used in Catholic Church, with a touch of musk and wood heh , so I would advise lapsed and former Cathlolics to tread carefully hence you get an olfactory flashback to nuns beating the shit out of you at school.

As for Morrissey wearing it - you can take the boy out of the Catholic Church, but you can't take the Catholic out of the boy. I read an article a few years ago and the author said Morrissey's music was very similar to tradition Mexican music and that's why it appealed to Mexicans. I guess part of it was the way he tells a story in his music. Trudging slowly over wet sand Yes indeed, we too use "cookies. I know we do! You can thank the EU parliament for making everyone in the world click on these pointless things while changing absolutely nothing.

Otherwise, you'll just have to find some other site for your pointless bitchery needs. Become a contributor - post when you want with no ads!

Morrissey's Latino Fan Base The one and only conversation I had with a Latino guy I work with was when he came up to me when"That's Entertainment" by Morrissey was playing on my computer. I like some of his solo music and with the Smiths, but he's hard to take in long doses.

Anyone Morrissey fans have any idea why he's so popular down South? That's Entertainment. I went to school with a lot of Mexican-American guys, and this is true. The greaser look was pretty in during my HS years, too ' There is a growing concern in some quarters that it might be. Hitler was indeed 'Left-wing' in the sense of incorporating the word 'socialist' into the party's name to cynically draw voters away from communism and towards populist nationalism dressed as socialism.

Hence, 'Hitler was Left-wing. The fact is, Left-wing totalitarianism looks little different to Right-wing authoritarianism — if you're being oppressed, it's the same experience.

Again, is Morrissey a racist? My answer is an emphatic 'no'. James Maker. Famous when dead , Apr 26, Like x 21 Dislike x 1 Funny x 1. Comments Discussion in ' General Discussion archive read-only ' started by Famous when dead , Apr 26, Derek17 , Apr 27, Anonymous , Apr 27,

"Well, I can't buy the stuff," said Yuri, because the occasional dents he'd made in Lilia's vodka collection – primarily over the past few months – were a secret he would take to the grave. "Which is why I thought you might appreciate a civilized drink with dinner. Half a bottle before a rest day hardly counts, does it?".

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  1. Highly-Touted Pilecki Book Has Anti-Polish Messages Fairweather. The Volunteer, by Jack Fairweather. Widely-Publicized Book Smuggles-In Many Pilecki-Irrelevant Statements: Canned Attacks on Poles and Poland There are many better books about Witold Pilecki. For instance, there is BEYOND BRAVERY by Pilecki himself (see my review).
  2. As for the racist asshole anonymous, When you see BR has edited a story, you can bet it's going to be a good one. Well said, RPL. Terrific read and I can't wait for part two. To the assorted racists, eat shit and die, motherfucker. a great story and loved the development from the beginning to the end of part 1 an invisible man that.
  3. You can write a book review and share your experiences. Other readers will always be interested in your opinion of the books you've read. Whether you've loved the book or not, if you give your honest and detailed thoughts then people will find new books that are right for them.
  4. Apr 27,  · Anonymous Whether someone is racist is by far the most important thing in the whole universe, ever. We should spend every waking hour analyzing every word they say. Forget about getting a good job or spending time with loved ones. Make a list of every off color remark Morrissey has ever said,it is so worth your time.
  5. 'Skids' clean up needs support Maybe it was when we started swallowing the so-called “Four Pillars” nonsense that allowed the assholes to take control of the streets. Anonymous said Well said Leo. Someone needs to make the first stand against, as you so aptly put it, the " dealers, users, muggers, rapists, thieves and assorted.
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